Dear Friends,

I have received such lovely versions of artistic collaboration with my poem, In the Time of Pandemic, and wanted to share some of this remarkable creativity and artistry with you. I so love the way artists have been inspired to augment and enhance my words with their creativity, and all for the good of us all.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

  1. This is the amazing work of the musical improvisation group, Epiphany, from the UK:

2. This is the gifted work of a young man in Italy, Joe Natta:

3. And here is a link to a beautiful reading by my friend, Prakath P. Gopinath, from Trivandrum, India, who also known as Trivandrum’s Bicycle Mayor.

4. And here is one by Bo Lundvang, in Sweden, with exquisite music by Philip Daniel Zach:

5. Here is a version from Amos Bracewell:

6. And this lovely video was created by Kes Cardoso, and is remarkable in its simplicity and beauty:

7. Here is a lovely version, composed and beautifully sung by Katie Smith:

8. Jane Foote is an RN at the Mayo Clinic. This is her Soundcloud version of the song she composed using my poem as inspiration. She has another version at CDBaby…any money earned will go to buy masks for healthcare workers and/or be donated to the Red Cross.

9.  Peter Mostert is a senior film editor who worked beautifully with pacing on this filmed version of the poem. I especially like the fast cuts showing the great suffering we have caused our earth and leading to the glorious shots of her possible healing.

I’m happy for him that this gave his amazing creativity an outlet…I really do try to encourage people who come to me for that, but it’s been tricky, as many haven’t asked first, and then want to enter joint copyrights and etc., which isn’t possible…but here’s Peter’s work. He did ask, and isn’t looking to make money…just art.

10. Voleo, a musical group in Barcelona, featuring this very talented couple, Neus and Jose, composed this song version. I LOVE the hope and joy that sings out from their music!

11. An extremely talented composer and pianist, Peta Williams, from the gorgeous Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia, composed this piece, using the poem…all the musicians were in isolation, so the creation of anything using technology like that both befuddles and amazes me. Just listen to this; I bet you’ll play it more than once. I love how Peta emphasizes that she created this wonder out of, and for, love. Artists like Peta are such a gift to us all, and to our healing.

12. The poem has been translated into so many languages, and I love when these are shared. Joana shared this with me, in Lithuanian, using a photo that reminds her of her grandparents’ home:


13. An astonishing choral interpretation of “In the Time of the Pandemic,” by British composer Clive Whitburn, and sung by The New Network Singers Virtual Choir. Ray Burnside and Stephanie Grainger created the artwork and video. All are in East Sussex, UK. The score for choirs is available for free on Clive’s website:

Many people have taken the time and effort to translate the poem into their own beautiful languages, and I am so grateful for that. Forgive me if I have neglected to share a creative endeavor that was offered to me; please share it in the comments!

I thank everyone who has shared their art with me and others; it is so wonderful that we can meet and co-create, and support, and heal each other all the way through this…and by “this,” I mean our lives. Bless you all. Stay safe, be well, and gentle peace.

Joy to you, gratitude, and great, great love.

78 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. Oh goodness, it’s just beautiful how your words are spreading and creating such hope, peace and beauty! Loved this. Gah….email notifications still not working. No problem though, I’ll just pop by .xxxx

  2. Hi, sweet girl: One thing they suggest is to check your WordPress subscription settings; you might have asked not to be notified as often as I post? Or, they could be going to spam. I’m so sorry.

    But thanks for visiting and being so kind, as always. Stay safe and well, Lovebug.

  3. Thank you for your beautiful poem and for posting the different ways people are celebrating your words. Very much appreciated. 💕💐✨

      1. Dear Kitty,
        My name is Stan from Sydney in Australia.
        We have recently been through horrendous bush fires, floods and now this corona virus.
        Your words from your poem In the time of the pandemic “and the people stayed home” have been an inspiration and life boat to us all enduring this time. Our vintage car club were planning visits of support to our devastated fire damaged communities, but alas, this will have to wait………
        In the meantime, I would appreciate and be grateful if we could publish your poem in our monthly magazine that communicates with our members, many of whom do not have computer or internet access.
        We are a not-for-profit organisation and no commercial gain will be made by publishing your poem.
        I await your reply to grant permission for us to include in the May members magazine, which will need to be known in the next few days to meet the printers deadline.
        Thanking you in anticipation.
        Stan Jodeikin
        Morgan Owners Club of Australia

        1. Certainly, Stan! Please use my correct name, Kitty O’Meara, and the title of the poem is: “In the Time of Pandemic.” Thank you so much for asking, and know that you, your group’s members, and the beautiful people of Australia are all held in my heart. Be safe and well! Gentle peace,

    1. Hi! I absolutely love your poem and would love your permission to print some of it on a T-shirt for my dancers, I own a dance studio and we are taking a huge hit during this pandemic. I’m full of worry as are my dancers. Thank you for your words. They are calming in this difficult time.

