In the Time of Pandemic

And the people stayed home.

And they listened, and read books, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still.

And they listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some danced. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently.

And the people healed.

And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, and heartless ways, the earth began to heal.

And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed.

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I reserve all rights to the material for the time being. Using the poem to sell anything is also antithetical to its theme; I wrote it to inspire the creative artist and giver in all of us, not to prop up a corporate structure more intent on exploiting gift than enlarging it.

622 thoughts on “In the Time of Pandemic

  1. Oh Gosh….What a wonderful moment to see the Daily Round in my email box again…! Wow, glad you are well and still with us. I hope all the four leggeds and hubby are well too. Stay at peace within Kitty and find joy hidden away in these tumultuous times! Yes they are healing despite the anguish they cause.Be well and lots of love to you…VK ❤

      1. I’m writing an essay about how we can mitigate pandemics at their root cause by transitioning from degenerative to regenerative economies. Would love to include your post in full at the end. Not sure when it’s finished. Mom was just diagnosed with cancer amidst all this, soooo….we are trying to ensure she gets care in a timely fashion before it metastasizes. Thank you for writing such a succinct vision and making it in the past tense, and clearly touching on the hopes of so many. We have so much work to do to get there…we have no choice, though, do we?

        1. Oh, Ethan; first, I am so sorry your family is dealing with this new terror in the midst of a healthcare crisis. I worked with the best in that field and I know how hard they are trying to spread their gifts. You mother’s care and healing are now carried in my heart, and please, if time allows, let me know how it’s going for you all.

          Your essay sounds intriguing and hopeful; I would so enjoy reading it when you have completed it. Yes, please use the quote, if you like.

          We still have many choices, dear one. Writing that essay is one of them, and being the loving son who is choosing to accompany his mother on this journey is another. But, yes, now is the acceptable time to face the world and love her back into health and sustainability. I hope we don’t squander it.

          Be well, gentle peace.

          1. Thank you so much. Yes, to everything you said. And know that I will offer to share with you before making my words public so you can give comment and decide whether you would like to have your thoughts attached to and associated with mine.

          2. Hi Kitty,
            Everyone from Depok to Mother Earth blogs to Religious groups are embracing these sentiments..words.. I am an artist writer and I had to find out who wrote this. It is magical and spot on.

            1. That’s wonderful; they are sentiments we all feel and it’s good to embrace each other this way. Thank you for your kindness and be well!

              1. It reads like the book of Genesis, like the Spirit guided your hand, heart and mind. Blessings upon you and your Muse.

              2. Dear Kitty,

                Once Upon a Planet In a Far Away Time

                This fairy tale came through me
                about Climate Change and Covid Crisis
                including the Hope that is already Shining for our Future

                I would Love to include your poem inside the fairy tale
                and I wonder if you might be able to have a read
                and let me know if I may include your poem
                “And the People Stayed Home”

                At the moment, the fairy tale is posted on our Cambridge Jungian Circle website

                I have mentioned your poem, your name, and website link in the fairy tale
                I would love to include all of this, and add your poem as well, with your permission
                I look forward to hearing from you

                Warmest Wishes to All and Stay Safe,
                Lorna McNeur

                1. I’m not sure I understand clearly, Lorna; I didn’t see my poem or info on this page, but I did read your own creative fairy tale and think its messages are inspiring indeed, and don’t require my words’ intrusion. Because the poem is copyrighted and under contract with a children’s book publisher, it’s best it not be merged with other writing, but I have certainly allowed people to share it, properly titled and credited, in newsletters , etc., where commercialization is not intended. I hope this helps; please let me know if I can help further.

                  Stay safe and well, Lorna. Gentle peace.

                  1. Many thanks for your swift response Kitty,

                    At the moment I only include your name, poem title, and website link in the fairy tale (see image of text below) But I would Love to include your whole poem too, properly titled and credited

                    I did not want to include your poem until you gave me permission but it flows so much more beautifully with your actual words in there too

                    Our website is not at all commercial We are a charity and we are all volunteers We simply share for Healing and Growing

                    Below is the last part of the fairy tale where your details are mentioned (highlighted in red now for you to see quickly, but not in the actual text)

                    The red text is where I want to include your poem and credits, if possible ?

                    Stay Safe and Well Kitty,

                    Warm Wishes,


                    A poem within a fairy tale is such a lovely thing


                  2. Sorry Kitty,

                    It might be clearer if I show you how I would like to include your poem in the fairy tale

                    Below is how I would like to include it with your permission of course 🙂

                    Warmest Wishes,



                    1. Hi, Lorna,
                      I’d rather my poem not be included within your fairy tale, but if you want to post it separately, that’s fine, with the accurate title and credit. While it reads as a fable, I’d rather it not be confused with a “fairy tale,” as I firmly believe change is not only possible but utterly necessary for our welfare and survival, and I think many people hear the words, “fairy tale” and immediately use the words to disassociate from a reality connected to their own. I realize Jung understood the truth and value of myths, symbol, and fairy tales, but I’d rather not have my poem pulled into that context before people have a chance to hear the invitations and act on them. I hope this helps explain my thinking, and forgive me if I have not made myself clear. We are in the midst of our Triduum practices this weekend, and I’m unable to share more at this time.

                      Bless your wonderful creativity and keep tending it. With love, Kitty

                    2. Lovely,

                      Many thanks Kitty. I understand your words And will post your poem separately from my fairy tale But it will be lovely To include it on our page

                      Crisis & Creativity Climate Change & Covid

                      Blessings and Love, Lorna


              3. kitty loved your poem i am from janesville wisconsin and my husbands uncle lived in madison wis. seeing there are not to many omeras around was wondering if walter was your dad. hope to hear from you thanks

                1. Hi, Caroline, how good of you to write! No, my father was Charles, and his family settled near Stevens Point Wisconsin, and then Minnesota. I suppose we’d be related if we went back far enough, though; Ireland isn’t that large. 🙂 Joy to you, Caroline; stay well and safe.

          3. Blessings Lorraine. I’ve been following the responses to Kitty’s Spirit led offering of hope, In the Time of Pandemic, that seems to be circling the globe. There has been much discussion about authenticity and historic confusion about writers with the same name. I think if you look back through the thread of responses you will find answers to any concerns about authorship. I don’t know Kitty, but her work and her comments to her readers show me the blessings of Spirit coming through loud and clear. Light and love to all in these challenging days.

          4. Lorraine, I have done this, many times and in many places this past week. I would encourage you, rather than visiting my site with further accusations, to actually source and read the other poem, and, if you are familiar with poetry, you’ll see they are not at all alike. An important part of healing is to do the work for ourselves.

            This is my poem, and my site, and I won’t allow toxic energy to harm the sweet and kind people who visit with me here. All are invited, but kindness has to prevail. Why anyone would assume things about me without knowing me, or do that to anyone else, seems to speak to a need better directed and met inward before sharing it.

            I wish you peace, and that you be safe and well in this time of illness.

          5. You, Loraine, should put forward the “italian quote”.. better yet, should have checked carefully and understand an eventual inspiration from a plagiarism.

          6. Hi Kitty, My mother is recovering rapidly and has a pretty good prognosis! We have so much to feel grateful for… I am working diligently on the piece I mentioned! it is rapidly turning into a book about evolutionary human ecology.

            I have been writing pieces of it (actually in the context of separate book projects) for about 5 years, and I just didn’t know it! I do have a draft outline finished if you’d like to see it, let me know. Steadily organizing the content I have written into the outline format…

            Hope you are doing OK and getting good self-care and space amidst this piece blowing up! I saw that you had to file a DMCA claim. O_o

            “But, yes, now is the acceptable time to face the world and love her back into health and sustainability. I hope we don’t squander it.” Yes, this a thousand times this! Thank you!


            1. Oh, Ethan, such wonderful news regarding your mother! Please know I hold her continued healing in my heart. And how glorious for your own work in the world that you’ve made progress and perceived connections that are allowing you to cohere years of work! I can’t wait to see it, whenever you are ready to share. It sounds like a work we need (probably 30 years ago) rather desperately in these times. I hope you are finding joy in the important creating you’re doing. Hooray for you!!!

              Yes, there has also been a learning curve for me in all of this, not all of it joyful, but, in fairness, overwhelmingly so, and I am still/always most grateful for the many, many connections that have been made between my words and the loveliest people in our world…and there are millions.

              Please keep in touch when you are able, Ethan. Stay well and safe, and great gentle peace.

        2. These words are so beautiful. I’ve seen it shared over and over these past days on social media. Thankfully, so far always with your name attached. Being a writer and a former reporter, I just had to find the author! Do you have any other social media accounts? I’d love to be able to direct people to you in sharing it. Thank you again and be well!

          1. Thank you, Geeta; your words are so very kind. You’ll probably laugh, but I have this blog for sharing my writing, and my Facebook account that I keep private. I still need someone to spend a few minutes with me and help me learn to navigate Twitter and Instagram, but to be honest, I like to keep most of my time for my husband and 4-leggeds, reading, and long walks. I don’t feel comfortable always being connected to “media,” and losing connection with my spirit and thoughts.

            Bless you, and be well and safe.

            1. So true and so wise of you. I am so grateful and feel so blessed to have been allowed to share your profound thoughts. They bring me immense comfort at this time of immense stress. Thank you and bless you Kitty.

              1. That’s wonderful to hear, Nancy. Please take care of yourself and we’ll breathe through this together! Be well, and gentle peace.

            1. Thank you, Patti; that’s so kind of you and lovely to hear. I hope you’re well and safe. These days can be long and challenging. Love and gentle peace to you.

        3. I found this piece on a meme a few days ago and shared it, then made it my cover photo. I truly hope that what many healers and thought leaders in the world and what many of us are saying, that this is the great shift we’ve been waiting and hoping for is true. I very much enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts here and I want to share something that I’ve found EXTREMELY powerful and calming in this uncertain time…

          1. Thank you, Tracy; it is so kind of you to share. I am happy you’re finding posts and ideas that affirm your spirit and creativity. Be well, and take care of yourself. Gentle peace, Tracy!

      2. Hi Kitty – thank you for your poem. It so beautifully encapsulates the hope of the current moment. I’d love to create a film from this – would you mind? Feel free to email me ( Thank you and stay well 🙂 Julia.

      3. Hi, in Italy, on Facebook, the translation of your poem is turning a lot. But it is attributed to Kathleen O’Meara (1869). I am doing everything possible to correct the writer and I share the link to this page. It seems to me right that a beautiful thing should be given the right attribution.

        1. Thank you, Mauro; I am so sad about the pandemic’s fury in Italy. Thank you for writing and please take care of yourself! Be well, and gentle peace.

        2. Same here Kitty in England I have been correcting people about your beautiful thoughts. I have just read it yesterday in Italian with the attributed to the long passed Kathleen. You deserve the praise you are getting it is a lovely piece of work, well done.

        1. No, please share if I’m credited as the author and this is not for commercial gain…thank you so much! Be safe and well. Gentle peace!

      4. Hi, your poem has been clearly accentuate the whole scheme of this tough time. May all be rejoice in better time through your kind words. I have a favor, can I translate it to Bahasa Indonesia? Thank you very much. God bless.

      5. Hi Kitty. I’d like to reprint your lovely poem (in the time of pandemic), in a voluntary community news service we run in Daylesford in Victoria, Australia. Could you let me know by email how you feel about us doing that. Many thanks.

      6. Kitty,
        I am assembling a book of essays of hope and resilience in response to the pandemic. Please tell me how to reach you to request permission to use some quotes from your work. I know I need permission but can’t figure out how to get it. Help!

        1. Hello, and thank you for writing. Please check your e-mail, including spam, where my letters like to slide and hide. Be well and safe, and gentle peace to you and your beloveds! ~ Kitty

      7. Hi Kitty,

        My name is Michael Smith and I am a Video Producer in sunny South Africa.
        We have come across your poem and absolutely love it. We would like to use and feature it in a piece that will live on our company’s social channels and website. Making use of your beautiful words and emotive imagery to give hope during these difficult times.

        I would really appreciate if we could discuss this opportunity further – please reach out to me at

        I look forward to hearing back from you and chatting further on the project.

        kind regards,

      8. Dear Kitty. I am a Citizen’s Climate lobby volunteer with a zoom presentation to a church group of about 20 people tomorrow night. I know In the time of Pandemic will move them as it did me. I ask permission to use it with any any conditions you want to remind me about. Thank you

      9. Dear Kitty,
        I am a Korean publisher seeking permission to publish a translation of your wonderful poem.
        Kindly let me know how can I contact you with regard to obtaining the copyrights.
        Eunhee Hwang

      10. Hello Kitty,

        Can I have your permission to put your poem ‘ In time of pandemic’ in our nurses journal. I edit it annually in time for our October Reunion.

        Although we could not meet last year, we are aiming for those who feel able to gather together this year and we will mail out copies of the journal to those who do not feel up to travelling. The journals are not sold for profit merely to cover printing costs

        I hope you will give us permission as it is such pertinent and beautiful piece

        Ruth Portway
        President and Acting Editor, Dartford and District Nurses League, Kent, England

    1. This is lovely, I really hope the earth will heal. I shared this text on Instagram but there didn’t seem to be any info on where it came from, I kept looking & found this!
      Thank you

      1. Thank you, Aileen; it’s amazing how a few words can affect open hearts…believe me, the Spirit is working hard as my co-author. Thank you so much for your time and kindness. Be well, dear one. Gentle peace.

    2. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Thank you Kitty for your Aires, they give hope and peace and se mede them so much nos.

      1. I’m sorry, my auto correct did a mess of it. I’ll try to rewrite the second part: Thank you, Kitty for your words, they give hope and peace and we need them so much now.

        1. Hi, Maria, no worries about auto-correct; we all deal with it! Thank you for your kind words, Maria. It means a lot that they resonated with so many people and brought them comfort. I hope it inspires them to take care and to create as well. Please be well and safe. Gentle peace, Maria.

    1. You wrote an incredible piece. May I reprint this in our Pacific Northwest GreenFriends Newsletter (USA). May I also reprint it on my personal blog Living, Learning and Letting Go? If it needs to be one or the other, then the newsletter would be the priority.

