in the cocoon of quarantine,
have you felt it yet?
The command to slow down?
The old heart stopping?
The old parts melting?
The new you finding its way
to rebirth?
The instructions came with you (they were there all the time),
imaginal discs waiting for this Now,
this necessary moment:
this time to transfigure.
in the tomb of transformation,
don’t emerge too soon, unformed
ill-prepared for the world that awaits you.
Die, again, to all the ways you are not you.
Evolve, becoming everything you came to be,
rising on wings (they were there all the time),
then kissing a flower
and carrying love across the garden
to the next
and the next,

24 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. Hi Kitty, Love it, love it, love it. And yes, the transformation has begun. Living alone, I craved the companionship, connection of others. I feel comfortable, even happy now, to be on my own, to think my thoughts, to become one with my garden, the birds and the beauty of my surroundings. I have taken up my crafts again and will just enjoy being me.
    Diane (Australia)

    1. I loved reading this, Diane; it reminds me we are not powerless to heal, to own who we are and what we offer the world. It begins with each of us taking responsibility. No change is possible without it. It gives me such joy to hear you are enjoying the miracle you are and the beauty that surrounds you; we need to hear this and hold it in our hearts as we endure the suffering and loss. Thank you. Be safe and well. Gentle peace.

  2. beautiful! I so appreciate and am filled with lighter spirit after reading your deep and thoughtful posts. Beautiful words. Wishing you health and peace. Irene from Colorado


    1. Thank you for your kindness, Irene. I am so happy you receive some comfort here. Great and gentle peace to you and your beloveds. Be well.

  3. I love your poem. The line about not emerging too soon really hit for me. I just tried going for an exercise walk in my local park. People were being so paranoid it became unpleasant. For the time being I think I’ll exercise at home.T

    1. Oh, I’m sorry, Suzanne. The opportunity to be with others, socially distant, but visible…I wish it had been more life-giving for you. These are challenging times, and we have much to learn about out shared humanity.

      I wish you gentle peace and good health.

  4. Metamorphosis….My favorite word! What an exquisite butterfly you captured. May we all become so beautiful after this is all over. It’s time to emerge and fly to freedom now…Thanks for your words Kitty. Be well and love to all….VK ❤

  5. Oh, this gave me goosebumps. So beautiful and poignant! I have always firmly believed that we are all born with all the spiritual tools we need throughout our lifetimes, maybe many don’t know that or forget it if they do. Here’s to us all healing and becoming stronger. Love that painted lady? Stunning picture. Love and hugs to all.xxxx

  6. Thank you, Snowbird. I was thinking of you today. I saw a short video of a grandfather meeting his little granddaughter every night to have a “dance-off” across the street from each other. I think Miss H. would have to do her “sitting in the stroller” dance.

    Yes, we do need to excavate the truth of who we are and can be. No better time.

    Sending love,

    1. Thank you Kitty. I am reminded that silence is golden and this time is a wonderful time to go deeper into those spaces that compose my being and reveal the truth of essence. I am mindful of Psalm 139.

      1. Yes, Jacqui; thank you so much. That’s my favorite Psalm. Blessings on your journey within, and great peace to your heart. Stay safe and be well. Gentle peace.

  7. “Die, again, to all the ways you are not you.
    Evolve, becoming everything you came to be” Kitty, this is so beautiful and so true. We have an opportunity here, the whole human race, to rethink how we live on the earth. Pain, death, grief, all these are bound up and intertwined in a widespread transformation – I wonder what we will choose and how we will evolve. Thank you for your inspiring and lyrical words.

  8. I hope we choose wisely…thank you, Lynn for your kindness and time to share from your deep, wise heart. Be well and safe; the world needs the beauty, and art, and music you so very generously offer it!

  9. You are a lovely person. I also like animals very much. Currently, I live with 7 dogs, 5 being rescued. I love your poems. You write very well. I am a teacher in Brasília (Brazil) and I would like to take some of your poems to discuss with my students. Can I do it? A hug.

  10. You sound like a lovely person, too, Maria. And, wow, 7 dogs! Blessings for that, and for your important work with your students.

    Please feel free to use the poems, and let me know how the lessons go!

    Be safe and well, Maria. Gentle peace to you.

  11. Hi Kitty, I love your poem, In the Time of Pandemic. I am the choir director at a Unitarian fellowship in Brunswick, GA. I have put your words to music for our choir to sing. I would like to send the score and mp3 to you to receive your blessing to use it.
    John Cowlishaw

    1. Hello, John, I sent you an e-mail…be sure to check your spam, as my odd address loves to slide there and remain hidden. 🙂 Gentle peace.

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