      1. Hi, Tammy; I’m sending you an e-mail; I don’t want the poem or bits of it printed on things, as that gets into all kinds of licensing issues, but I do have a few suggestions. Be sure to check your spam; my e-mail may go there. I’ll put “Response from Kitty O’Meara” on the subject line.

        I’m so sorry artists like you and your company are suffering; many of my friends are as well, and of course, millions of people are out of work…we have to find ways to help each other through this. I hope a few of my ideas may spark something for you.

        Stay safe and be well, Tammy. We will get through this. Gentle peace.

  4. Hi Kitty — I’m a radio producer for a national program produced here in Wisconsin, “To The Best Of Our Knowledge.” As it happens, we’re working on a show about poetry for this coming weekend. We came across your story and it represented perfectly what we were hoping to learn more about: people using poetry, over the internet and social media, to help one another heal.

    If you’d be willing to talk to us a bit about the poem, we’d love to chat — my email is

    1. I’ve e-mailed you, Mark. You may have to check your spam folder, as my letters love to lodge and hide there. Stay well and safe. Gentle peace.

    1. Oh, my goodness! This is beautiful…it made me cry. The images are so lovely and the music is perfect, just so wonderful. I am sorry I do not have your name (are you Bo Lundvang?), but I did try to translate your message with Google: “Hope – when much feels hopeless. ❤️ I only melted when I read Catherine M. O’Meara’s beautiful poem “In the Time of Pandemic”. I got hold of her and asked to use her text in a small movie. She said yes, so here are her words reinforced with a fantastic song by Philip Daniel Zach and some drone clips from me (where of course the guard at the hospital’s helicopter plate approved that my drone lifted off the ground – and the large airport was closed).”

      Thank you soooo much. You did a beautiful job and created such a gift. I hope you are well and safe. Gentle peace to you: Keep creating.

  5. Isn’t is marvellous that we all met you through your creative poetry! What a gift!
    God works in strange ways…..very grateful he does!

    1. It is wonderful that love is proving more contagious than the virus. 🙂 Thank you so much for taking time to visit, and for sharing your lovely thoughts. Be safe and well! Gentle peace.

  6. Hi Kitty. I am the Italian woman who has translated your poem in italian on the same day of your post. I’m sorry I didn’t ask your permission but I didn’t know it was yours. I’ve found it on a facebook group and when I asked who was Kitty O’Meara, somebody told me is was a poem from a book of Katherine O’Meara. Please accept my apologies. Be well and safe.

    1. How kind of you to write and share your story with me, Yel. It is very hard to track a source when it was originally just a Facebook post: but you have, and welcome! (It’s confusing, too, because my baptismal name is Catherine, but my nickname has always been Kitty.) I’m so happy the words I wrote have brought such comfort and creativity to people’s spirits. I hope you and your beloveds are safe and well. Gentle peace, Yel!

  7. Dear Kitty,
    My name is Ana and I am writting from Spain. I would like to send you a big GRACIAS for your poem. It is full of optimism and hope. I am a Spanish teacher to English people and I am using it in my lessons by Skype to translate and practice grammar with the vocabulary in our language.
    I will follow you.
    I send you all our love.
    Un fuerte abrazo,

    1. Oh, Ana, thank you so much for your kindness in writing and generosity in teaching others how to communicate the secrets of their own hearts with greater clarity. That is a great gift. Bless you; be safe and well. Gentle peace, Ana. ~ Kitty

  8. Dear Kitty,
    Thank you for including my work in this post, it wouldn’t had happened without your beautiful words. It’s amazing indeed how art as a shining light inspires people to create together and let us be inspired by each other, in strange times like these I can really feel a stronger bond with the collective consciousness we are all part of, as if we all act and react as a whole, it remains in us the desicion to make the next move in the best direction. It deeply moves my heart. Much love to you and your family. ❤

    1. So beautifully stated, Robert. Thank you again for your gifts and your incredible heart. Stay safe; be well. Gentle peace and please, keep creating, my friend.