      1. Yes, please use if you like, and please also understand that every writer likes credit for her writing. My name is Kitty O’Meara. I appreciate your kindness in asking.

      2. Dear Kitty…
        I have written a play and I just finished it today. It ends with your poem. I have never written a play before, but I started it 6 years ago. I can pay you something if you would like to be compensated. Please respond if you consent and what you would like to be compensated.

        Thank you so much…

        Anna Orbik

      3. I’m asking people who want to reprint this poem to use the title, “In the Time of Pandemic;” to use MY name, Kitty O’Meara; and to link all versions to this blog the-daily-round-com. The poem is copyrighted and I need these conditions honored. Thanks, Karuna.

        1. Even way over here in Australia we have now discovered and love you. Thank you so much for crystallising hope in this overwhelming time – we had not had a chance to draw breath after our awful summer of deadly bushfires and now this is upon us. Your clear voice is most welcome and I will take the liberty of sharing even further on FaceBook. Goodonya!

          1. Wow, Teresa, you’re so right about all the sorrows heaped on your beautiful home over these many months. Such tragic losses. I so hope this time of relative stillness (for many of us) allows us to truly see what we’ve done to the earth and to be aware that she’s in triage, too. This is such an opportunity for healing.

            You take care! Thank you for your kind words and be well, Teresa.

        2. Kitty you are known throughout the World now and will be quoted for ever. Your words give me personally such hope for the future of our World and humankind.

    2. Your words have gone viral, literally overnight. The first time I read them, they made my heart pound! I thought I was the only one who felt, strangely, somewhat comforted and content staying home during this time of uncertainty.
      Thank you for your beautiful words.

      1. You know, Valerie, I saw the maps that showed such great reduction in the pollution over China, and then the clearing moved over Europe; I hope it’s happening here in my country, too…and I thought what good could come from a time of such suffering. Then, the Spirit knocked me upside the head and I cobbled out the poem and it kind of spun out of my control…another opportunity for self-awareness! I am so blessedly happy the small words have touched hearts and soothed.

        Gentle peace to you, and be well.

      1. You have a kind heart, Linda, but if everyone knows the words and feels them in their heart, that’s what matters. My love for the earth is my passion, and if we can allow her to heal and change how we live with her, it would be the best gift we ever gave ourselves.

      1. Or, just the person within and those beside her. 🙂 You are so kind to take time to write. I pray for your health and gentle peace.

  2. Good afternoon Ms. Kitty. I am an admirer of this beautiful verse that you wrote and posted on your blog today but did you know that it has been exploding all over Facebook today? People are wondering where the verse came from and who the author is. Just to let people know, you may want to release a statement about the source of the verse to give yourself credit. There are many misleading things going around on social media right now so knowing the true source of your words would be reassuring to many I’m sure. Thank you for such uplifting words!

    1. Yes, encountered some craziness on Deepak Chopra’s site, and I really just want to let it go. I wrote it and posted it on my little, personal Facebook page last Friday, and off it went: out of my control. I am so glad it touched your heart. Thank you for taking time to write me.

      1. Thank you so much for this! I posted on my FB page and have been searching for the author since. I have now posted a link to your blog. Your words have touched so many hearts, mine included. Thank you.

  3. I echo what Sheryl Pedersen said! There is a clamor from the folk looking for the origin of these lovely words. Thanks!

      1. The passage is being attributed to Kitty O’Meara. Is that you? If so, there was apparently another Kitty O’Meara from the 1800’s that people are assuming wrote it

        1. Yes, it is mine. I’m not from the 1800’s. I was struck by the way pollution was clearing over China, then Europe as quarantine set in, and I thought we could all both use this time for healing and heal the earth together. My work as a writer, spiritual director and chaplain influences my writing.

  4. Thank you for this, Kitty. It’s a beautiful piece and I, too, would like to see you credited. I have a young South African friend who was isolated in Haikou for about 2 months (Dec/Feb). When I asked her how she was coping, she said that she actually enjoyed having the time to be creative…she wrote poetry, did yoga, danced, learned how to play the drums, learned how to do the dragon dance (with ribbons), experimented with cooking vegan dishes. To her also, it was a gift. Thanks again.

  5. Oh, I love this! I was thinking about that today…all the things that jobs and life and genuine responsibilities keep us from pursuing, and all the while we have these “if only” dreams. What a wonderful thing if people responded like your friend.

    Thank you so much for visiting, and gentle peace.

  6. Also loved this…And the people began to think differently…this virus will change everything,…the effect on climate change has already been

    1. Oh, my dear. I felt useless, not being in healthcare anymore, and thought maybe writing a few words would be something I could do. Now, to figure out how to post photos again. I’m a techno loser. 😜

      Love you and hold your wellness and that of your beautiful all-ness in my heart.

  7. hi kitty!
    just thought you would like to know that people are sharing your beautiful words.
    this quote has been shared on all sorts of social media, i found it on instagram and was very touched 🙂

    1. Isn’t that something?! The spirit is certainly in control; as you can see, I’ve been writing forever and am not gifted or wise enough to publicize my writing that well! Ha!

      Thank you for visiting and take good care of yourself and loved ones.

  8. Beautifully written. This is the world I hope to live in. There is so much potential for us all during difficult times, I hope everyone can become better in many ways. Thank you!

  9. I agree, with all our weaknesses, of course, but with sooooo much potential and creativity!

    I hope that happens, Mike. Some of us are blessed to have this gift of time to reflect and change, and we will witness so much sufferingin the process. It has to leave us changed, and why not in ways that are blessing?

    Take good care and gentle peace.

  10. There is, I think, a spirit of love that guides and protects us, not magically, or in a way that spares us suffering, but by traveling with and beside us, so when we’re really seeking, we find what we need. Gentle peace, Selena. Be well.

  11. Beautiful words indeed, they came at the right time. I am Lulu from South Africa, an academic reading beautiful words indeed expands my thought but is nice to read something that detox. Right now with the pandemic I feel to move away from news but very hard to do so. I got the tips from your text. Thank you very much for saving my brain. I was about to blowny skull.

    1. You take care of yourself, dear one. Your skull is precious; keep it intact. 🙂 These are very challenging times and we can connect in these wonderful ways to offer support and concern and genuine love. Do try to take time for your sweet spirit to relax and gain strength, away from all the chaos, when possible. Thank you for sharing kind words.

  12. Hi, Kitty. It took some time to find you, and I’m glad I did. On behalf of the many – now possibly millions – of people this particular entry has touched, thank you. It is a perfect salve. The muse was definitely with you on this day. I’m looking forward to reading more. Be well!

    1. It was the muse, the Spirit, that’s for sure. I tossed it off and posted it to my small group of Facebook friends, and 3 days later, Deepak Chopra was reading it…there you go: invitations everywhere. I’m glad so many were touched and felt comforted, which is all that matters.

      Take good care and be well, Bob!

  13. this is so so beautiful I hope it’s ok to share and credit you of course. It will help a lot of people. For me it was such a poetic and soothing balm..

    1. Thank you for kind words; it means soooo much to me that the words I shared were comforting to others. The Spirit moves in lovely ways, and that’s what we need to stay open to, more than ever. Take great care, Colette, and be well.

  14. Oh,Kitty! SO glad to see your post in my box. Blessings and THANKFUL that you are sharing your precious perspective.

    1. We’re certainly being invited to slow down, aren’t we? Many seeds to be planted and great patience as we tend them. Thank you for taking time to share, and know how you have touched me by doing so. Take great care and be well!

  15. Greetings from across the ocean – Thank you for your inspiring, positive and peaceful message, coming at a time when we really need it, everywhere on this troubled planet. Stay safe!

    1. It is, in many ways, a grand time to be alive in the sense that we are witnessing the heights and depths of what it means to be human, and I feel challenged to evolve while I have the time. Gentle peace and be well!

  16. As one staying home, I’m also watching the news and watching developments via the internet. Good to see so much evidence of people’s Higher Selves in evidence! Good too to see it recognized and built upon by proposing a general higher awareness to follow!

  17. Thank you for this, I’m glad I ‘stumble’ on it on Instagram and to have found the origin. Your blog is lovely, I see you hadn’t written for sometime, I encourage you take it up again, you have a gift to share, you and your muse obviously have touched many people. This piece has the quality of a fable, a biblical story, and hopefully, if enough people read it, as an affirmation of possibilities. I would like to share it on my blog, I absolutely give credit to authorship. Peace, Health and Blessings to you and your loved ones. ❤

    1. You’re right, PJ. I was feeling so frustrated and blue that my friends in healthcare are struggling so desparately, and I’m now at home, seemingly doing nothing to help anyone. My husband told me to start writing. It’s funny, when you have a gift, even a small one, it comes naturally and you don’t often see that it’s truly a gift (and gifts are for giving away), so I wrote this and posted it on my small and personal facebook page, and one friend shared it…Lesson learned, again: Name and know and use your gifts. We all have them and they’re all necessary to heal ourselves and the earth be well. Gentle peace..

      Bless you, PJ, and gentle peace.

  18. I love your writing, your insights. Please write more- and, selfishly i want to be a regular reader of your thoughts. Please make me a recipient of your blog.
    Great thanks.

    1. Thank you, Deborah! This blog goes back quite a few years; there’s probably a lot more to read than you’d like! But I’m sure happy you enjoy it and have joined its readers. Please take care and be well.

  19. Thank you for these inspiring and healing words. They echoed deeply in me, as with so many others. They give a voice to what we know is so urgently needed, but felt powerless to do, caught in the devouring relentless mechanic of our lives. Slow down, stop, become more conscious, heal… We have know for some time that we have to do it but be believed it was impossible. And here we are.
    So a heartfelt gratitude for your words. I am discovering your blog but already I feel you have a beautiful heart.

    One thought came to my mind… Perhaps could I translate this message into French? (I’m actually French, was born there from American mother and French father)
    I don’t have many followers at all, but I could then share it with my family and friends there. Happy to give you credit and share your blog of course!

    1. Thank you, Thomas; it’s OK, but yes, I do appreciate credit for my work. And could you give me your blog address? I’d enjoy seeing your translation and to read what you’re writing. I’m glad to hear you’re focused on slowing down and trying to be attentive…it’s lifelong work, isn’t it? Take care and be well. Joy to your spirit.

      1. Oh I’m sorry if I mislead you. I don’t have a blog. I meant I don’t many followers on Facebook or social media in general. In fact I don’t use those that much. I just thought about sharing your words on the pandemic with relatives and friends. Giving you credit of course! As I already did on a FB page where I found the quote… I tracked down your name and gave a link to this blog.

        1. That’s wonderful. I hope you are safe and well, and that you’ll visit this blog and share the unique insights that someone who doesn’t spend much time with social media is BOUND to have! 🙂 Bless you, and gentle peace.

  20. Many thanks for articulating the purpose of this pandemic. It all has seemed remarkably senseless to me until I read your words and then the whole crisis came into focus and took on a new color and shape. The human race WILL get a second chance and be able to heal and make new choices. Blessings, light, and gratitude going out to you and your voice of hope.

    1. Oh, I hope we make this a reality, and see the gift of this time as we endure the suffering and loss. There are so many better ways to live and move and have our being on this planet, and we know this, profoundly, and are so capable of making better choices. I hope the stillness gestates new life in all of us.

      Blessings and gentle peace to you, Janet!

    2. I was feeling very sorrowful as I watched the crumbling of life as I knew it. It’s so strange to be a witness to what you almost can’t put into words. And then I saw this on Twitter and it was a healing balm to my heart. The deep truth of your words resonated within me, and I knew, the seeds for this new way of being had been sown long ago. Thank you for lighting the way in this darkness.

      1. Oh, Maddox, I think you found the perfect words; what an honor to read them. Whenever we were low growing up, my mother would say, as her grandmother had, “Be of good cheer.” It became a family saying, and I’m now offering it to you. There is still so much that can give us joy, and yes, there are tender seedlings to nurture. Bless you and be well.

  21. Wondering if I can use your words with full attribution at the end of an essay I’m writing about mitigating pandemics at their root through transition from degenerative to regenerative economies. Thank you for summarizing so succinctly a vision, in past tense no less, of the standard to which we must rise as a species.

  22. I’m definitely not your target audience but your words touched me in a profound manner. I really appreciate this positivity and outlook, and I’m glad to see your quote ‘trending,’ as it were. . .I’m also glad I was able to find that you are a modern, real person and not a ghost from the past or something made up. Thank you for the spiritual lift. You are appreciated.

    1. Ha ha, Evan; a couple of weeks ago, my husband says, I would have responded, “What’s a target? What’s an audience?” I’ve written for years, and quit the blog a couple years ago, because I thought I was just writing notes to myself and close friends. Seeing my sadness with the pandemic’s horror upon us, my husband urged me to start writing again. The point is to write what I’m thinking and feeling and believe, and not to worry how it sails when I cast it off…Exactly what I would have said to everyone I’ve ever taught, counseled, loved. And he was right. Using our gifts, however small, heals US, and that healing heals others. Or not. But be and do what you’re here to be and do, anyway.

      You sound exactly like someone I would welcome as a reader. Nope, I’m not a ghost, yet; I’m just an average person who tries and fails, gives up, and then is encouraged by another loving human to try again. Why we’re here.

      Be well and gentle peace, Evan.

  23. Saw this on a friends Facebook page & with a little hunting, traced it back here. I left a link to this page & put your name in the comments. Thank you for sharing!!

  24. I discovered your incredibly powerful verse a couple of days ago and have been sharing on my Facebook and Instagram, with your name and link to this blog. The reactions have been phenomenal, this is exactly what people need to hear right now, it hits right in the heart with a very positive goosebumps-on-skin tingling energy! THANK YOU so much, I this verse has become a poetic “symbol” of the times we are finding ourselves in. The Beginning of Times…

    1. I love that, Jools! Yes, the last time had ended, and the new time began! Thank you for your kindness in writing and taking the time to share. Be well, and gentle peace.

