Days of Grace


How many days has grace
held us tenderly, entirely,
from brightening dawn
through dimming dusk?
And this day, so newly
scrubbed and sparkling,
raindropped and
scented with showered green
gardens, anointing us with summer
smells of basil dill lovage ripening
tomatoes squash blossoms sun-
baked earth our sweat
and of course dog hair.

Here, in our
sane asylum, safe from
the madness too much
of the world has
chosen we still
choose love and
harvest joy.

It will
not always be so;
we, in our
autumn, and the world
in its winter…I imagine
this land in years
to come and note
our absence, a negative space
we formerly filled, though
I’m certain
our spirits will linger
whispering our
gratitude for days,
so many days of grace.


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And, earlier this week:
I asked Fergus if he wanted to play for a while.
“As if, Mom. Gotta get back to the office. Zoom meeting at 3.”
Fergus: “Later.”




4 thoughts on “Days of Grace

  1. Thank you so much.

    We’ve had a few storms late in the day with beautiful sunsets afterwards.

    Isn’t Fergus something? Such a cutie.

    Be safe and well. ♥️


  2. I remember that kitten following you home…he’s something for sure, utterly adorable, he knew who to follow….he has great taste It’s hot here too and lots of thunder storms! Climate change has taken a back seat but is raging …sighs…xxxx


    1. Right? We really need to pay attention! Losing Arctic ice this summer…
      Yes, can you believe Fergus is almost 9?
      Love to your 4-leggeds, and, always, to you! Xoxo


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