Signs and Wonders


I sent a story
of a rescued puppy
to my friend
and wrote of how,
as is almost-always
and never-not true,
the rescuer believed herself
rescued, the vast vacancy
of her lonely heart
astonished by the intake
of inhabitance, a sudden home
of surprising mirrors shining
images of lover and beloved,
fresh-blessed mother of more than
circling worries and fear
seeking solace, given
a new life
to love through her dreams
into first-waking thoughts, solid
beside her.

“Good thing
that puppy wondered
into her life,” mistyped
my friend, his o for an a
illuminating what I
had not seen—
we are transfigured
by love, we
risking union,



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9 thoughts on “Signs and Wonders

  1. Dear Kitty I am very happy to see you doing well. I lost you on Instagram. It’s Carolina from Argentina 🙂


  2. Hi, Carolina; it’s good to hear from you. As you may have guessed, I’m not skilled at Instagram and the friends who could give me a quick lesson can’t visit right now! Sorry about that. I think it’s fixed.

    I hope you remain well and safe, and I know you are an artist who tends her creative spirit. 😉 I send you love and gentle peace, Carolina.


    1. Thank you, Christiane; it is so kind of you to write and share your reaction, and it’s greatly appreciated. I did come across this “typo,” and it made me think of all the blessings that (and who) have “wondered” into my life. 🙂 These days, I need to focus on those more than ever, and on the gratitude they engender.

      I hope you are well and safe, Christiane! Gentle peace to you.


  3. Thank you, Snowbird, dear; yes, many miracles have wondered into my life, that’s for sure, and you among them. Bless you for visiting and your kindness. xoxox


  4. So true, Kitty. I ran my own dog rescue for quite some time, and everyone who adopted from me felt like that dog rescued them every bit as much as they rescued the dog. (I felt the same.) I believe animals show up in our lives at always the right time; it’s never clear who needs the rescue or love more, and it never really matters.


  5. Thank you, J. It’s true, I think: love enlarges us and is always a wonder. Thank you for all your work to rescue dogs! There’s so much on earth that needs rescuing and yes, helping at all always helps us rescue parts of ourselves, doesn’t it?!

    I hope you’re doing well and staying safe. (And not working too hard. 🙂 ) Gentle peace to you and thank you again for sharing all your wonderful gifts in the world.


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