  25. Thank you! This beautiful verse has now become somewhat of a “icon” of the times we live in. I’ve share this on my Facebook and IG with a credit and link to this blog. The reactions from people have been phenomenal, exactly what we need right now. THANK YOU for the hope and positivity 🙏🌱

    1. Entirely out of my control, so I believe it was a moment of inspiration from the Spirit/Love, and I am so happy it’s offering comfort and peace. Sitting out the virus mad me feel very useless and my husband encouraged me to start writing again; there you have it. Let go of judging your gifts and just use them. 🙂 Gentle peace, Julia; be well.

  26. My friend Ethan just shared with me your posting and it has made my day. I will now join your group. Thank you for your beautiful, inspiring and soothing poetic message. It give us so much hope. It is a meditation, a prayer, a mantra that we all can use to visualize that moment you describe. I’m confident that a new collective consciousness will be born across the whole world for social and environmental justice, peace and compassion.

  27. Kitty! Your words have resonated around the world!! You articulated so elegantly the hope and change we are craving. I’m seeing your words in so many disparate places – warming my heart! I shared them too on my blog, so in that small way they continue with life and breath!! All the best and thank you, thank you!! I will continue to check in on your blog.

  28. Kitty: your words resumes the times we are living in, beautiful piece of art, love and hope for this frightful moments, thank you❤️

  29. Hello Kitty,
    I’m a graduate student in NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. Your words were suddenly all over my feed this morning and I was wondering if I might get in touch with you about the rapid spread of this quote of yours.

    Please let me know if you’re able to either exchange contact information, or speak via phone or application.

    Many thanks,

  30. Hello Kitty,

    I’m a graduate student at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. I’m writing you because your work here has suddenly exploded in popularity and I’ve seen it crop up in multiple places. I was wondering if I might be able to arrange a phone interview with you to discuss its rapid spread and also to get a picture of who you are.

    The piece is for coursework, although there are possibilities of publishing. I’m excited to tell your story, so please let me know at your earliest possible convenience if you’re able to speak with me. I’ll use whatever means of communication you prefer.

    Many thanks,
    Justin McGown

    Many thanks,

  31. Hi, Justin,
    It’s kind of you to write. I’m not comfortable sharing my contact data on an open blog page. Perhaps, down the road, we can figure out a way to chat. But I’ll tell you, I’m a very average person, trying to do her best. 🙂

    Take care, and be well.

      1. Uncertain is this will reach you, Justin, but I did try to e-mail you a few days ago. My address loves to sail into spam, so maybe you missed it, or had more important things to tend. I hope you are well.

  32. Kitty, thank you for your words of light in this dark moment. We all hope for this change this awakening inside our selves, inside our community and inside our world. Spirit within us, lead the way.

  33. Thank you for taking time to write, Donna. Absolutely, Spirit’s in charge, and requires our stillness and active listening. Gentle peace to you, and be well.

  34. Hi Kitty,

    Thank you for writing such a wonderful piece, it really shed some light into what are feeling like darker days. I was wondering if you would be interested in contributing to a charity poetry collection I’m thinking of putting together? To help those most at risk. If you are interested I would love to chat some more, you can contact me via email or on socials!

    I hope you have a great day.

    Take Care,

    1. Many requests, Shola, so please feel free, but I appreciate receiving credit. I love the idea of poetry for people at risk and am honored you asked. Be well, and gentle peace.

  35. Hi Kitty!! Finally found you!! My name is Marcio and I’m Brazilian (forgive my poor English) but I don’t have enough words to say “thank you” for yout text. Really, you made my day and gave hope for me and my people, friends, family… Thank you so much!! Really!!

    1. Oh, Marcio, how sweet you are to take time to find me, and I’m so happy you did! Love to you and your family in Brazil. Be well and take care of yourself. Gentle peace.

  36. You wrote this yesterday??? I’ve seen it quoted and posted long ago?? Can you give us some insight s to when you wrote it ?

    1. I wrote this last Friday and posted it on my private Facebook page. You didn’t see it before that. A friend asked to re-post it that night. It went viral over the weekend, and many interesting and some unpleasant things have since occurred. My darling husband urged me to start up the blog again because he “loves my writing,” and we thought it might be a good way to do something positive while we’re quarantined at home, so I began with this piece. I’m so touched that it spoke to so many hearts. I hope it also inspires people to create using their gifts as well. We need to change how we’re being with each other and to the earth.

      Thank you for writing. Take care and be safe.

  37. Kitty, your words have move me to tears and given me a chance to exhale from the depth of my anxious chest. Thank you so very much for sharing them publicly.
    MEP- Omaha,Nebraska, USA

  38. Oh, you dear darling, keep breathing mindfully, and go gently. Thank you for your kindness to me, and take good care of yourself.
    Be well and stay safe. Gentle peace.

  39. Hi Kitty,
    Thankfully you were clear enough and brave enough to write and publish these beautiful words. I too leave my writing because I feel it falls in deaf ears. You are touching many people. Stay brave and keep writing your deep and meaningful words, the world needs you.
    (If you ever need help to publish a book and/or your work please feel free to contact me,
    Try not to concern yourself about the negative comments, if any, you know how important your words are).

    1. Thank you, Stephen; it’s very king of you to take time to write. We’re all in different places, so I know what I write won’t reach everyone. It’s very lovely that so many have felt comforted.

      Please take care of yourself, and be well. Thank you, again, and gentle peace.

  40. I am, yes. That’s quite a compliment; I’m curious if he’s thinking of a specific tale?! Actually, right now I’m re-reading Camus’ The Plague, but I think The Decameron would be a good follow-up. It’s helpful to recall times like the Black Death have been endured by humanity before, and to read their responses, and refresh our hope that life will go on, possibly in more loving, and wiser ways.

    Thank you so much for writing; I appreciate it! Be well, and gentle peace.

    1. Lisa, thank you; that makes me so happy. This was an allegory to address our individual transformation, but more so, our lives in community. Blessings and gentle peace to you, and to all in Missoula, a wonderful, beautiful place to heal. 🙂

  41. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful heartfelt sentiments! Embracing the time we have to go within, dig deep, nourish our souls and come back to live our best lives and contribute to the greater good. I had to track down the author and I’m so glad I did. All credit to you 👏🥰 May you be well and everyone who reads your poem to inspire optimism 🙏🏻

    1. I agree, Cally. The dramatic slowing down and gift of time for so many of us can be used in so many creative and transformative ways…the choices are up to each of us and the challenges require stillness and deep reflection. I wish you great peace and a merry heat on the journey. Be well.

    1. I can’t be in control of all that. My name is not unique, but I am, and so is my writing. I believe all artists are inspired by the collective unconscious and, more importantly to me, by the Spirit. This is a time for peace and healing. Be well, and gentle peace.

  42. The one from Irene Vella is different. People is sharing this in Italy claiming it is from an ancient poet

  43. Hi Kitty,
    thanks for this beautiful poem. I think you’re already aware that it’s going worldiwide viral with most of the people who are sharing it that don’t even know who’s the author. I’ve read stuff like “Catheleen O’Meara, written during the 1800 plague” 😀
    In my small way, I shared it on my facebook page an italian traslated version linking to the original version on your blog.
    Thaks again

    1. Thank you for your kindness, Fulvio. I am so moved by the bravery and suffering in your country and send my prayers to all. It’s natural to seek out an artist who touches us, and when it travels to us virally, as it can these days, and is by an unknown artist, which most of us are, then there will be confusion. The focus should be on the feelings we’re feeling, and on our healing and transformation. Please take care of your precious life and of those you love. Now, you’re in my heart and prayers, too. Be well.

  44. I wrote it and posted it last week, on my Facebook page. Irene has also written a poem, completely different, but I hope inspired by the same impulse: to heal. Be well, and peace to you and the people in Italy.

  45. Dear Miss Kitty,

    Thank God for your husband who encouraged you to share your gift again. What a blessing to have a spouse who knows the power of your gifting. Thanks to your friends who shared your gift for all to see allowing us to understand that goodness spreads faster than any deadly virus. A special thanks to you for your humility and courage to share your gift. Your words have already started the healing process. Each word is like a balm to our wounded spirits and a salve to our mounting fears. Naturally, everyone is trying to reach out to you as we always want to be near the source of hope and goodness. Like others, I wish to share your quote on my website and in my posts. I would love to talk with you sometime. I will of course be sure to honor you by giving you full credit for your gift. May God’s spirit continue to allow your words to flow with ease.

    Cheryl Lundy Swift

  46. Thank you for praising my dear husband, whose encouragement, support, and ability to make me laugh are the greatest gifts in my life. That is the power of love, and I try to honor the gratitude and engage in the right actions it demands, every day. I fail, and try again.

    I am so thrilled the Spirit (my co-author) and I created words that comforted so many. And I am so honored by your kind words and recognition that we all need connection and peace to proceed with the important work of transformation we each can choose to enter and explore at this time.

    I hope you’ll continue to visit and to share your thoughts; they enrich us all.

    Be well, and gentle peace, Cheryl.

  47. Dearest Kitty,

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful words which are raining down a healing balm on my soul this morning. I’d love to re-post this poem for my Open Air Places readers, and will certainly credit you and link back to this page so they can discover more of your work. Sending you all the very best from Wisconsin.

    1. Hi, Jenna,

      Yay, Wisconsin! Go, Badgers, and Go, Marquette (my alma mater)!

      I am so happy my words offered comfort; we all need that, don’t we? Yes, please share with your readers and I appreciate your asking and crediting me. That is kind of you.

      Take care and be well. Gentle peace, Jenna.

  48. Kitty,
    For the first time during this scare, I feel a sense of peace and a sense of hope. These words feel true, and we are already seeing ways that the Earth is healing. I pray we all can bring your words to life. Thank you so much for providing this hope and light in such a time of darkness.

    1. We all have words to bring to life, I think, during this time of mystery and suffering. So many choices, and the hard work of transformation lie before us. We can do this, in community and love…keep taking good care of yourself. Gentle peace.

    1. Thank you, dear one. Your words, photos, and music continue to feed my spirit in ways you cannot imagine! I am glad to have your support and your many gifts in my life. Be well, my friend.

  49. Dear Kitty,
    I’d like to thank for writing such a beautiful poem which came to me through social media. I was so profoundly moved that I had to read it again and again, and felt the need to share it with most people I connected with since I first read it (I’m not quite used to do this kind of things…). Still trying to understand why it moved me so much. I feel this is exactly what’s going through my mind these days. Thank you! There was also an image I received at the same moment, which I quite liked. Was that also coming from you? If fine for you, I’d like to put your postt in my blog, with your credits obviously. This also was the opportunity to discover your blog and so profound thoughts, which I really identify with, that I need to come back again for a deeper review. Thanks again for sharing all this in your blog over the years. Thank you!

  50. HI, Laurent, I think we’re all trying to understand many things as we walk into this mystery place and, maybe, we have to set down those deeply human needs to organize, and label, and know what’s coming next, and just be with the people, 4-leggeds, tasks, and healthy methods of self-care right before us. It’s important to take moments of calm, peace, and rest when we ‘re able.

    Please take care of yourself and be well, my friend. Thank you for visiting and for sharing your kind and sensitive words. Gentle peace.

  51. Hello Kitty, I have simply been taken by your words. I am almost finished writing a book on GMOs and since this pandemic have added an epilogue. I would love your permission to include this post in my closing statements for my book. Can you reach me directly for permissions. Thank you for considering.

  52. Hi to all. I recommend, wherever you are in the world. Don’t underestimate SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19). In Italy it is terrible, despite the fact that the public health service works quite well. But the problem with the virus is that it requires many places in the resuscitation room with forced ventilation. Everything is done here. Don’t underestimate it, please.

  53. Hi Kitty
    Your beautiful poem is touching so many on the internet. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world! It has such a calming, healing spirit to it. My pastor at Lake Oswego United Methodist Church would like to read your poem as a part of her benediction this Sunday with your permission. We are having “online church” and this would be such a comfort to so many.
    Thank you for your beautiful work!

    1. Oh, my goodness, Pam: Perfect! Thank you for your kindness and blessings to all in your church and community. Be well, dear ones, and gentle peace!

    1. I’m sorry I’m not able to read Italian, but I will copy and translate when time allows. What is wonderful is that you took time and wrote to me. Please be well and safe. I send love and prayers to Italy, always. What brave and beautiful people! Gentle peace.

  54. Thank you for sharing. It’s been translated into Italian. It is going viral on Whatsapp, but it was spread as something written during a plague in the 19th century. This was posted today to rectify the matter and give you proper credit:

    This is the Italian translation. I want you to know that your poem is bringing healing to my suffering, beautiful native country. This Italian in the US is very grateful to you. Thank you.

    “E la gente rimase a casa
    E lesse libri e ascoltò
    E si riposò e fece esercizi
    E fece arte e giocò
    E imparò nuovi modi di essere
    E si fermò

    E ascoltò più in profondità
    Qualcuno meditava
    Qualcuno pregava
    Qualcuno ballava
    Qualcuno incontrò la propria ombra
    E la gente cominciò a pensare in modo differente

    E la gente guarì.
    E nell’assenza di gente che viveva
    In modi ignoranti
    Senza senso e senza cuore,
    Anche la terra cominciò a guarire

    E quando il pericolo finì
    E la gente si ritrovò
    Si addolorarono per i morti
    E fecero nuove scelte
    E sognarono nuove visioni
    E crearono nuovi modi di vivere
    E guarirono completamente la terra
    Così come erano guariti loro”.

  55. Oh, how kind if you; thank you! I am very much alive in this century. 😉 I appreciate this so much, and wish I could read and speak it out loud. Such a beautiful language! I am so worried about your country and beautiful people. I loved seeing people singing to each other. How perfect! Gentle peace to you, and be safe. ♥️

  56. I have just shared this with my friends in Australia, after it was posted (with credit) at the end of an update newsletter from Byron Writers Festival, here in northern New South Wales. Your words exemplify loving kindness, and a beautiful attitude toward the world. Thank you.

  57. Thank you for sharing with your friends, and for taking time to visit and offer your kindness to me. Take great care and be well. Gentle peace, Kate.

