Living Messages

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.
John F. Kennedy

I offer this link because it is beautiful, because it is composed by a lovely and gifted woman named Daniela Nasti, who has become my friend, and because Daniela composes choral pieces for children’s choirs and choruses, and I adore children and believe that, of all our natural resources, they are the dearest and most precious. Daniela and all the artists involved in this video, are from Milan, Italy. I hope you find it as moving and hopeful as I do. Breathe with these beautiful children. Joy, and gentle peace to you.

9 thoughts on “Living Messages

  1. I have seen many wonderful zoom choirs in the past several months, but none that engaged the listener as much as this one. Thank you for sharing.💕


    1. Ah! Thank you, Terry; I think it’s enchanting. 🙂 I’m glad the connection worked OK for you, too. Take care, friend, and be well. Gentle peace, Kitty


  2. Hmmm, Could you try again, please and let me know if you connect? It seems others have been able to do so and I’m not certain what the problem might be for you. Thank you for writing. Gentle peace to you. Hope you have better luck connecting: It’s so beautiful.


  3. Kitty, that was just beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Yes, there is something about children singing like that that cannot help but move you. And Daniela is a vision of pure grace. Thanks so much for posting this. Not long ago, I saw another children’s choir from an inner city – can’t remember where. I was equally touched, but didn’t think to post it. Seeing this, now I wish I had … it brings light to the human heart.


    1. I agree, there is a purity, innocence, and hope in their voices that is so very moving. I should clarify that Daniela is the composer, not the dancer, but yes, the dancer is stunning. They both are! 🙂 I am very fond of this version; they have all inspired me so much; composers are amazing people. I value their gifts so greatly in my life, and am really honored to have met so many exquisitely talented composers through this poem.

      Like the talented writers and artists I’ve met through this blog, Miss Jeanne! I am passionate about creators and blessed to know so many. Take good care of yourself, and thank you for your important gifts in the world.


  4. That took my breath away!!! Oh, how your poem has created such beauty! The dance had me captivated, who knew hands could be so expressive and convey such meaning , loved this. Love you too, and yours.xxxx


    1. Yes, I agree! I’d like to try some of those moves but think I’d be in a body cast within seconds. I am so glad you enjoyed this, my friend. 🙂 Love you, too!


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