Your Assistance Required

Dear Friends,

Two young and gifted women and several of their friends have joined together to create a video using the poem, In the Time of Pandemic as inspiration, and with the goal of using images from all over the world to further comfort and inspire us. I have been so moved by their willingness to collaborate and set aside desire for commercial gain to instead focus on all of us and our welfare.

Each of these women had an idea and each contacted me one day last week, with integrity, to ask if they might pursue their unique visions. One is a native Australian, currently on lockdown in Brooklyn NY, USA; and the other is a native Dubliner at home in Ireland,

I asked if they would be interesting in collaboration, which is at the heart of the poem for me, and–without missing a beat–they agreed, I put them in touch, and they are working gloriously well together. They are like the daughters I never had; I’m soooo proud of them and their incredible hearts.

Here is the thing: We’ve all seen the comments and heard the sentiments that the poem is too cheerful, specious, and shallow. That it offers a utopia that never could be. That we (humanity) will “never change.” And I get it: People are scared, frightened, suffering, and losing loved ones. We ALL are.

But the poem/allegory I wrote (with the Spirit–never forget that) has taken on a life of its own because we know we could do a better job with connection, community, loving, and–so importantly–in caring for the earth. We need to celebrate our gifts, reach out in love, and offer each other hope. We need to take responsibility for our healing, and the healing of our earth.

So, my dear friends, here is a way to help:

Please use this e-mail:


andthepeople copy

Please do not put anyone or yourself at risk in forwarding any of these photos to this e-mail. Be safe, but please share in the creative endeavor as you are able. It is not, really, a “Kitty O’Meara” film; it’s all of ours, being midwifed by these lovely artists. And do let them know where you’re from when you send your photos. I’m sure they’ll try to use as many as they are able.

Thank you so much for joining us in this project. Love and blessing to all.

And gentle peace.

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34 thoughts on “Your Assistance Required

  1. Dear Kitty,
    Below my traduction into Portuguese of your narveloys text.


    E as pessoas ficaram em casa. E leram livros, e escutaram, e descansaram, e se exercitaram,
    e fizeram arte, e jogaram jogos, e aprenderam novas formas de ser, e ficaram paradas. E escutaram mais profundamente. Alguns meditaram, alguns rezaram, alguns dançaram. Alguns encontraram suas próprias sombras. E as pessoas começaram a pensar de forma diferente.

    E as pessoas ficaram curadas. E, na ausência de pessoas que vivem de maneira ignorante, perigoso, sem sentido e sem coração, a terra começou a cicatrizar.

    E quando o perigo passou, e as pessoas se reencontraram novamente, eles lastimaram suas perdas, e fizeram novas escolhas, e sonharam novas visões, e
    criaram novas maneiras de viver, e curaram a terra completamente, tal como eles foram curados.

    (Kitty O’Meara. Tradução do inglês por Paulo Werneck)


  2. Thank you Kristin! I’ll let them know…might have to delete this post and re-boot, but we’ll get this right. I really appreciate your help!


  3. Kitty, I’ve just created a clip with your poem:
    Last night I went to bed so inspired by your words and today I had to take action: I went ahead and created a clip with creative commons footage and music as I narrate your poem. My intention was to spread this beautiful message (no commercial value behind whatsoever), as just like you I believe these are times of great opportunities, a new world can be born from this crisis. I hope this will not interfere with your project (this is far from my intention, I just saw your announcement here now as I came to share my clip with you), but on the contrary, I do hope it will contribute with spreading this beautiful message to as many people as possible. Thank you for your beautiful work and for being brave sharing it with the world. Thank you!
    so much love,


    1. It is very beautiful, Kes, and I admire your talent and your integrity in sharing it with me. Thank you for honoring the words and for collaborating with them using your own gifts. You are helping to heal the world!
      Take care and be safe. Gentle peace, and thank you, again, for your lovely, lovely talent.


  4. Kitty I have to say your poem spoke to me strongly, I took it as I read it and felt it was the perfect message at this time so that I shared it with a number of friends. It never sounded shallow or some such thing. I feel this is the time to slow down and take stock in how we are living.


    1. How lovely to hear that, Maggie: you are very kind for sharing it! Thank you so much. Yes, it is time be still. Take care and be safe, Maggie! Gentle peace.


  5. The first time I read your beautiful poem I felt goosebumps. Such a soulful expression of our present state and hope for the future. Thank you for expressing what so many of us have probably felt but just couldn’t put into words as well as you did. Stay safe.


    1. Thank you, Mindy. It is very kind of you to share; I hope the words continue to inspire and comfort you. Take care and be safe. Gentle peace.