  58. Hi 🙂
    Thank you so much for these words. They are full of hope and Beauty!
    Greetings from Italy!


    1. Oh, my goodness, what a beautiful name, Elisabetta! You are very kind, and I pray, you are very safe, and well. I send my love and prayers to your beautiful people and country. Gentle peace.

  59. Dear Kitty,
    as some people posted, I reached your writing through italian media. Now realised that you wrote it in those days, congratulations for those heart touching words. If you don’t mind, I translate your words to my language, catalan (just one doubt, I wrote Terra – earth- in capitals, as our planet. Is that right?) and posted on Facebbok with a link to this page.

    Thank you!!!!

    I la gent es va quedar a casa
    i llegia llibres i escoltava
    i descansava i feia exercici
    i feia art i jugava
    i va aprendre noves maneres de ser
    i es va aturar
    i escoltava més profundament
    algú meditava
    algú resava
    algú ballava
    algú va conèixer la seva ombra
    i la gent va començar a pensar diferent
    i la gent va guarir
    i a falta de gent que visqués de manera ignorant,
    perillosa, sense sentit i sense cor,
    fins i tot la Terra es va començar a guarir
    i quan va acabar el perill
    i la gent es va retrobar
    va compartir el dol per les persones mortes
    i van prendre noves opcions
    i van somiar amb noves visions
    i van crear noves maneres de viure
    i van guarir completament la Terra
    de la mateixa manera que es van guarir a ells mateixos.

    1. Oh, David, I would love to hear you read this aloud; I know it would be beautiful! Take care of your shining spirit and and health; be well and create, dear friend.

      1. Kitty,
        I love this work of yours. It truly gives words to the perspective with which I observe these events. It does seem that you are being confused with a 19th century author by the name of Kathleen O’Meara.

  60. The most wonderful poem ever~ I have shared and credited you for writing these words that mean so much during this time~ Thank you~

    1. How kind, Lisa! I can assure you, though, that there are many, many wonderful poems to feed your spirit during this time. I’m sure glad mine was one that touched you; that means the world to me. Now, please take care of yourself and be safe, Lisa! Joy, and gentle peace.

  61. Here in Berkeley CA, we’re on lockdown so our faith community, the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, is taking our services online through live-streaming on YouTube and Facebook. We love your poem and would like to include it in our service on 3/22. There are different copyright rules for broadcasting than for printed material. May we use it, making sure to give you proper credit, of course?

  62. I’m was confused too.
    But I also done a little investigation.
    This words are spreading as words from Iza’s Story (1869), but they do not appear in Iza’s Story, as many claim.
    The book has been digitized by the British Library and is freely available, it does not seem to me that these words appear in it. these words appear in it (I haven’t read it all but there is an automatic word search in the digital version, of course)
    Here are the links for the text (3 volumes):
    Moreover, I have not found this poem on the internet before its publication on this blog.
    In short, this poem is by kitty

    Thank you Kitty!

  63. We at STATE of MIND, a community radio show and podcast in Santa Cruz, California, would love to recite your encouraging poem (and credit you as the author) on our April podcast, “Mental Health First Aid.”  Your poem could be a beacon of guidance for our listeners in this difficult time.  You can respond to this request here or Thank you for this wonderful contribution! 

    1. Hi Kitty, I forgot to ask if you have an audio file of this poem. It would be wonderful if you could give permission (and send an audio version, if you have one) as soon as possible, as we are working hard to pull the podcast together this weekend. . Thank you again for your artistry and vision.

  64. Welcome, Mel.

    I have some invitations for you.

    First, learn how to do scholarly research. It is not accomplished by tacking together a fabricated reality from googled sources.

    Next, take time daily to soften and examine the energy you offer yourself and the world. Jung called this shadow work and Ignatius called it an examination of conscience. It’s necessary that we all do this to deepen our healing and wholeness. It’s work and it’s a choice. We are each responsible for our own growth.

    It involves asking questions and sitting with the answers, and then going deeper, as we are able. If we have derived joy from passively-aggressively making hurtful comments to a complete stranger, or to anyone, we can explore what feelings moved us to do so, for surely that is not the work of the Spirit of love in or hearts. It’s not who we want to be. Healing involves great doses of forgiveness (of self and others), great honesty, gentleness, and love. We all deserve this. Follow the triggers and pokes others evoke from your shadow. Negative comments, for example, often indicate someone’s manner, speech, success, presence, etc., has poked a shadow feeling, something we feel about ourselves and do not want to meet.

    Take it deeper: Is there a hurt, loss, grief, anger, rejection, shame, (and so on) hiding inside that can only find safety by projecting out towards others? What is missing in your life and heart that would soothe this feeling? Can you meet this feeling, and name it, and assure it of your love? Our shadows are not our enemies. In some ways, they protect us from deeper hurts, so go only as far as you can while still feeling safe. Professional counselors are available and this is their passion and expertise. Do the work. Every day.

    Heal. Again.

    Finally, create, in the unique ways you came to create, works of art that speak of your healing and love to the world.

    These are all choices and some are scary. This is a scary time. Love is winning, everywhere I look. I send love to you, Mel, and please let me know, if you choose to welcome any of my invitations, how I can help support you further.

    Be well, gentle peace.

  65. This was a beautiful poem! So uplifting in this uncertain time! Thanks so much for sharing this to the world. God Bless! From Cebu, Philippines

    1. Blessings to you as well, Cat! I hope you are well and safe. I have friends in the Philippines, and try to keep updated on how you are managing during this troubling time. Thank you for your kindness in writing. Take care and gentle peace.

  66. Dear Kitty,
    I really enjoyed your poem, the feelings you express and the emotions you convey. I also liked your piece on “Unpacking virulence”. Several readers have questioned the originality of your poem, stating there is a very similar composition in “Iza’s Story” by Kathleen O’Meara alias Grace Ramsay. I have a request for those who doubt your authorship: I would like them to please produce evidence and/or a copy of Ramsay’s poem, like a photocopy from her book. Otherwise, I wish they will abstain from any sort of accusations.
    Others have referred to a poem by Italian journalist Irene Vella and you have already replied – the two poems address similar concerns but are indeed different. In these exceptional times, I hope everybody will try to have kindness and positivity at heart.

    1. Hi, Alessia,
      Thank you for writing. I hope you are well and able to stay safe. Thank you so much for taking time to write. We can let go of worry about small things at this time and look for the comfort, inspiration, and peace we are offering each other. Please be well, and gentle peace.

    2. Dear Alessia and those who search for information,
      there is an article from an italian website ( that explains this case. For those who speak or understand italian this is the link:
      Regarding the poem in “Iza’s story”, you can find that there is no evidence of this poem visiting “the British Library virtually at this address The British Library’s official website allows free consultation of online books, and the contents of each volume are indexed to allow bibliographic research. We found both editions of Kathleen O’Meara/Grace Ramsay’s book: “Iza’s Story” (1869) ( and “Iza: A story of life in Russian-Poland” (1877) ( As you can certainly verify – given that online consultation allows you to search through keywords within the volumes required – there is no evidence of viral poetry. No poem in the books consulted, no writing inspired by the plague.”
      I hope this information would help on this matter.
      Kind regards to all.

      1. Thank you, David, how very kind of you to use your gifts so well! The internet is a great blessing, if we use it wisely, isn’t it?! Please take care of yourself, my friend, and be well. Love and gentle peace, Kitty

  67. I pray this is a prophecy, not only the poem that defines the era. This is get-you-on-Oprah level writing.😁 I look forward to reading more!

    1. Hi, Kerry…I see the time as an opportunity to really examine our lives and cultures, the architecture of how we interact and design our societies Altruism, yes, but there are real possibilities. We will still be human, but we can make real and better choices for ourselves and the earth. Hard work, but possible. So many are suffering, enduring loss, dying; we cannot allow these things to happen in vain. So, I hope.

      Thank you for writing; be well and safe. Gentle peace.

  68. Hi Kitty, I absolutely love this poem, would I be able to use the text in a motivational film, and bring it to life with images and animated text? Obviously I’d be crediting you! I wish you peace regardless x

    1. Hi, Scott, thank you for writing and for asking; that is kind of you. I so not want these words used for commercial gain; that really goes against the spirit of the words. But if you are doing this as something to offer freely, then please use them, and in peace. I love that so many artists are using them for collaboration and extension of the themes. Be well and stay safe.

  69. Dear Kitity, I confess I’m one of the people who shared your spirit-filled, inspiring poem on Facebook and I ask your forgiveness for doing this without requesting permission. Even though I knew I should have asked, I was so moved by it that I wanted everyone I know to read it and I acted accordingly. Your biography resonated with me. I did a CPE internship in the late 1980’s and so wanted to become a hospital chaplain but it wasn’t possible. I am widowed and my children are all grown and live away so I have four-legged companions as you do. I have two Great Pyrenees dogs and three cats that make life beautiful . Most of all your spirituality resonates with me deeply; you live guided by the Spirit which is what I try to do. God bless you. Dana

    1. Dear Dana, as I have told others, I am not at all upset that people have shared and have received comfort from this poem; it is a deep honor and blessing. Share away. I pray people do not use my words for commercial endeavors; that is antithetical to the spirit of these words. And they are the Spirit’s, as you know. I love how people are using the poem to make collaborative art. How beautiful!

      Your companions sound delightful! I hope you are safe and well, and remain that way, and that the same is true for your children and their families, Dana. Take great care, and gentle peace.

  70. Hi Kitty, I was so moved by what you wrote I had to film a video to accompany it. here is the link

    many thanks<3

    1. Amos, this is beautiful; you should be proud of all the creativity you put into this! I hope people will enjoy it as much as we did. Be safe and well, and great gentle peace to you. Keep creating!

  71. Dear Kitty, This is a wonderful dream for our future! At our preaching website at TrueQuest Communications in Chicago, we’d like to excerpt or perhaps use all of your short reflection above to inspire our homilists. Can we get permissions for this? Please advise. –Alice Camille at

  72. Thank you for visiting and for your kindness, Alice. Yes, please use “In the Time of Pandemic,” if you wish. My understanding is that this is not being used for any commercial gain; if that’s the case, proceed. I hope you are well and safe. Gentle peace..

    1. Thank you for this link to your post, Joujos. I have been praying along similar lines. There is so much we can learn from this illness and its metaphors, and I can see how some people fear we might do exactly that, that they’ll lose their power and wealth as we grow wiser and stronger regarding our own power to choose how we live on the earth and in community.

      I do not expect utopia, but equity, kindness, balance…these are all things we can invite in ourselves and each other. So I posted “Part II” this morning, to meet these questions and encourage us to keep going within, to bring greater peace and love without. We can change.

      I send you great love and gentle peace. Thank you, again, for shining the truth and sharing your gifts. Be safe and well.

  73. Hello Kitty, an association of Guidance counsellors in Spain wants to use your text “In pandemic times”, translated to Spanish, in a digital journal that we are doing about Reccomendations to teachers and students in the Covid19 crisis. It’s a totally free journal. We would like to have your permission to use it. Thank you very much

  74. Yes, Ana, anything for teachers and students! And thank you for clarifying that this is not for commercial use. Be safe and well. Blessings, and gentle peace.

  75. Kitty, I am delighted to have been able to chase down the source of this wonderful message, thank you so much. It is beautiful. I am handling the pandemic mostly by taking reasonable care, of course, but also by being as encouraging and informative as I can. As such, I would love very much to share this, with full credit of course. (It reminds me, by the way, of Susan Cooper’s “The Shortest Day”–lovely!) It is our first full day of lockdown here in my town, and I know we can use all the courage and encouragement.

    I’d love to subscribe to your blog, and hope I’ve done so by checking the “Notify me of new posts via email.”

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write and share, Kate. Yes, please feel free to share the words and take good care of your body and spirit.

      I love Susan Cooper! Thought I might reread “The Dark is Rising” books during this time.

      Be safe and well, Kate. Gentle peace to you.

      1. Thank you so much. We’re doing our best here…I suspect it’s a good time to be an introvert, which I am. Doing as much good as I can from the safety of my home territory, and your words will help in that effort. And oh yes, what a perfect choice of reading material! I loved that series…

  76. Hi again Kitty/
    I finished the calligraphy piece I mentioned to you earlier and would love to get you a copy…
    Perhaps if you “friend” me on FB
    (Cindi Kordell), you can private message me and I will mail you a copy.
    I posted on FB and Instagram (though I don’t think it does it justice there),
    But I would love to get you a copy!

    1. I love the way you’re using your gifts, Cindi; glad we connected. Please take good care! Gentle peace to your generous spirit. Love, Kitty

  77. Hi Kitty,

    These words are so moving. I would love to create a video inspired by these words and using them (with credit) with your permission. My email is

    Thank you for writing and sharing these hopeful words during this uncertain time.

    1. Hi, Ben,
      (I sent you an e-mail, but it may well go to your spam, so I’ll write here, too.)
      Yes, please feel free to create a video; as long as it’s not for commercial gain, I’m fine with it. Many people have found this creative and deepening to do. I hope you’ll share it with us when you have finished!
      Thank you for your kind words!
      Joy and gentle peace, Ben.

  78. Thank you, Julie; I’m so sorry people do these kinds of things. It’s sad they can’t use their creativity to sing their own song/make their own art.

    It’s very kind of you to take your precious time to warn me of this. I think I got it taken care of; we’ll see.

    Right now, I need to take care of my family and friends, work on my writing and–soon–get out in the garden. When I catch up, I’ll give Instagram a try. 🙂 You are so kind.

    Take care, and gentle peace, Julie!

  79. Hi. My sister sent me your poem. I’m a hobby letterpress printer. Wisconsin’s Two River being famous for this lost art. I hope you don’t mind I hand printed these stunning words as a poster for my sis and a few friends – gifts of course. Can I send you one?
    Matt Tilbury
    @thetilburypress instagram

    1. Very familiar with the beautiful letterpress work in Two Rivers, Matt. I’m glad you are using these words to make art and honoring the fact I don’t want them used for commercial gain. I would love to see one!