  9. Kitty is there any way I could contact you. Mark Costigan west Cork Ireland? I have attached my email address below

    1. I’m sorry, Mark, no e-mail is showing, or I’m not bright enough to locate it, if it’s hidden somewhere. People have put their e-mails in the comments and I’ve managed to contact them. I hope that helps. And that you are safe and well. Gentle peace, Mark.

  10. Hi Kitty, Here is the song I wrote to your lovely poem. Thank you for sharing your words! Katie

  11. Oh Kitty, what a moving collection of art you have inspired with your heartfelt words – this is glorious! I love the creative response that I’ve seen all over the world as people are doing just as you wrote – living out their creative lives as they turn inward. Thank you for blessing the world with your poem – it continues to touch me. And I love the idea of your dogs singing along with Roberto 🙂

    1. Aren’t these people amazing? And there’s so much more; I’m so grateful for their creativity and gifts. Yes, Roberto is very special to us. 🙂 I am so deepened and comforted by the art I’m seeing created everywhere. It really is what will heal us. Thank you, Lynn! Be well.

  12. “Y la gente se quedó en casa. Y leyó libros y escuchó, y descansó y se ejercitó, e hizo arte y jugó, y aprendió nuevas formas de ser, y se detuvo. Y escuchó más profundamente. Algunos meditaron, algunos rezaron, algunos bailaron. Algunos se encontraron con sus propias sombras. Y la gente comenzó a pensar de forma distinta.

    Y la gente sanó. Y en ausencia de personas viviendo de manera ignorante, peligrosa, inconsciente y despiadada, la tierra comenzó a sanar.

    Y cuando el peligro pasó y las personas se unieron de nuevo, lloraron sus pérdidas, y tomaron nuevas decisiones, y soñaron nuevas imágenes y crearon nuevas formas de vivir, y sanaron la tierra por completo, tal como como habían sido sanadas”

    Lots of Love to you Kitty. My cats send you love as well.
    Carolina Aurora Deger from Mar del Plata, Argentina


  13. Hello Kitty,
    I just received a copy of your beautiful prose this past weekend. I am a singer / songwriter from Concord, MA. I would love to share my work with you hopefully for your approval to send it out over YouTube or social media. I have a rough draft that I recorded on my phone that I could share with you. If you are interested in my work you can visit my website at to sample my original works. I have a song about the wildfires and climate change titled ”last Stand” for which I also have a Video version posted on my YouTube site.
    I hope to hear from you. Please feel free to E-mail me directly.

    1. Hi, Joe, I sent an e-mail, so please look for it as they can fly to spam folders. My name’s in the subject line. 🙂

      Be well and safe, and keep creating! Gentle peace, Joe!

  14. Hello Kitty. Would like to share my song based on your poem. I wrote the music, sand and played all the instruments on it. Hope you and everybody here enjoys it!

    Thank you so much, stay safe and God Bless!

  15. Thank you for your poem In the Time of Pandemic. You inspired me to write a response.. a pastiche some might say. I think you might like it. Please feel free to share if you are so inclined…

    We all wear masks
    And some people went to work. They wore masks. Masks that hid their fear. Masks that hid they are moms, dads, sons, daughters, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and Jews. Their masks disguised their identity as Atheist, Gay and Straight. Their masks covered the fact they were White, Black, Brown, Republicans and Democrats, Left or Right. Because none of that mattered anymore. And in wearing their masks it was revealed- what they shared and had in common was more important than the difference between. (Kenny Peavy)

    1. This is a lovely extension of the poem’s ideas, Kenny; thank you for your creativity snd kindness in sharing it! The pandemic comes with many gifts, like all of life, but we need to use our contemplation and insight, as you have, to see these and balance them against the very real pain of suffering and loss. Thank you! Be well and safe. Gentle peace.

  16. Here is my french translation of your poem:

    «Et les gens sont restés à la maison.
    Ils ont lu des livres, ils ont écouté
    Et ils se sont reposés.
    Ils ont fait des exercices,
    Ils ont fait de l’art, ils ont joué…
    Ils ont appris de nouvelles façons d’être
    Et ils ont retrouvé le calme.
    Et ils ont écouté plus attentivement.
    Certains ont médité, d’autres ont prié,
    Certains ont dansé .
    Certains ont fait face à leurs ombres…
    Et les gens ont commencé à penser différemment.