  6. Dear Kitty,
    I found your poem “and the people stayed home” up and around Instagram stories of my friends, and my happiness was such when I read it that I immediately felt like sharing it further, and all the sudden went ahead and turned it into a little Spanish song within this quarantine music project I’ve been holding up since Monday.
    You can see and listen to it here:

    I deeply appreciate the beautiful and inspiring energy that comes through your words and I felt like sharing it both in its original form as in the media of music without any commercial mean but as a way to expand its message to more people, I really hope you enjoy it and is doesn’t obstruct your vision for it. < 3

    All the love for you and your loved ones 🌞 and thank you!


    1. Roberto, how beautiful and peaceful your music is to accompany Kitty’s poem. My heart feels it. Thank you.


  7. I appreciate all collaborative and creative efforts to share the themes of my poem, which I titled, “In the Time of Pandemic,” Robert. This is lovely and I am grateful to you. And I am especially grateful that you underscore the “freely given” aspect of my intentions. The intention to profit in money from my work is antithetical to its purpose. Thank you for that, Robert! Take care, and be well. Gentle peace: and keep creating!

    PS: Is it OK for me to say you have a beautiful smile? 🙂 I love the way you bridged the “verses” with that “Oooooo.” I played it for my dear one as he was making breakfast. Because food was involved, all 5 dogs were gathered around our feet, and every time you sang, “Ooooo!” the dogs barked and ran around in circles…so you created a hit by their standards, too! Stay in touch, Roberto, and please be well, angel!


  8. Hi Kitty,
    I am so sorry, for not asking permission to share your beautiful words. I was so inspired by them and they brought me such peace and the feeling of hope and possibility that I immediately posted them everywhere I could; my stories, my pages, my background…it just felt like the right thing to do. I believed the more that people read it, saw it, thought it, the more possible it could become. I just simply forgot my etiquette in asking for your permission. So I am sorry, but I really appreciate being able to share it and help it become a reality.
    Thank you for saying it so beautifully.


  9. Oh, goodness, Debbie, no need to apologize. It’s way beyond our control. I love that people have shared and received comfort from this. I love that it’s moved them to create. It is nothing but honor and blessing. I really hope people don’t use it to “sell” anything, but even that is way beyond my control. Most people…by the thousands…have been nothing but loving and kind.

    Only gratitude.

    Take care; stay safe, and gentle peace. 🙂


    1. Kitty, may I have your permission to reprint “In the Time of Pandemic” to my Facebook page (and other social media sites I may create)? Also, I am going to restart a blog I created in 2010 geared towards compassion and inspiration (, and would like your permission to feature your poem there. Of course, I will give you credit and list your blog on everything.

      I have been very touched by the sage philosophy inherent in the poem which I was fortunate to find somewhere on the internet (there are no accidents). I researched it further and found it highlighted in the Oprah Winfrey Magazine which mentioned your blog, and that directed me to you, at last! Now, through your blog, I am further enjoying the gentle currents of peace that your words convey. Thank you so much.


      1. Yes, Normandie, and thank you so much for asking; please feel free to use the words, as long as it’s not for commercial gain; I am happy to have people sharing them.

        You are very kind to take such time and share with me. I’m glad you were able to follow a trail and find me. 🙂

        Take care, and stay well and safe, Normandie! Have fun with your blog.

        Gentle peace,


  10. Hi Kitty I am an illustrator from Bilbao-Basque country. I´ve read your poem translated to spanih and i have fallen inmediatly in love with it. I have illustrated and have made a video with 8 illustrations wich i want to show you and share if i have your permission. Please let me know how can i make to reach it to you. Thank you for your words


  11. Hi, Paul,
    Thank you for your kindness in writing. Please check your e-mail for my response…and know that sometimes they go to spam. 🙂 Keep creating. Be safe and well. Gentle peace, Kitty


  12. Kitty, I am administrator of a small historical society and museum outside of Chicago. I also write a history column twice a month for the local paper. A friend forwarded, what I soon learned, was your pandemic poem. Like many, I was struck by its connection to our lives today. I would love to get your thoughts about the role of the arts during this time of unemployment and economic hardship. During the Great Depression, Roosevelt implemented The Federal Art Project, putting various artisans back to work for the public good. It seems to me that would be a much better use of taxpayer money than issuing temporary relief checks with little to show for it. I look forward to hearing from you!


  13. Hi, Kurt,
    I sent you an email. You may need to check your spam folder.
    I agree with the value of art to our spirits and healing; they are vital to humanity.
    Thank you so much for writing. Take care and be well.
    Gentle peace,


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