Something to Share

And the People Stayed Home, a picture book for children and everyone else ( 🙂 ) is coming out November 10, but can be pre-ordered now. I LOVE the illustrations. (There will be an animated version on read by Kate Winslet, and an e-book released November 10, too!) Teachers’ Guides will be available.

I am so happy about this book, and proud to be part of the team of wonderful, lovely, and gifted artists who created it!

You can learn more about the book here, from the talented people at TRA Publishing:

Also available here:

5 thoughts on “Something to Share

    1. Oh, thank you, my dear friend! I cannot wait to hear your reaction; I hope you’ll enjoy the art as much as I do. I love hearing what my friends with such lovely artistic gifts think of it. 🙂 Joy to your week’s end. Be well and safe, and merry. xoxox

  1. These books will be the best Christmas gift EVER… I am so excited for you and proud to know you (from a safe distance!) This book will have a true place in history! Well done!

    1. Thank you so much, Terry; I so appreciate your kindness and encouragement. I’m so pleased with this book; all the people involved are creative, intelligent, and stupendously kind as well, truly dedicated to the message of the poem. It’s been grace from start to completion. ♥️

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