      Trying to master Instagram; if able, I will get in touch with you. Please be safe and well. Keep making art!
      Thank you, again, and gentle peace.

      1. Thanks. I have a few printed up Ive shared with friends and would love you to have some. No rush, they’ve been put aside.
        Peace from Bondi, Sydney.

  80. Hi Kitty, we are a poetry page who record poems and edit them together, send to artists, sound designers and release them together to make poetry accessible in different formats. We were sent your poem through a Whatsapp thread, unfortunately it isn’t quite exact to yours and it claimed it was from the 1800’s. Although we usually only publish poems from our collaborators, we were keen to use your poem to launch our new project, Pandemic Poetry. We have already recorded the poem before we found your original. We will credit you if the poem is published and put your details so you will be easy to find and follow. We have collected the artwork and soundscape for the poem and would love to share it but of course only with your consent. We would really love it if you were able to get in touch with us to talk more about the project and your involvement, and we are so sorry about the mix up and hope to resolve it!

      1. I did send an e-mail; hope you received it. My e-mail likes to sneak into spam folders. please us my poem, “In the Time of Pandemic” if it will be used to inspire and comfort, free of charge. 🙂

        Be well and stay safe. Gentle peace and joy to you.

  81. Thank you. Yes, like all artists, I appreciate credit for my work, but understand that “going viral” comes with a multitude of confusions and challenges, not the least of which has been others either taking or misappropriating credit for words I wrote. I see you are “Anonymous,” and that is not helpful to me in identifying the source.

    This piece, “In the Time of Pandemic,” is not available for use in any commercial undertaking at this time. If your project is for the public good and has free public access, you may use my words, with credit. Perhaps you could give me some method to contact you?

    I hope you are well and safe.
    Gentle peace,

    1. Apologies for the previous anonymous comment, we are new to wordpress so accidentally posted before logging in. Could you email is at please! so we can send you a copy of the work and make sure you’re happy with everything. Katie from unheard x

  82. Dear Kitty,
    I discovered your work after my girlfriend found your fantastic lines here…sometime last week… Thank you for that…deeply… Since then this peace of art/wisdom/common sense so nicely expressed did become a ancher to which I come back when I need to refocus, come down, relax..and stay still indeed.
    Be assure that lot of us feel this all arround.. and hoppefully enought of us…
    Also as a french native I couldn’t not tranlate it to share it with my francophone brothers end sisters arround – and I haven’t seen any real French translation yet – anyway if there is one already then we get 2 for the price of one… right? -)

    Et les hommes restèrent à la maison.
    Et ils lurent des livres, et écoutèrent, et se reposèrent, et firent de l’exercice, et créèrent, et jouèrent, et apprirent de nouvelles façons d’être, et restèrent calmes.
    Et ils écoutèrent plus profondément. Certains méditant, d’autres priant, d’autres dansant. Certains rencontrant leurs ombres.
    Et les hommes commencèrent à penser différemment.
    Et les hommes guérirent. Et, en l’absence d’hommes vivant de façon ignorante, dangereuse, insensée et sans cœur, la terre commença à guérir.

    Et, le danger passé, les hommes se rassemblèrent à nouveau, ils portèrent leur deuil, et firent des choix nouveaux, et révèrent de nouvelles images, et créèrent de nouvelles façons de vivre, et ils guérirent la terre pleinement, comme ils avaient été guéris.

    Katty O’Maera
    (traduction de “In the time of pandemic” – 2020)

    And i’ll be happy to help pass on your great words arround my on part of the world too.. It would be an honour for me …
    As you can see I’m myself in Indonesia… just a world citizen in fact like many… -)

    Thank you again Kitty.
    Take good care,
    Cédric & June

  83. Thank you so much for your kindness in sharing your response and in offering the beautiful French translation! How lovely. My grandmother’s last name was Lessard; I am not fluent in French, but I love the beauty of your country and people. 🙂 Blessings on your peace and safety during this time. Thank you, again, and gentle peace, Cedric and June.

    1. I will post this translation in my own network – with all the references to your original work…
      You may have noticed that i’m active in the world of Petanque a traditional simple and popular sport/game originated from south europe and “launched” in France in +/-1907..(may be you know it.. played a little bit in US too ).. called boules or bowls also sometime… and I myself love that text from Marcel Pagnol about Petanque – that I always keep in mind too when feeling like giving up on it sometime …-)… words do have power, all sorts of power….and small pieces do make great puzzles
      Cheers to you Kitty !

  84. Thank you so much for writing and sharing! I love the quote you cited, that something so small can go round the world and bring peace. Very lovely. I hope you are well and safe. Keep creating and please, don’t give up! Cheers and gentle peace to you!

  85. Hello Kitty, could you give me an a email address in private? I would like to ask you something about your poem, I am an Italian musician! Thanks

  86. Kitty, you have so generously allowed others to share this work. It is just what so many need now — to realize that there will be sacrifice and grief, but that we will come through to the other side with a new appreciation and healed, or at least healing, spirits.

    Now I must share that I shared your work in my podcast, TwinSet Designs. It is a podcast for the fiber arts community. In the most recent episode my sister read you words, which we acknowledged were not ours, but we did not have the attribution at the time. My sister received them from her mother-in-law’s church. I now seek your permission to have done so…and I am (of course!) providing attribution in my show notes. I’m doing so now — with hope that you will agree to this retroactive plan. I will also provide attribution in the next episode of the podcast so that all of my subscribers are made aware of the source.

    Many thanks for your consideration and for your wonderful words.

  87. Thank you for your kindness in reaching out to me, Jan. I am glad my words brought comfort to your listeners, and I appreciate your integrity in seeking to locate me as well. I hope you will continue to share your artistic gifts during this time; we need it. Blessings and joy to you, and gentle peace.

  88. Thank you Kitty for your poem. In the following you can find the Italian translation well known to many Italian like me! Even in another language it is so beautiful and so true … 😘

    E la gente rimase a casa.
    E lesse libri e ascoltò
    e si riposò e fece esercizi
    e fece arte e giocò
    e imparò nuovi modi di essere
    e si fermò.
    E ascoltò più in profondità.
    Qualcuno meditava
    qualcuno pregava
    qualcuno ballava.
    Qualcuno incontrò la propria ombra.
    E la gente cominciò a pensare in modo differente.
    E la gente guarì.
    E, nell’assenza di gente che viveva
    in modi ignoranti,
    senza senso e senza cuore,
    anche la terra cominciò a guarire.
    E quando il pericolo finì,
    e la gente si ritrovò,
    si addolorarono per i morti,
    e fecero nuove scelte,
    e sognarono nuove visioni,
    e crearono nuovi modi di vivere
    e guarirono completamente la terra,
    così come erano guariti loro.

  89. Hello, Catherine! Greetings from Brazil!
    I’d discovered that the beautiful poem I’d received in a WhatsApp group it was writted by you. I would like to reproduce your wonderful text in the website that I work for, it’s name is Aleteia (
    Please, can I have your permission for it?

  90. Absolutely beautiful! I saw it on Instagram and it said it was written in 1869, but the words are too modern so I decided to actually find the correct author! I would like to post it on my Instagram if that’s ok, as to show who actually wrote this beautiful poem for such a surreal time for us all. Thank you F , love and light

  91. Thank you so much, Fionnghuala! How lovely to wake to such a kind note. I hope you are well and safe, and finding ways to keep your spirit fed and center anchored in these surreal times. Gentle peace.

  92. Hi Kitty I’m Raquel Dias, a Portuguese actress. I loved your poem “Cure”. I’ m writing a project to curators to try to put a play on stage. It’s my own text (the play) and it’s about the healing process of the caracter Ophelia to became her own self and it implies the healing o Nature too. I would like to send you the text, it’s only 6 pages long, but it’s in Portuguese! What do you suggest? My e-mail is
    I thank you I advance for your possible answer.
    By, hope to hear from you soon!

  93. Hello, Raquel. I think you are speaking of the poem, “In the Time of Pandemic;” is that right? It is not for commercial use, but may be used if I am credited as the author and the performances are for free…I hope this helps. Thank you for contacting me. Be safe and well. Gentle peace, Raquel, and keep making art!

  94. Hi Kitty. I run a small non-profit called Heart Based Institute that provides training to professionals (mainly human service providers) to help alleviate burnout, stress and compassion fatigue by learning to connect to the spiritual heart.

    I was touched by your poem and would like to ask permission to post it with proper attribution to you on our blog on the site

    Thanks so much for your heartfelt work!

  95. Hi, Jim,

    I think you’re speaking of “In the Time of Pandemic.” I’ve written many poems and essays and posted them here for almost 10 years.
    If that is the poem you wish to share on your blog, yes, please do. Could you also provide a link to my blog, please? I hope that all of my writing is heart-based, and perhaps your clients would derive comfort from some of my other poems and reflections as well.

    I hope you are safe and well. Thank you for contacting me.

    Gentle peace.

  96. Hi Kitty, Thank you for such an interesting site and a proper poem for the times we find ourselves in. I run a website in Ireland and published your poem In the Time of Pandemic stupidly under the impression it was from the 1800’s until this was pointed out to me yesterday. Apologies for this andI have corrected this now and linked to this site. Just want to check if it is all right to keep it up?

    The link says Kathleen due to misinformation but the article corrects that.
    Hope to hear from you and take care of you and yours. Columba

  97. Thank you, Columba (such a beautiful name).Yes, please keep it up, and thank you so much for assigning proper credit; that means a lot. Be safe and well, and merry. Gentle peace to you.

  98. Good morning! I am wondering if anyone has translated your piece into spanish? I would love to be able to share with our spanish speaking community members.

    1. Yes, Melissa, there are Spanish translations available; some are on this site. I ask that the poem not be used for commercial gain, but to share freely as one of many ways to offer comfort and peace–and inspiration–to people during this time. Thank you for visiting, and gentle peace, Melissa.

  99. Hello. May I sure your lovely poem with an email collective for an uplifting exchange through Women Leaders?

    1. It is fine, Enzo, and good of you to ask: I am happy the words can bring comfort and peace and that there is no exchange of money in this. Please be well and safe, and gentle peace to you, Enzo. Love and prayers to your beautiful country and people.

  100. Kitty, this is so beautifully written. Thank you for the poem. I have seen it shared but wanted to find the original source. I was supposed to attend a conference this weekend that got cancelled/postponed, and the poem beautifully captures all my sentiments. May I share this on my social media pages, with proper credit to you? Hopefully it will bring comfort and peace to others throughout these challenging times.

  101. Hi, Kitty,

    What a beautiful poem – it certainly resonates with me during these difficult times!

    I have a question for you: I work at the Hunt Library in Daytona Beach and we have planned to promote poetry to our students every Friday during the month of April; would you mind if we make a short video where your poem is being narrated? We will, of course, credit you as the author. The video will be posted on our social media platforms, which include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    Have a wonderful day and stay safe.


    Jesper jensen

    1. Hello, Jesper, and thank you for writing. Yes, please feel free to make a video and share it. As long as it’s not for commercial gain, I’m happy for people to use my words to create art that comforts. And, since you’re a librarian, I’m happy to tell you Tra Publishing is creating a children’s book using the poem…Knowing their track record, it will be gorgeous.

      Stay safe and be well; thank you for the important work you do!
      Gentle peace.

  102. Hi Kitty, I love your poem, and I have written and recorded a song to it. I would like to share the song on Facebook. Would you please email me at to discuss permission for this? Thank you so much! Katie

  103. Sou brasleira e não sei falar ingles. Mas estou eu e minha família dentro de casa. E hoje assisti no twitter um ator brasileiro declamando sua poesia, mas tem outro nome “Curar” e fui no YouTube procurar e vi que estão aqui no Brasil usando o nome errado da autora, mas tem um site que corrigiu:
    O poema que achei no YouTube não é declamadop pela mesma pessoa do twitter, No YouTube está assim:

    Muito lindo seu poema.
    Espero, esperamos, apesar dos mortos, este final feliz.
    Fique bem. Fique em casa.Abraços fraternos

  104. Thank you for writing and sharing, Angelita. Yes, there has been confusion about my authorship and it is dispiriting, but ultimately, the words and the comfort they have offered matter more. When people appropriate others’ work, they commit a disservice to their own creativity, so I hope they will turn to their gifts and create what they may uniquely offer the world. We need everyone’s gifts. Please be well and stay safe, Angelita.

    Gentle peace to you and to the people of your beautiful country.

  105. First of all, I don’t have the words to express what I feel and think about your poem. Every word I come up with seems inadequate. When we are all long gone, your poem should be placed prominently in the chronicles of this pandemic. I refer to it as “And the people stayed home” instead of its given title. I think that draws people into it. I cannot find how to contact you privately, so I am doing it here. I read the Houston Chronicle every day. I do not watch the news and I stay away from all social media. My favorite section, Sports, has been replaced by a Coronavirus Section. I am going to write a Letter to the Editor, include your poem exactly as you have written it (with credit to you), and suggest that it be placed above the title of the Coronavirus Section of the Chronicle every day for as long as the section exists. If you do not want me to do this, let me know.

  106. Oh, my, Carol, how very kind you are to honor this poem so wonderfully. I appreciate your reception of it and your enthusiasm for its potential reach. I’m sure the Houston Chronicle editors and reporters are working exhaustively to keep their readers updated, and may welcome your suggestion that they post something new and inspirational every day, but they may not have time, and that would certainly be understandable.

    I can’t thank you enough for your kindness, Carol. Please take care of yourself and be well. I’m so sorry you’re missing the Sports coverage; that’s hard, I’m sure. But stay safe and well, OK? Gentle peace to your sweet spirit.

  107. Querida Kitty, você é um ser iluminado! Quanta beleza e sensibilidade nas suas palavras! Estou simplesmente encantada, maravilhada! Parabéns e que Deus te abençoe e conceda muita paz, saúde e energia para continuar a escrever e nos inspirar ou amar pelas pessoas e pela vida!

    1. Thank you so much, Angela! It is very kind of you to take time to write, and I’m so honored you are inspired by my writing. That’s very touching, and I appreciate your words. Please take care of yourself, Angela, and be well. I send you love and gentle peace.

