We knew it was coming, the darkness, the forest, the absence of light,
so we held one another and entered. What else could we do?

We did not expect deeper darkness
and yet there it was; how could that be?

We stood still,
and still, we could choose.
Futures called from distant perches.
We sang ourselves into presence.

The only way through is now.

We held each other’s hands and we did not let go.
We stepped forward, listening.
Some of us turned away. Most of us went on.
Death. We grieved.
Loss. Memories.

We whispered our dreams and set them on altars
in our hearts.
We held one another.
We sang ourselves into presence.

First this step, then this. Together. Now and now and now
and now. We suffered but we did not fear.
We breathed hope; in and out the music
of hope for this moment
and this one.

We did not expect deeper love
and yet there it was; how could that be?

And then the moonlight spilled through the trees…
We held each other’s hands
and we walked into the new day,
the different world.

We sing ourselves into presence.
We begin.

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8 thoughts on “Triage

    1. Thank you, Terry; that means a great deal coming from you. I appreciate your kind heart and the loving energy you offer the world. Joy to your week’s end, and gentle peace. xoxoxo


    1. Thank you, Lynn. It means a lot when my poetry resonates with a gifted musician. 🙂 I can’t make my way skillfully through this time without calling myself back to the present, over and over. Just focusing on what’s in front of me helps me through these days without projecting fear into the future.

      I hope you’ll enjoy your new freedom, time to create, and, certainly, the peace of your beautiful garden.

      Be safe and well, and gentle peace.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. So moving, I just loved this, I could almost hear music behind the words. Stunning, the pictures too. Love and hugs to all, here’s to finding the light at the end of the


    1. Thank you, dear one. Yes! Light ahead; gotta look for it and work for it, and without always deciding what shape it will take…many invitations. Hope you are well and merry. Sending love and xoxoxo.


  2. Kitty,
    Synchronicity, as always, worked its magic and I find myself here, on your blog, spellbound with your words, unable to stop reading. What I’ve read parallels what I write, though in a more gentle style. To find another who puts words to my deeply held beliefs validates my spirit. Thank you for your generosity.


    1. Oh, how kind of you, John; thank you! I do love synchronicity and its sweet surprises. Thank you for your eloquent confirmation that when we seek with an open heart, we often find connections that we never imagined…So happy you visited and felt comfortable and welcome. That touches me more than you know.

      Be well and safe, John; know you’re always welcome here. Gentle peace.


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