Spring Trail Blossoms

Long ago, pilgrims set out,
following paths
the saints had created,
for days, or months, or years,
seeking answers already known
but hidden.

Without, within,
a journey of love and mystery
that every saint must take.

If we walk in their steps,
praying their prayers,
stopping at this bush, or that mountain,
here on this road, or there, at the inn…
If we genuflect now,
cross ourselves so,
sing the silvered psalms or hymns,
rest beneath this ancient oak…

Will we be enlightened?
Will we be forgiven?
Will lightning strike our muddled minds?
Will fire consume our darkened hearts,
convert, transform, renew us?

Will we be hallowed, too?
And how shall we be different?

The path is always here, before us,
the Sacred burns in all,
illuminating everything,
each moment, each encounter,
recreating, every breath,
if we agree to still, to open,
to listen,
and to love it all.

Without, within,
a journey of love and mystery
that every saint must take.

Pilgrims, always seeking,
stop and hear the answer:
you are known,
you are loved,
you are held;
since your moment
of genesis,
infinitely hallowed.

shine your saintly light.
sow love wildly,
erupt in joy,
dance with the gifts
you came to share,
here in the place
you are.

Garden chairs spring


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12 thoughts on “Peregrinatio

  1. Hi Kitty, I saw your beautiful poem on the internet and I shared it on my face book site ‘Lady Abigayle’s Signature Events’. I don’t earn any money on my site as it is for free. But after I shared your poem today I am wondering if I should have asked you first. I have given you credit but perhaps there is something more I should do. I can also remove it if you wish. The purpose of my face book site is to post photos of tea parties and china and places I have travelled. Most of my followers are seniors and I do it to bring a smile and joy into someone’s day.
    I just discovered your blog now and it is so wonderful.


  2. Hello, Abigayle, My poems are all copyrighted, so it is best (and legal) to ask first. If you’re speaking about the poem, “In the Time of Pandemic,” and credited me, I think that’s fine, and I thank you so much for checking-in. Please be well and safe. Gentle peace, Abigayle.


    1. Hi Catherine,

      I am a primary school teacher in Canada. May I share your poem “In the Time of Pandemic” with my students through an online lesson by email?

      Thank you,


    1. Thank you so much, Terri; that is so lovely to hear and so kind of you to take the time to share. I hope you are safe and well…and creating, too! Gentle peace to you.


  3. Hi Kitty! It’s so beautiful and enlightned! Thanks to Uniververse all your inspiration to give us this poem.
    Reblogged it and I intend translate it to portuguese after, with your credits, of course.


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