    Et le peuple a guéri.

    Et, en l’absence de gens,
    Qui vivaient de manière ignorante,
    Dangereuse, insensée et sans cœur,
    La Terre a commencé à guérir.

    Et quand le danger a pris fin
    Et que les gens se sont retrouvés,
    Ils ont pleuré leurs morts.
    Et ils ont fait de nouveaux choix.
    Et ils ont rêvé de nouvelles visions…
    Et ils ont créé de nouvelles façons de vivre…
    Pour que la Terre soit complètement guérie .
    Tout comme ils ont été, eux mêmes, guéris.”

    Kitty O’Meara.

    1. Oh, how lovely! Thank you, Shiva! I wish I could hear you recite it. It is so good and kind of you to share your gifts. Be well and safe. Gentle peace, Kitty

  17. with kitty’s permission i used her wonderful words from the poem “In the time of Pandemic” to make this little film – see the link below to watch – hope my film does her words justice

  18. Dear Kitty,
    Like many other people around the world I, too, am setting your beautiful poem to music.
    But I wanted to check in with you whether I have your consent to do so.
    It’s almost finished and I could send you where I am up to so that you can let me know whether it fits for you, or not.
    Is it possible to send it to you privately?
    With thanks for all that you do, to contribute to healing in our world,
    Peta Williams (Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia)

    1. Hi. Peta. How kind of you to write! The poem is copyrighted, so I am unable to enter into agreements with composers who have set it to music, if they’re seeking copyrights and commercial gain. However, if this is something you’re doing to express your creativity and inspire others, by all means share it here and elsewhere. I’m excited to hear it! If you post it as a comment on this post, I’ll move it up into the post! 🙂 I hope you are safe and well in beautiful Australia, Peta. Gentle peace, and keep creating!

  19. Hallo Kitty,
    Thank you so much for your response.
    No, definitely not for commercial gain. I wanted to set your words as I am inspired by them, and would like to express my creativity through creating music on them, which I hope in turn will inspire others.
    One question, that I hope won’t be a difficult one for you. In terms of the way the musical phrasing is working at the moment, it would be great if I could add three new words. It’s in the phrase ‘….and exercised, and made art, and played games, and grew gardens…’ Could I add ‘sang new songs’ between ‘And played games’ and ‘grew gardens’?
    I hope to get the song to you very soon.
    With love and light,

  20. Yes, Peta; it wasn’t written as lyrics, so I’m amazed people are trying to compose a song from it; it doesn’t scan. I completely understand the need to alter words/syllables. I am so happy you’re sharing it with the purpose of offering comfort. Please share it here when you’re ready! I hope you’ll keep creating. Wildly and generously. 🙂 Be safe and well. Gentle peace, Peta.

    1. Hallo dear Kitty,

      I have just this minute loaded the tracks on to my website. Go to:

      There is a sound file there, and a sound / words / image link.

      You will need to go to the following link to find out more (also in the latest news bit):

      I hope I have done justice to your beautiful prayer.
      It is so wonderful to see so many others contributing creatively through their resonance with your words.
      And all around the world.
      Thank you for the hope that you have offered to us,

      1. Hallo Kitty,
        Did you receive this?
        Yours in slight worry….
        Although I imagine you are inundated and can’t get around to responding to us all…
        I just hope my song is OK with you.


        1. I am so sorry, Peta. I did miss this in the tasks of the past few days and I apologize with all my heart…but waking with a cold, and a foggy, aching head, as I did this morning, I’ll tell you: no better medicine than this glorious rendition of the poem. Oh, my. I’ve played it three times already! 🙂

          My husband (a grand musician and singer) and I (a lover of all things musical) LOVED it. So much beauty and so much effort on the part of all the artists to make your beautiful music soar. Very like a hymn. And to think you are all in isolation!!! I cannot fathom how it was all accomplished, but it was certainly done with immense gift.

          Thank you for all the necessary effort to create this, Peta; you have stunning gifts, and I hope you’ll keep creating for us who are yearning for such beauty during this time. Thank you!

          Be well and safe, and keep creating, Peta. Please stay in touch with future creations and to let me know you are well.