  108. Que você também possa estar sempre bem e muito feliz Kitty!
    Tenho uma página de poemas no Facebook, cuja finalidade é divulgar a beleza da arte, da música e dos grandes autores da poesia!
    Gostaria de solicitar sua permissão para divulgar sua linda poesia com os devidos créditos e aproveitar para convidá-la a conhecer minha página. É feita com muita dedicação, amor e carinho!
    Segue o link:

  109. Hi, Angela, If you share my poetry, I would ask that my name and a link to my blog be provided, if you would, please. I think such a page provides a valuable service to others. There is so much life-giving poetry to share; thank you. Be well and safe, Angela. Gentle peace to you, and keep creating. 🙂

  110. Our Minister just read your poem today in her sermon at Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Dayton, Ohio, on “We are human beings, not human doings”. I was struck by your last name since I share it. I am descended from the O’Meara’s of County Kerry; my grandparents immigrated to Lynn, Massachusetts at the beginning of the 20th century. I would love to know where your O’Meara’s come from and if we are any relation. I am proud to share my name with an O’Meara who is wise at this time of Coronavirus.

  111. Hello, Maureen. My family came from Tipperary, but we may be related; who knows? And I’ll always love Dayton! I attended part of second grade there, at what I recall as an immense grade school named Immaculate Conception, before moving to a school in Miamisburg for the next few years. I have very fond memories of my time in southern Ohio and its gorgeous landscapes and seasons.

    Please stay safe and well, Maureen, and know I send gentle peace, from one O’Meara to another. 🙂

    1. I live very close to the Immaculate Conception church in Centerville, one of the biggest Catholic churches in Greater Dayton — I don’t know if they had a grade school at one time. I also taught at the University of Dayton for 23 years.

  112. Oh, I remember Centerville, but I think our address was in Dayton itself…it was already then (1962) an old school and church, but I don’t know the location. I do remember marching to the church from the school; they weren’t as connected as other churches and schools I attended. (My father worked for a corporation that loved moving people about quite a bit, so many Catholic schools and uniforms in my past. :)) And Mama finished her degree at UD!

    How lovely to connect with you!

    1. After your response, I was curious and checked on the history of your school and church. It is indeed in Dayton on Smithville Rd., and is still functioning, just closed temporarily for the pandemic. They have a good website. If I remember correctly from what I read, it was founded in 1938 by the Marianists, who also run UD.

      I also attended many Catholic schools and knew uniforms very well. I had 17 years of Catholic education in fact– first 13 years in Massachusetts, and 4 years of college in Washington, DC. I am now an active Unitarian Universalist.

      During which period did you live in Ohio? I came here in 1985.

      1. Hi, Maureen. I’m sending you an e-mail, with my name in the subject line…my e-mails sometimes go to spam, because the address is just composed of initials! 🙂 Hope you get it! Gentle peace, Kitty

  113. Kitty, I just wanted to say how thoughtful this sentiment is. Beyond that, how contemplative it made me feel. I read it out loud at a socially distanced gathering outside with two of my neighbors, and they were just floored. FYI…it reads-aloud quite well! I was wondering, would you have any objection to my using it with my students in English class? We usually start with a poem to mimic, and I thought yours would be a perfect and personally-relevant one that all students would be able to have an opinion about.

    1. I think that would be a beautiful use of the poem. I’ve been having a great deal of trouble with others claiming credit for the poem, and that has been a sadness, so I hope you would be willing to credit me with the authorship when you use it in class, please. Please stay safe and be well. Gentle peace to you.

      1. Absolutely! I put it in a google doc with the title, your name, and the full text. There’s also a link to this original post on I can also email you a copy of what students are seeing. Just send me a blank email that I can reply to. Thank you so much! And, I’m very sorry that your authorship is in question. A sign of the times, to be sure…and not a positive one. I hope that is resolved for you because this poem is truly the kind of sentiment that we all need right now.

  114. Thank you so much for your kindness; it really makes all the difference, and is such a wonderful reminder of the difference that can make in someone’s day. No need to e-mail me anything; I trust you, utterly, and only wish I could hear your students’ responses. I hope it goes well for you! Blessings and joy, and thank you for the great and important work you do!

      1. Oh, Stephen, I love how you used the poem, and more, to reflect on your own journey! How deep you have gone here. I am sooooo glad you managed to heal yourself to this point, and I know the journey never ends, but what a wonderful life you chose to create for yourself, and therefore for everyone you touch. Do you know, Stephen, I had a very challenging day, and your kindness in sharing your very touching and deep reflection turned my day around? Thank you! Blessings on all you do, and gentle peace to your heart.

        1. Dear Kitty,
          I have turned my life around and found peace. I want that for everyone now.
          I feel lost in my writing sometimes though, but you have inspired me to keep writing.
          Now I have helped you.
          We have both achieved something special.
          Blessings dear lady and Love from Oz.

          1. Blessing to you as well, Stephen. By all means, keep writing. It’s so good for the spirit to help us learn more about our feelings and dreams! Take care and be well, Kitty

  115. Dear Kitty, I am a nurse at Mayo clinic, and a songwriter. I was very inspired by your poem and have co-written a song based on your prose. I’d like to share it with you.
    Thank you for your work in the world, I look forward to hearing from you.

  116. Thank you for your own incredibly important work in the world, Jane; I sure hope you’re staying safe and well. Your talented guitar mastery is very evident here; thank you for sharing this beautiful piece with me, and for using my poem as inspiration in your composition. I saw that all donations go to the Red Cross: I hope you’ll be very successful! I ask that artists not use my work for commercial gain, but this is perfect, Jane! Beautiful and precious! Keep creating, gentle peace, and please take good care.

    1. Thank you. I am committed to leaning in to this work safely and whole heartedly. At this point the song is only up on Sound Cloud which is open and free to all. If donations to the American Red Cross are acceptable to you, I will also post on CDBaby which would potentially generate .90 cents per downloaded song. That’s about the cost of one surgical mask! Of course you will be credited for the inspiration.
      Thank you for your work in the world. Jane

  117. Ahh Kitty, I’m so glad I took the time to find out who did write this heartfelt poem. I was about to repost from Facebook but was bothered that it didn’t seem to add up…date wise…when they said from 1869! It’s amazing where a little bit of research leads you. Now I have the true author I would be happy to repost and add your name if that’s ok with you? It’s wonderful and heart lifting…so, thank you Kitty for sharing your thoughts in beautiful words.

    1. How very kind of you, Lorraine. I appreciate–so much–your time and effort in finding me and sharing your thoughts. Please be well, and safe, and take good care of yourself and loved ones. Yes, if you share my words, I appreciate being credited. Thank you! Gentle peace.

    2. Beautiful words, so sad that for some reason someone decided to attribute it to 1869……Also happy to have done a tiny bit of digging to indeed discover that you are the true author. I spoke with the mother of a friend of mine yesterday who lives in small town America and she was telling me about how sitting on her front porch it is almost like being back in the 1940’s as she watches the families passing by her home, in their small family units, walking their dogs and riding their bikes and laughing together…….Very nice. Let’s hope we take something positive away from this. Thank you for your words.

  118. May I include this poem in an online lesson for my middle-schoolers? I find it beautifully inspiring, and hope that they will extract some hope from it. With credit to the author, of course.
    Thank you for considering.

    1. Yes, Joe, I think it’s well-suited to middle school students, and hope you’ll include the invitation to explore this with their own artwork as well. 🙂 Stay well and safe, and thank you for your important work in the world, Joe. Gentle peace, Kitty

  119. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words, Kitty! I’m sure you have heard by now that people are spreading false news and saying that your poem was written in the 1800s…that is crazy! I found your work in late March and am so thankful I did! 🙂

  120. Thank you; yes, that’s been extremely tiring and overwhelming. The poem was written by me and first posted on March 13, 2020, and has been registered with the US copyright office, so I have to keep working to establish my authorship. It’s unfortunate that so many people are quick to cut/copy/paste/share without doing basic research, but there you go. I think anyone who has even peripherally studied poetry would also realize the language is not 19th century, but again, that’s the way it is. Onward and upward.

    1. As I stated on your blog, Eric, you are eminently wise and kind…What an amazing nurse you are, and will be! Please take good care and be safe. Keep creating, and gentle peace.

  121. Thank you for your beautiful words. I am saddened that this has been shared without giving you credit. I am sharing with a link to your site.

    1. How kind of you…I’m so blessed to have met so many wonderful people around the world through this little poem. It really far outweighs the craziness. Thank you so much for your presence and the hope you give to my heart. Be well, and gentle peace.

  122. Oh wow! I’m so sorry I shared something that was so false. The post I shared was about a poem that falsely stated it was written over 100 years ago. The post was accompanied with a photo of two women with their faces covered during the Spanish flu.

    Apologies to Catherine M. O’Meara a retired teacher in the Us, who wrote the poem on March 16, 2020. It is entitled “In the Time of Pandemic”. It is a beautiful poem 💕

      1. I too shared it incorrectly and unknowingly and have since corrected it by attributing it correctly to you. Thank you, Kitty, for sharing these communications between caring kindred spirits. It’s so uplifting to read and makes my weary spirit rise again. In my darkest times when I know, not what to pray for, I have learned to pray to feel peace, love, and Joy again. Never knowing where that may come from. Thanks for answering my prayer.

        1. Thank you for your kindness, Christine; your prayers were answered by the Love that heard them and by yor won willingness to stay awake…I’m glad my words were part of that. Keep seeking…and praying. 🙂 Take good care of your precious heart; be well and stay safe. Gentle peace.

  123. Dear Kitty,
    My name is Lori Dutter, I am a rural Wisconsin artist , and live outside Cedar Grove ( about 35 miles north of Milwaukee ). I have been selling my artwork for past 30 plus years , and have built a very strong following over the years ( also went to college in Madison and had my art in several galleries / shops in Madison over the years ).
    An artist friend had sent me your poem , not sure where it was found , and said , Lori, you need to put your art to this !!(, it’s the kind of work I am known for )! So… I started a search and found an article listing this website !
    I think this should be shared with as many people as possible , it is so lovely , and so meaningful! Would you be open to collaborating together on this project ?
    I can email you current work I’ve just completed ( have never done so much art at one time like I have this past month !
    I have a website that shows the large scope of art I do ( all hand done ), as well as an artist bio.
    My website is:
    My email :
    Mobile :920-698-1888
    I actually have three line names to my studio as I do such a wide range of art.
    I so look forward to hearing from you when you have time , would just love to create a beautiful work of art with your wonderful poem . Kindest regards , Lori

    1. Hi, Lori, I sent you an e-mail, so please check for it…sometimes my weird address shoots into spam folders. It is so kind of you to write and also to share your links. I LOVE your art! Gentle peace to you, Kitty

  124. Hi Catherine,
    What wonderful words spoken in this time. My students are interested in creating a video of their English teachers reading this poem aloud in honor of National Poetry Month. They would give you proper credit of course. Do we have your permission?
    Thank you.

    1. Absolutely, and thank you for the important work you do in the world! Stay safe and be well. Gentle peace! (We’d love to see your video, if you’d like to post a link here. 🙂 )

  125. Hi Kitty, I’m so glad I found a way to communicate with you. I am just overwhelmed by the beauty of this poem and I thank you deeply for the hope you spread with these words.
    I am a Lettering Artist from Germany ( and I would LOVE to make a little lettering Challenge out of it and ask my community to letter some words of the poem each day so at the end of a month we have a wonderful collection of lettering art reflecting the poem. I would of COURSE mention you in the credits of the challenge – would you agree to this or give me the permission? 🙂 I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
    My Lettering Account on Instagram is:
    All the best

  126. Hello, Lea,
    I am honored that you have been so deeply touched by the poem and that it could provide an artistic outlet for you and your community during this challenging time. My request is that this will be for your personal enjoyment rather than offered for sale. If that is so, I hope you’ll share the work with us when the month has ended. 🙂 What a lovely project to do together! Your work, from what I could see, is stunning, Lea; I’m so happy you shared hese links with me.
    Blessings and lovely good health to you and your community. Gentle peace to you all.

    1. Dear Kitty, I just wanted to let you know that the challenge has become such a powerful tool for my community to be creative and do something meaningful in those challenging times. If you want to see all the wonderful letterings and art that is being posted EVERY day, you can look it up on this hashtag on Instagram:
      (The challenge is continuing until May 5th so there is a lot more coming!)
      Thank you again for making this possible.
      All the best, Lea

      1. How wonderful, Lea; I have seen some of these. As you may have guessed, I am not very adept at Instagram, but I am learning. 🙂 I’ll keep trying…and you keep creating! Blessings and gentle peace, Kitty

  127. hello Kitty. Beautiful work. Please may I share the poem from your blog to my small rural community in the south west of Western Australia?

    1. Yes, of course, Frank. I’m happy to have peope share as long as they link it to my name and/or blog, and don’t use it for commercial gain. If it can serve the comfort and peace of members of your community: share away, and please, stay safe and well. Gentle peace to you.

  128. Hello,
    Could I share your poem with a poetry exchange group to help stress during this time?

    1. That would be fine, Mary; please, if you would, include my correct name–Kitty O’Meara–and a link to this blog. I have learned this works best. 🙂 Also, the poem is copyrighted, so it can’t be used for commercial gain, but if the words provide some comfort and peace, that would be wonderful. Thank you for asking. I hope you are well and safe, Mary. Gentle peace.

  129. Hello Kitty! I hope you are well. I have an ad free channel on YouTube where I share spoken word performances. It would be an honor to read your beautiful words with your permission. I don’t monetize in any way. I would give you full credit of course, link to your site, and help clear up that silly “written during the Spanish Flu” rumor. If you’d allow me, I would love to share it with you. 🙂
    Bless you.

    1. That sounds like a way you enjoy being creative, Heather: good for you, and thank you for checking in and letting me know about it, too! I hope it will be fun for you to record and post. Keep creating, and be well and safe, Heather. Gentle peace.

    1. How kind of you to write…thank you for visiting! I hope you are well and safe during these challenging times. Gentle peace.

