Gifts Redux


Dear Friends,

I am re-posting the link to this page because so many artists have continued to share their creations since the original post, and I want their wonderful gifts to be seen, heard, appreciated, and–especially–to share the love and healing that was their intent in the crafting of these wonders.

I hope your own creativity has been stimulated during this time: in your parenting and friendships, your arts and crafts, your personal healing and reflections, your self-care, gardening, playing, and home-making. Please feel free to share what you’ve been doing, making, and dreaming, and what makes you joyful and hopeful during this time of pandemic. What are you noticing? What has surprised you? I wish you continued comfort, great love, and the deep satisfactions and astonishing revelations derived from listening and self-expression. Gentle peace.


© Copyright of all visual and written materials on The Daily Round belongs solely to Catherine M. O’Meara, 2011-Present. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited, without the author’s written approval. No one is authorized to use Catherine O’Meara’s copyrighted material for material gain without the author’s engagement and written permission. All other visual, written, and linked materials are credited to their authors. Thank you, and gentle peace.


11 thoughts on “Gifts Redux

  1. Dear Kitty, I would like to use your poem Tikkun Olam in worship on Sunday. Would it be ok to use the image above the poem on the screen while I recite it for the congregation?


    1. That’s OK with me, Alexa. The photo and poem are copyrighted, of course, so I appreciate your asking. The photo is of our back yard, looking at the river, which is quite lovely this time of year. I hope it offers peace. Thank you for your kindness and stay safe and well, Alexa. Gentle peace.


  2. Goodness, isn’t it wonderful, beautiful and amazing how far and wide your wisdom and talent have traveled? You have written so many other ethereal poems too which I wish people would pick up on. You go gal!!! You utterly rock!!! Love and

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  3. Well I sure rock in the friends department, and none of this would have happened without you and Phillip encouraging me to just keep writing! And that’s a fact I will never forget. ♥️


  4. I would like to use your poem in my column in our local newspaper. I would make all the expected attributions with your permission. I write for our local United Methodist Church.


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