The Light That Matters



Living the hours, when bodies are confined
and spirits reaching…

Wake to the morning light.
Welcome the earth’s rhythms.
Join her ancient dance.
Improvise in delight.

Silence the voices, panicked and chaotic,
crashing in on elsewhere waves.
Open sacred space to stillness.
Inquire within.

Recall that seeds are planted
in the welcome womb of earth,
and in her darkened dwelling
birth their roots.
And, when the daylight fades,
sit in the holy darkness.
Tell stories.

Turn to the stars, the Love from which we came:
Welcome the delicate tremble, the flickering wave,
the long goodbyes
sent eons ago,
reminding us, in this moment:
We are the light that matters.



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17 thoughts on “The Light That Matters

  1. Thank you so much for all your words during this difficult time in our history. I am extremely grateful to you, more than I am able to express.


    1. Jim, you have expressed it beautifully; I am so honored that my words have brought you comfort and that you’ve taken to the time to visit and share. Now you’re in my heart, too, so please take care of yourself and be well. Gentle peace, Jim.


  2. I think UV light has always been a foe of virus, but it sure is a wonderful metaphor and reminder that we can shine in any darkness…Thank you so much for sharing, VK. Thinking of you these days and hoping you’re safe and well. Gentle peace.


  3. Kitty, I am a Brasilian History Literature teacher and a writer and I loved a poem I received in my fone. I discovered the poem is yours… Whem I had received, the author was wrong and I loved to know you´re alive. Thank you.


    1. Your English is fine, Flavia, and yes, I am happy to say I am alive and well, and I hope you are, too.
      Be well and safe. Gentle peace, Flavia, and thank you for visiting. 🙂


  4. Oh….goodness… being alive will keep me howling laughing throughout this pandemic!!! Priceless!!!Utterly priceless, every time I read it I fall apart laughing! So sorry, I really can’t help it!
    That is a beautiful poem, it’s so ethereal especially when accompanied by such beautiful


  5. Yes, I keep hearing I’m long-dead Irish woman named Kathleen. I’m sure I look it some days, but Phillip and the 4-leggeds assure me I still take up space, often meaningfully. Thank you for making me laugh and for your kindness. xoxo


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