  130. I am the office secretary at a small Lutheran church in Wisconsin. A member of the congregation received your poem in an email along with the story about the plague of 1919 or whenever. I wanted to put in our monthly newsletter and so I looked to see if it was copyrighted. I found the true background of the poem and went to your blog. I see you have the copyright notice on it and wanted to see if I could have your permission to print it. You have put into words what many have had in our minds. Thank you.

    1. Yes, Laurie; this is my poem, written in March, and copyrighted in my name. Many false and erroneous copies and stories have misappropriated authorship and the date of the poem, so I am very happy you located me and have requested sharing it. Please do, with the title, “In the Time of Pandemic,” and with my name, Kitty O’Meara, which, sadly, I’ve learned I now have to request. I hope you are safe and well, Laurie, and I wish you gentle peace.

      1. Thank you for your permission and for your lovely words. Peace be with you as well in this Easter season. Jesus is risen. Alleluia!

  131. Dear Kitty,
    Thank you for bringing so much peace to this strange world we are living in at present. I write a column for the Dialogue, an Anglican Church newspaper in Canada. It is published quarterly and the next issue would be in June. I would like to have your permission to quote this beautiful poem which has gone viral. I would, of course, credit you as the author. Please let me know as soon as possible, as the deadline for this coming issue is April 15th 2020. You and your husband take care of yourselves and know you are in my thoughts and prayers too. Diana Duncan-Fletcher

    1. Yes, Diana, you may share the poem; please use my name, Kitty O’Meara, and the title, “In the Time of Pandemic.” Blessings and great peace to you and your Anglican congregations. Stay well and be safe. Gentle peace.

  132. Would it be ok with you Ms. O’Meara if I publish it in our facebook page (non-profit) and give it a stab at translating in Spanish for you?

  133. Hello Ms. O’Meara, I am a Elementary public school teacher. How do I go about getting written permission for my students to perform your poem. It would be posted in our school story for the community. No money will be charged. The poem is so important, I want them to remember this time with the hope that your write about.

    1. Hello, thank you for writing. I’ve had some issues with people misquoting the the poem and assigning authorship incorrectly, so, if the children perform this (and I love that idea), please use the title of the poem, “In the Time of Pandemic,” with my name, Kitty O’Meara, and, where possible, a link to this blog: It’s copyrighted, so yes, no monetary gain involved. I love that you want the children to have hope…maybe they could create artwork inspired by the poem, too? I’d love to see their performance, if it’s recorded!

      Thank you for the important work you do in the world. Please stay safe and well, and gentle peace to your sweet heart.

  134. Hello, Luis, there are several beautiful Spanish translations in these comments; perhaps you will locate one you like. Here is a very lovely one:
    (If you use Carolina’s Spanish version, please give her credit, too.)

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE though, if you post this on Facebook, Luis, use the title, “In the Time of Pandemic,” and my name, Kitty O’Meara, and a link to this blog, I have had SO many problems with Facebook, Instagram, and even MSNBC crediting versions of my poem to other people, dead people, different times…and it’s been very troubling, Luis.

    I wrote “In the Time of Pandemic” on March 13, 2020, and it’s copyrighted.

    And, truly, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. Be joyful and creative, Luis, and gentle peace.

  135. Kitty, thanks for the inspiration you have provided to all of us. I received your poem from a teacher friend, forwarded it to family members, and then learned the truth about its composition from my daughter-in-law’s mother.

    Many of us have not suffered through a crisis such as the one we are facing right now. My husband and I were born in 1943 and 1944 so we did not experience World War II directly. However, John’s father died in a plane crash along with three other soldiers as they were attempting a resupply mission from England to the border of Belgium and France. We honored their lives by attending the 75th anniversary ceremonies in Normandy on June 6, 2019,

    Our parents and grandparents have shared their stories about the war, but we have not personally experienced the fear and horror it generated. This crisis is, of course, different than a war. We always hope to remember the lessons that we learn during hard times, but we forget them before long. Perhaps your poem will encourage all of us to learn “new ways of being.”

    If we on our own cannot learn to slow down, the Lord will show us how. If we on our own cannot learn to sacrifice other for others, the Lord will show us how. If we on our own cannot learn to be generous, the Lord will show us how.

    The fourth commandment instructs us to “Remember the sabbath day.” Every day can be a sabbath, a day of rest and re-creation. I grew up in a very religious family and always thought of Sunday as a day of rest. My mother would not even let me do embroidery because she considered it work rather than a hobby. This interpretation of sabbath is negative because it means that we have to live in a state of denial. However, I have recently come to understand sabbath in a much more positive way. If we allow the sabbath to be a day of re-creation, we better ourselves physically, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually.

    As we approach Easter Sunday, may we remember the words of an ancient hymn: “Gloria, laus et honor tibi sit, Rex Christe, Redemptor.” All glory, laud and honor to Thee, Redeemer, King.

    1. I’m so happy you’ve taken peace from my poem, Carol, and agree that there are lessons we can learn (possibly again, sigh) and yes, changes we can make for the betterment of our lives and the earth. It sounds like your faith gives you great comfort and that you are able to grow deeper into what it means to you. I hope your Easter journey will be a lovely mix of comfort, joy, and invitation for you this year. I am mindful that many friends have begun their Passover journey as well, and that others reach for and connect with the Sacred in ways that are deeply meaningful to them. May we all take time to breathe in and be awake to the holy all around us, and may we participate in the Love it encourages as much as we can.

      Thank you for your very thoughtful comments, Carol. I appreciate your kindness in visiting and sharing such beautiful thoughts. Be safe and well. Gentle peace!

  136. Hello again Kitty,
    As I take my daily walk through a beautiful bushland park near my home, I feel more and more connected to the higher vibrations that are building around this globe. I want that for everyone. It is where clarity and peace abound, as you know.
    People may be suffering at this point in time, but it is this suffering that will help them discard things that matter little. It will take them further inward, beneath where their thoughts take them, to truly discover themselves. Their creativity will be enhanced and new ways will manifest. Your words are, and will, guide them.
    Inspired by your poem, I penned my own words.
    Here is the link.
    I can take it down if it is inappropriate. (I have linked your website wherever I can)
    Love Steve.

  137. I am a hospice chaplain in a healthcare system. We as chaplains are sending out daily reflections to our teams to encourage our acute care and hospice staff and help keep morale up. May I have permission to quote the poem with proper attribution, please? It’s too bad someone on Facebook chose to link this to the 1919 flu pandemic and it has apparently made the rounds. I wish there was a way to stop it.

  138. Hello, Steve, and thank you for sharing.

    These are extremely pivotal times, I think, and the choices facing us require deep discernment, and then action, the very hard work of sustained action. I notice you use a lot of third-person pronouns in your descriptions of what we’re experiencing and how change could happen, and, for me, the challenge is keeping the work “first-person,” (both singular and plural). That keeps the learning and growing and changing collaborative and communal.

    I can only evolve, change, grow, forgive and try again on my own. No once can do that for me. Responsibility for making and sustaining change always starts with “I.” I have to forgive and ask forgiveness; I have to rest and renew; I have to listen, and listen, and listen; I have to love myself, name all my weaknesses and failings and still love myself; I have to name the Sacred and surrender to it. (For me, the sentence, “God within, without, is Love,” is the compass in my pocket.) And by doing the work with ourselves, we can, in love, let ourselves go, open the dream, and clear the way for all.

    And, while I also know that suffering comes with gift, those treasures, for me, have only been unearthed by committing myself to the onerous, jagged journey of grief and the years and years of loving my way through it. Sadness, tears, and mourning are also human experiences that round us out and make us whole, in my experience. As fragments of divine Love, we need to walk beside the grieving, enter their pain in empathy, and not discuss–or project–the lessons, shifts, or blessings they will derive from the journey, but we can hold their unique revelation in our hearts.

    Great peace to you, Steve; thank you again for sharing. Stay safe…it’s good to know you can enjoy those lovely walks.

  139. Hello, Kitty!

    I am doing a short film centering around the current pandemic and I would like to feature your quote in the film. It is for my final project for one of my college classes at Western Carolina University. Would you mind if I have your permission to quote your writing?

    Thank you!

    1. Syerra, if you use the poem, or part of it, I need you to also use my correct name, Kitty O’Meara, the title, “In the Time of Pandemic,” and a link to this blog, I apologize for for the several stipulations, but the poem is copyrighted and has been illegally altered and assigned false authorship, which has caused both my loved ones and me to spend time and money on irritating efforts not of our choosing.

      I am happy to support your work to do good in the world, however, and I hope you are safe and well. Thank you for reaching out, and gentle peace.

  140. Hi Kitty, From a fellow chaplain…THANK YOU for these beautiful and hopeful words! I hear and honor your request to always use the title, “In the Time of Pandemic;” to use your name, Kitty O’Meara; and to link all versions to this blog the-daily-round-com. With those conditions met, I request permission to send your poem to the several hundred residents of a retirement community where I work; email to several hundred people I have been sending inspirational material to almost daily for a few weeks now; and post the link to this very page on Facebook.

  141. also, I appreciate what Nicole LePera (The Holistic Psychologist) and Mark Manson are doing to help people work through the associated mental health/relationship/etc stuff that this situation brings up. I have been out of thel loop so maybe you are doing this, but if not, can I suggest that you use your platform to help connect people to some of these and similar practical resources that might help in the healing process?

    These resources resonate with me but I have no particular attachment to them beyond as an example of the sorts of resources that might be particularly helpful for people during these times.

  142. Thank you, Rev. Laura. Absolutely. I value your intelligence, kindness, and the invaluable work I know you do in the world. Be well and safe…and great, gentle peace.

  143. Dear Kitty,

    I hope you’re well – and thank you for your beautiful poem.

    It so struck me whilst reading it as something we’d love to include in the campaign we’re currently running: Letters to the Earth: Letters of Love in a Time of Crisis.

    In response to this moment of separation and unknown, we’re calling on the public to write letters of global solidarity. For our key workers, neighbours, faraway friends and family, letters of love, support and hope are needed.

    Since its launch in 2019, the Letters to the Earth campaign and book has had the contribution of Yoko Ono, Emma Thompson, Caroline Lucas, Jackie Morris, Mark Rylance, Kate Tempest and hundreds of young people and activists worldwide. We now feel that LttE has to be responsive and alive to the current moment; recognising that right now both the planet and humanity are in crisis.

    A curation of the letters we receive will be performed alongside letters from our book by a global community of readers as a freely available pre-recorded live stream on Earth Day, 22nd April. This will also mark the 1 year anniversary of our campaign.

    We’d love for your letter to be a part of our live stream if you would give us permission? We’d in fact love for you to record yourself saying your piece if you were up for this?

    I look forward to hearing from you and send you the greatest of well wishes,

    Kay Michael

    1. Hello, Kay; I apologize for this late response. Your kind letter was flagged and delayed in the blog’s mysterious workings. I sent an e-mail and I hope it’s received by you: do check your spam. Thank you for this glorious project and gentle peace to you. Be well and safe, Kitty

  144. Hello Kitty! I am a middle school English teacher and since it is poetry month, I was wondering if you would allow me to use your poem in teaching my students about the art of poetry writing for their next (distance learning, lol) assignment. I would use your full name, title, and link to this blog as you stipulated with an earlier comment. Please let me know, and thank you so much.

  145. Certainly, Jordan, and please know how grateful I am for your important work in the world. Thank you for visiting and reading through the dull requirements I now have to stipulate. Dreaming of a better world while living in this one…Be safe and well. Gentle peace and joyful teaching, Kitty

  146. Good Afternoon,
    I have similar sharing request – I would love to share it with my friends on social media following your criteria: correct name, Kitty O’Meara, the title, “In the Time of Pandemic,” and a link to this blog, Please let me know if this is okay, such a beautiful poem, thank you!

  147. Hi Kitty,
    My musician friend and I really like your poem. We were thinking of making a vocal recording of it with some music in the background. If you agree, we would produce it as a non-commercial art-work with accreditation for the poem to you.
    Let me know if you are OK with this or email me if you would like more details.
    Best wishes from Europe.

  148. Hi, Aidan; it sounds like a lovely, artistic endeavor for you both. Go for it! It is a copyrighted piece, so I need you to check that the title is correct: “In the Time of Pandemic”; my name is correct (Kitty O’Meara); and please link your work to this blog. the-daily-round-com. If you able and interested, please post a link of your video on the the blog in the comments of the “Gifts” post, and I’ll move it up into the post. 🙂

    Take care and be well, Aidan; and gentle peace to you and your friend. 🙂 ~ Kitty

    1. Dear Kitty, I’m writing to ask permission to set your poem to music. I am a composition student and hope to enter the piece in a choral competition (although I suspect I won’t meet the deadline and it will end up being a exercise in composition purely for my own purposes). I can provide more details about the competition if you wish, and would also be happy to make a donation to your chosen charity. I would also understand if you would rather I didn’t do this. Thank you.

      1. Hi, Shaunagh, and thank you for your kindness in writing and honoring me with such a lovely request. I sent you and e-mail. Be well and safe! Gentle peace, Kitty

  149. Good morning, i am Brazilian, my name is Thiago, can I share your poem in my Instagram? If yes, I would like to tag your profile on my post.

    My Instagram @thiagopd

  150. It is kind of you to ask, Thiago. Please link to the correct version of the poem “In the Time of Pandemic,” as it is printed here, on the blog, and use my name, Kitty O’Meara. My Instagram name is omearakitty.

    Stay well and safe, Thiago; gentle peace.

    1. Dear Kitty,
      Thank you for your moving and evocative Covid poem And the People Stayed Home which well captures our time and experience.
      I would like to use it in a local NAMI membership journal monthly update to members please.
      Let me know if you have any concerns.
      NAMI is a non profit helping and supporting those with mental illness and their families and friends.
      Karen Levin
      NAMI SGV Administrator and Volunteer Steward

  151. Hi, Karen,
    The poem “In the Time of Pandemic” is copyrighted, so, with proper credit and a link to this blog, that’s fine, and thank you for asking. Thank you even more for your kindness and your important work in the world. Stay safe and well. Gentle peace.

