how are you


In the rushing there was doing
and in the doing hiding
there were hours of making mountains
or making mountains smaller

in the coming and the going
we were rushing barely seeing
how are you i am fine
that is good let’s work hard
let’s make money to buy items
we don’t need that fill holes

there were men who did evil
in our name with our money
we were rushing we were doing
we were hiding never seeing
we weren’t seeing barely seeing
we weren’t looking we were lying

we weren’t asking to be wiser
we weren’t listening to hear
we were rushing we were doing
we spent hours making mountains
or making mountains smaller

we were hiding always hiding

how are you how are you

how are you?

I am still…
I am quiet…
I am looking…
I am seeing…
I am listening to the birds…


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10 thoughts on “how are you

  1. What a beautiful bird; what is it? Yes, busier and busier to justify our existence. Even now, after 6 weeks, I feel guilty if I just sit. Isn’t it strange how we’ve conditioned ourselves? As if being wasn’t enough in itself 😊


    1. It’s a Scarlet Tanager, Muriel, and takes my breath away every spring, as do all the birds that visit us now: they vibrate with bright color. 🙂 Just a glorious gift in spring.

      Yes, being is enough, so we can name the gifts we came to share. I hope sitting will come easier for you; we’re certainly being invited to practice, aren’t we?

      Be well and safe, Muriel.
      Gentle peace, Kitty


  2. Kitty, your innate wisdom and sense of the universe is a wonderful and welcome breath of fresh air…like when the house has been all closed up for the winter, and that first time we open the windows; so are the words of your heart. peace be with you.


    1. Thank you, Chuck; how kind of you…and I love that simile. It’s just the best smell when we can finally open windows, isn’t it?!

      I hope you are safe and well, Chuck, and I send you gentle peace.


  3. Some are rushing
    Some are still
    Some listen to money
    Some listen to birds
    Some are closed and enclosed
    Some leave doors and hearts open…
    Kitty, you are welcome!


    1. Thank you, Shiva, and, when we are free again, you are always welcome here, too…your kind energy has already visited my heart so frequently, and I am grateful. Stay joyful and well, dear Shiva. Gentle peace.


  4. Our eyes are open now! Yes, how objects we don’t need but have bought have never filled those holes. Communing with nature was all we ever needed once the basics were sorted. Love and


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