          Gentle peace and love,

          1. Oh Kitty – I am so glad to read your comment here!
            And so glad that my music resonates so strongly with you, and with your husband.
            Your words mean a lot to me; thank you.
            With love and light,

  21. Hi Kitty – I’d love permission to share your beautiful words in a charity/commemorative book I’m doing to celebrate all the things that spread kindness and hope during the covid crisis. Would that be ok? I’m donating my time to produce the book and all proceeds will go to the NHS in the UK. Many thanks for your inspiring poem. Anna x

  22. Dear Mrs. O’Meara, I write for the Deseret News, a daily newspaper in Salt Lake City, and I apologize for adding to the deluge of mail, but wonder if you would be willing to speak with me briefly for an article I’m writing about post-pandemic life. I can be reached at and I thank you for your time and consideration. Jennifer Graham

  23. Hello from India, Kitty
    And a very happy Earth Day to you! I’m here on the very day we celebrate the transcendental messages of Muir and Thoreau and it is so good to browse through this delightful repository of your metaphysical worship.

    I was brought here by The Poem, of course, but in very interesting circumstances.
    I had written a piece to coincide with the anniversary of the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka last year. The work is fiction but it is based on a summation of how we respond consistently and predictably to tragedy as a community online. I chose a rhythmic cadence, to mimic how we careen in and out, fetishising data to shore ourselves up against grief and anxiety.

    A friend told me about the stylistic similarity to “the Coronavirus poem”, surprised that I might be one of five people on this planet who hadn’t seen it yet. Of course I recognised what she was suggesting immediately but when I read about the details of its journey through the apparatus of the internet and of its misattribution, it was like the two pieces were in dialogue with each other!

    Here’s a link to my story, I’d love it if you took the time to read it and told me what you think about the humbling syzygy.

    Have a wonderful day, and keep creating beauty

    Best wishes

    1. Dear Amitabh, I am soooo sorry your wonderful note and link went into the spam folder of my blog, which I forget to check regularly. But what wonderful synergy and synchronicity to have found it today, when I had a moment to myself and could read your timely and masterful poem. Yes, I so agree: we do shore up meaningless data to keep from encountering the authentic and raw feelings we need to instead encounter and welcome as our teachers. Technology, like everything, is a bane and a blessing and, like everything, requires us to be awake to its purposes and potentials. Thank you for this; it has been an unexpected blessing to my week! I hope you are safe and well, and that you’ll keep writing and share your art. Gentle peace, Amitabh. ~ Kitty

  24. Kitty you have inspired so much creativity. Here is our contribution. We hope that we did your words justice. The music was composed by Gilbert Gabriel and we collaborated on the film. Peace and love.

  25. Kitty,
    I was touched by your beautiful and reflective poem, In the Time of Pandemic. I seek your permission to print the poem in our internal monthly newsletter at Gramercy Park Senior Cooperative, in Inver Grove Heights, MN. We are a not for profit, independent senior living facility for ages 62+. There would be no commercial gain from publishing your poem. I await your reply granting permission. Thank you.
    Mary Amundson

  26. Hello Kiity!

    First of all, thank you for your beautiful and inspiring words.. they express, in a lovely and magical way, the hope and love that we need to live this period.. We fell in love with it! and we decided to compose a song inspired in those wonderful thoughts… Now, we would like to share it with you.. wish you like it! It’s made with a lot of love and light from a rooftop of Barcelona… it’s a gift for everybody, without any commercial purpose, with the only intention to spread this message of love…

    As you can see, it’s a Spanish version, we are working in the English one, but we want to ask your permission before…

    My name is Neus, I’m an actress and singer and I have a little band called Voleo with my couple, a wonderful guitar player.. We are locked down in my apartment creating new songs for our band.. and this one is our new little child that just got born and we would love to share it and know the opinion of the person who inspired us to create it!

    My best wishes for you Kitty and everybody in this blog..
    how much art and love it’s here.. thanks again for inspiring us!
    Waiting for your answer…

    With love, from Barcelona..
    Neus & Jose

    1. Thank you so much, Neus and Jose! How wonderful to see you creating and sharing art from a beautiful rooftop in Barcelona. It makes me so happy to think my poem inspired you to create: I love your newborn song, and you are both certainly very talented. Keep creating!

