plump quilted ruby nubs
tart on the tongue and
warmed by the sun, soft
swallows of juicy relief
in hazed waving heat, sweet
midsummer morning;
every July,
the garden grows to
days of peaking plenty;
all is ripened and ripening,
predictable, grounding, offering
earthy comfort, giving what’s expected:
food held and swallowed, peace
in days of disquietude…
In four weeks’ time,
raised beds will overspill,
lushness of musky leaves hiding
secrets of squash,
embowered treasures canopied by
leaves; you could lose yourself
in the leaves and tangled vining fullness
of heavy tomatoes, deep earth perfume
of stem and straw and
life on the edge of decay,
still intimate with sunlight, love yielding
what gifts it can before it dies
and returns to the earth,
like second harvests of raspberries.

IMG-4520 (1)IMG-4572IMG-4678


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3 thoughts on “Raspberries

  1. Oh….how lovely! Your garden is looking so lush! Those raspberries have my mouth watering! Another beautiful poem!!! Love and hugs to you all.xxxxx


  2. P.s…I heard that some courgette seeds have cross pollinated with gourds, and many are being recalled, lick all courgettes before using, if they taste bitter discard.xxxx


    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the poem, dear one.

      We have some summer squashes, but no zucchini, but I’ll check! So far, they’ve all been tasty. 😉

      Love to all in your beautiful circle. ♥️


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