      Stay well and safe. Gentle peace and merry music-making, Kitty

      1. Thank you Kitty! So important for us to know you like it!! It makes us really happy!!! 🙂 thank you!!
        and yes! we will keep creating!! and singing this song for our neighbours from our rooftop 😉 to spread this message of love to everybody can hear us!!
        and reading your poetry!! so nice to discover you!!! thanks for your lovely words…
        our best wishes for you!!!
        with love, from Barcelona
        Neus &Jose

    1. Sending heartfelt gratitude for your beautiful poem “And the People Stayed Home”….wow…so thoughtful and thought-provoking. We are hoping to obtain permission to include your poem as a preface to a short book being written, “Living Into Your Next Season…life after COVID-19 and beyond.”

      Income from the sale of the book is being donated to the Foundation of the National Association of Student Nurses, Inc. to provide financial scholarships for nurses – their will be no commercial gain.

      The book highlights compelling stories, conveys warmth, shares insights, and encourages readers to carry forward the empathy, community orientation, and best of behavior changes born from the far-reaching impacts of this pandemic.

      I noticed that you are a chaplain – one of our contributing author is the former Chief of Chaplains of the U.S. Navy’s 26th. We would be delighted to send you a copy of our book once complete! May we proceed with including your poem? with Gratitude!

  27. Hi Kitty
    Sending heartfelt gratitude for your beautiful poem “And the People Stayed Home”….wow…so thoughtful and thought-provoking. We are hoping to obtain permission to include your poem as a preface to a short book being written, “Living Into Your Next Season…life after COVID-19 and beyond.”

    Income from the sale of the book is being donated to the Foundation of the National Association of Student Nurses, Inc. to provide financial scholarships for nurses – their will be no commercial gain.

    The book highlights compelling stories, conveys warmth, shares insights, and encourages readers to carry forward the empathy, community orientation, and best of behavior changes born from the far-reaching impacts of this pandemic.

    I noticed that you are a chaplain – one of our contributing author is the former Chief of Chaplains of the U.S. Navy’s 26th. We would be delighted to send you a copy of our book once complete! May we proceed with including your poem? with Gratitude!

  28. Hi Kitty.My name is John McMahon freelance creative .Currently making a short film with friends colleagues and followers of our not for profit arts company from across the world .Using phone video footage of creative ways people are getting through the pandemic .It would be wonderful if we could use your inspiring poem over some images at the beginning of the piece .This is a strictly fee initiative to create a moment of positivity. Keep Safe John x

    1. Hello, John, thank you for writing. I sent an e-mail to you asking for further clarification. I hope you are safe and well. Gentle peace, Kitty

  29. Dear Kitty, thank you für that lovely poem. It ist so taking part in a lettering challenge I was creating also some pictures of a little witch and her cat. I would like to pack the story into of the witch into a kids book. But unfortunately I did not find any address to contact you to ask if this would be okay for you. So maybe you will read it here. I will also add the link that you can get an impression of the story. Thank u so much for the great poem. Hugs, Jasmin

    1. Hi, Jasmin,
      It’s so lovely to hear from you! You certainly have an artistic gift, Please check your e-mail for my response.
      Be safe and well. Gentle peace, Kitty

  30. Dear Kitty,
    Thank you for your words of wisdom. I’m grateful to have been led to The Daily Round while researching the claim that “In the Time of Pandemic” was re-published during the Spanish Flu. I enjoyed all of the creative renditions of your poem and they inspired me to challenge my 6th graders to create their own versions. Could I get your permission to do that? Of course, you would be cited. Also, I respectfully and humbly wonder if you would consider joining a zoom meeting with my students? We could discuss details if you happened to be available. Thank you again for your inspirational words.
    Megan Murphy

  31. Hello,

    My name is Shaye Firer and I am a professional ballet dancer with American Repertory Ballet in NJ. I am writing on behalf of our ballet company. First of all, we absolutely were blown away by the beauty and resonance of your poem. Thank you so much for putting it out into the world at a time that it is much needed. It has inspired us to want to create an interpretive ballet/dance to this poem as it is read aloud both in english and in multiple other languages that some of our dancers speak. It would also be used this way to honor the essential workers who work tirelessly every day to keep us all safe and keep everything going. We would like your permission to use your poem for this dance. It is 100% not for profit or any monetary gain. We would be honoured if you would allow us to use your beautiful words.

    My email is and I look forward to hearing from you.

    With gratitude,

    Shaye Firer, on behalf of American Repertory Ballet

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