  152. I’m sharing this to Facebook along with the link debunking the claim that it was written over a hundred years ago. I want you to get credit for this beautiful work.

    1. Oh, my; thank you for this kindness, Ellen! It’s been tiring, to say the least. Please don’t use too much of your valuable time on it.

      Bless you for your sweet energy. Stay well and safe. Gentle peace, Ellen.

  153. Hi Kitty
    I’ve written a song about living in hope through the COVID age and came across your poem. I’d like to include it as a spoken verse as part of the bridge. It’s non-commercial and just to inspire hope and kindness. If you agree, I will include in the credits “In the Time of Pandemic” by Kitty O’Meara and link it to the-daily-round-com.
    Regards From Australia, Nathan

  154. Hi, I am Dr. Tirath Singh from India and I have translated this poem to Hindi language (Indian) and want to ask for your permission to share this translation as well as translations of your other creations to Hindi language in Indian newspaper/magazine citing your name as the author of the original creation. Thanks.

    1. Hello, Dr. Singh,
      How lovely to hear from you. It is very kind of you to offer to translate and share the poem, “In the Time of Pandemic.” All of my writing is copyrighted, and so. while I love the idea of translating and sharing whatever you like, I am unable to allow this if it is for any commercial gain, or if a fee is charged that would prevent people from actually reading it. I I wish you great gentle peace…and so appreciate your taking the time to ask about this. I hope you are well, and safe, and I would LOVE to see a HIndi translation as well. 🙂 ~ Kitty

      1. Thank you for your response. I would like to mention here that I want to publish translation of your creation in local newspaper and I would have no commercial gain from this. I would like to share translation of this poem on your mail-id. If you could send a message on my mail id, I can revert on your message with the translation. Thanks

  155. I was truly inspired with your poem when it was shared with me and I believe it is a true reflection of the current world crisis. I am a high school teacher and want to ask your permission to share with my students as an assignment on the google classroom for their interpretation. I will share with your name and your wonderful Daily Round. Thank you for such inspiring writings on Daily Round!

    1. Thank you for writing and asking, Yolanda, and thank you, too, for your very important work in the world. Yes, please share the poem with your students. Blessings and joy as you navigate this crisis with your students, and please stay well and safe. Gentle peace to you and your beloveds.

  156. Thank you so much for your prompt response and permission. Also, thank you for sharing your inspiring writings! God bless you and your family. You too stay safe and healthy.

  157. Hi Kitty, Thank you for such a beautiful poem which just encapsulates the isolation imposed on us by the pandemic perfectly. I am a mature student and Textile artist and am creating a response piece whilst ‘staying at home’ and I wondered if you would allow me to use your poem as part of my work? I would be including it as part of a stitched fabric journal of things that have captured my attention during this season of life we find ourselves in. Many Thanks, Gillian

  158. Hello, Gillian. How wonderful that you are creating art that responds to the many feelings this experience evokes. I’m not exactly clear on how you’re hoping to incorporate the poem. If it’s for your personal memory of this time, I don’t mind at all, but if this is a piece you hope to sell, I’d rather my poem not be integrated. Does this help with your decision? I’d love to see an example of your art.
    Be safe and well. Gentle peace to you.

    1. Thank you for your prompt reply. No I will not be selling this piece, but may use it as part of my degree work. This may mean it will be exhibited in Uni as part of my work and count towards my final marks?

  159. Hello Kitty, Thank you so much for your beautiful poem. I am a producer for a nationally syndicated daytime talk show, Daily Blast Live. We would love to be able to create a video to accompany your poem, “In the Time of Pandemic.” We would feature it in our show as a message of hope to our audience across the country with proper credit and link to the blog, if you approve. Thank you. Kelly

    1. I’m sorry, Kelly, no; this isn’t a good fit for the poem, but I appreciate your kindness in asking. I hope you’ll be able to locate a suitable message of hope to share with your viewers. Be well and safe. Kitty

  160. Hi Kitty, we were wondering if we could have permission to quote your poem in the president’s message of the April edition of the Virginia Dental Journal, with attribution.

    1. Thank you, Paul; that’s fine with me. I love my dentists! 🙂 Please use my correct name, Kitty O’Meara, and the title of the poem, “In the Time of Pandemic.” Take good care of yourself, Paul, and be well. Gentle peace, Kitty

  161. Hi,

    I’m the opinion editor of the Edinburgh Evening News in Scotland, UK, and one of our columnists, Steve Cardownie, would like to feature your poem, In the time of pandemic, in his weekly column.

    Would you be happy for this to happen? We could put a hyperlink in the web article to your blog or any other website if you wish, but wouldn’t be able to pay a fee.

    Sorry to add to the many requests I’m sure you’ve been getting and no worries at all if the answer is no.

    All the best, Ian

    1. Absolutely, fine, Ian and Steve; in fact, an honor. Please use the poem’s title, “In the Time of Pandemic,” my correct name, Kitty O’Meara, and, yes, I’d appreciate a link to the blog hope you both, and all your friends and beloveds, are safe and well. Thank you for the important work you do in the world. Gentle peace, Kitty
      And I’d love a link to Steve’s column!

  162. Hi Kitty. Love this poem which was posted on Facebook group Leiston chit chat page. Please could I send it to St Margaret’s Church in Leiston for possible inclusion in their magazine? We only charge £1 for our paper version and download for free from our website. If you are happy for me to do this please could you email your permission with the poem to Deadline for the next issue is 18th April. Kind regards. Linda

  163. Kitty – I am a film maker / editor and was so inspired by your wonderful words that i made a little film and was wondering if perhaps i could send you the little film to see firstly if you approve of it.
    If you do i was wondering if i could then get permission from you to post this film on social media ?
    The point is to share it out there as an inspiration to this time we are all experiencing. Please email whether its a yes or a no …… and even if its a no i would still love to share this little film with you.
    Thanks for your time ! Hope to hear from you soon.

  164. Hi Catherine, I am a pastor and appreciate the vision expressed by your poem for new ways to live and heal the earth. During this time I am sending daily meditations to my congregation and would love to share your poem with them, with your permission and with you credited. Please let me know if this is okay. Be well, Mark

  165. That’s fine, Mark! Thank you for your kindness and for the important work you do in the world. Stay safe and well, and gentle peace.

  166. Hi Kitty!

    I find this poem utterly beautiful. I am a drama teacher in a school in Birmingham, England. I would love to share this with my students and if possible use it in a project with them. We were going to put a slideshow/video together with all of the creative activities they have been completing over the isolation period.

    Would it be possible to use this poem, for the students to read it in this video? We will credit you and your blog!

    Stay safe and please keep writing.


    1. That sounds like a perfect use for the poem. I would love to see the video!
      Stay well and safe, and thank you so much for your important work in the world!
      Gentle peace,

  167. Hi Kitty! I am a public health emergency manager and an author. I’m presently completing a book entitled “COVID-19: Living Through the Great Pandemic of 2020-2021” which is intended to help the public prepare for the next two waves of illness that will be arriving over the next 18 months. Your poem is lovely, uplifting, and inspiring. With your permission I would love to include it in the last chapter of the book (“What Next?”) to leave readers with a positive note. I will, of course, include attribution and a reference to your blog site. If you would also like to be financially compensated, I’m sure we can reach a mutual agreement. Thank you for all that you’re doing to bring joy into people’s lives during these uncertain times. – With best wishes and blessings, Steve

  168. Dear Kitty,
    I am the editor of a small town (650 people) newspaper and when space provides use a two column space for a poetry corner. I would like to use your poem — correctly attributed — in this week’s edition. It is an unsponsored spot so there is no financial gain, just a way to bring a positive light into the hearts of the isolated patrons of an isolated little berg.

  169. Dear Kitty,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful poem. It gives so much hope and shows us, that we can see the crisis also as a chance – a chance for healing, for a better living with each other and with our planet.
    I belong to the Parents for Future Hannover, a group of adults in Hannover, northern Germany. We support the local Fridays for Future group in their great efforts to get the politicians started to handle the climate crisis as a crisis too – and to find ways out of it. We are all volunteers and totally noncommercial.
    We´d like to quote your poem in a short movie clip for a digital climate strike, Friday next week. It would be seen on the homepage and social media channels of the Fridays for Future Hannover and Parents for Future Hannover. Therefore we would like to translate the poem in German and would like to read it in the movie by different parents. After the quotation, we would say that the corona pandemic shows us, what is really important in life, and that we now have the time to make a change – in our life and our economy – to become healthy and sustainable. And that our children need us now, to flatten both curves – the corona infection and the CO2 curve.
    Would it be possible to quote your poem? We would be grateful.
    Here is the German translation of your poem:

    „Und die Menschen blieben zu Hause.
    Und sie lasen Bücher und hörten zu
    und ruhten sich aus und übten
    und erschufen Kunstwerke und spielten Spiele
    und lernten neue Wege zu sein und waren still.

    Und sie hörten weiter zu.
    Einige meditierten, andere beteten, andere tanzten.
    Einige trafen ihre Schatten.
    Und die Menschen begannen anders zu denken.

    Und die Menschen heilten.

    Und in Abwesenheit von Menschen, die auf unwissende, gefährliche, gedankenlose und herzlose Weise lebten, begann die Erde zu heilen.

    Als die Gefahr vorüber war und die Menschen wieder zusammenkamen,
    trauerten sie um ihre Verluste und trafen neue Entscheidungen und träumten neue Bilder
    und schufen neue Wege zu leben und die Erde vollständig zu heilen,

    so, wie sie selbst geheilt worden waren.“

    Thank you. Stay safe and well.
    Frauke Stockhorst
    Parents For Future Hannover

    1. Thank you for your kindness in writing, and for the beautiful translation. I sent an email to you: if it’s not received, please check spam.

      Take care; be safe and well!
      Gentle peace,

    1. Yes, of course; it’s kind of you to write. Thank you for assigning fair and correct credit and a link to my blog as well. Be safe and well, and gentle peace.

  170. Hello Kitty!
    I absolutely love this poem (who doesn’t). I am working on an artistic piece for a theatre in Houston. I want my art to inspirational and relevant. Where to do I go to get permission to use this piece?

    1. Thank you so much for your kind remarks and request.

      The poem is not available for any commercial undertaking at this time. Perhaps you could explain more fully what you have in mind, if not a commercial piece?

      Hope you’re well and safe.

      Gentle Peace,
      Kitty O’Meara

  171. Kitty,
    My Chief Medical Officer would like to use your poem for the Medical Staff newsletter, with proper attribution. Please let me know if you are okay with this.

    Brian Bowlin

  172. Aloha Kitty,
    My name is Ben Mountz and I am a teacher in Mililani, Hawaii. A colleague shared your poem with me and I found it to be greatly inspiring. With it, of course, came the incorrect news that it was written in the 1800s, by someone with a similar name – but as I read your work, it spoke SO accurately to this contemporary struggle, that I felt compelled to do a little more research into its origin, which, thankfully, led me to you.

    I would like to ask your permission to record a video compilation of some of my school’s students reading it, one line at a time, with the intent to share it on social media (and zero intent to monetize in any way). I would certainly like to give you (and your publisher, if you like) proper attribution and credit for your work. I have had my own work plagiarized, and I understand the value of protecting intellectual property.

    But your poem speaks so clearly to what so many of us are experiencing, and I would consider it an honor if my students were permitted to use your words to help tell the story of the healing that has already begun, and which we all want to see through to completion.

    Warmest regards,
    Ben Mountz

    1. I’m sorry, Ben; your comment was hidden for a time and I have no idea why.
      I’m happy to have teachers use the poem in class and for projects; I’m not as excited about social media. As you can understand, it’s quickly out of control. If you think you can maintain the integrity of the poem, your work, and my authorship (I really don’t want all that insanity starting up again), please do what’s best for your students and their healing. And, FYI, a children’s book version of the poem, titled “And the People Stayed Home,” and with beautiful illustrations, will be published by Tra Publishing this autumn. 🙂
      Thank you for your important work in the world. Be well, and gentle peace.

      1. Aloha Kitty,
        Thank you for your response; I want to make sure I am understanding you correctly: so we have permission to record students reciting it, but you would prefer if it was not distributed on social media? I can understand that. Social media publicity definitely has its drawbacks.
        I will not intentionally post it, but if I let my school see and appreciate it, it’s possible that someone (a parent, or even a student) may share the final product on social media without my knowing. I just wouldn’t want you to think I intentionally went against your wishes. At the very least, I can initially communicate that it is not to be shared on SM, and when it is complete, I will show you the final product to ensure that it meets the spirit of your poem’s intent.
        Either way, please let me know exactly how you would like your citation to appear (name, your title, publisher? other? etc.). Thanks so much for your time, and for creating such a beautiful work of art.


  173. Dear Kitty,

    Thank you for your poem, which has brought solace to so many. And for your own gentle wisdom!
    I’m a literary agent who specializes in books for children. I wonder if you’d like to consider having your poem published with illustrations as a picture book for children. (Perhaps many publishers and agents have already reached out, in which case I send apologies.) Please do get in touch if you’d like to talk.
    Take good care, and stay safe —

    1. Hello, Brenda, I sent you an e-mail, and always warn people to check their spam, as my notes often go there to hide, or something. 🙂 Stay safe and well. Gentle peace, Kitty.

  174. Hello, Kitty!
    I have deeply enjoyed your poem, and it speaks to me on so many levels. I’d like to ask your permission to include in the beginning pages of my dissertation with full citation and credit to you, of course. I’d love the opportunity to describe my topic and how I’ve arrived at your poem being a nice piece of literary art to include (not the normal thing to include in a dissertation!). Thank you for considering! Angela

  175. Dear Kitty,

    I am a French woman lover of words and I read your beautiful poem « In the time of pandemic », full of hope.

    Nevertheless, on the social medias, first, I discovered a translation in french language with another title that we could translate « heal » in English and this poem would be from 1869 instead of 2020.
    I was not convinced by those informations, so I researched online the original text but also the author and after discovering the extent of the confusion on the web, finally, I found your blog. So I am really happy to know that you are alive and there are so much other poems to read from you ! 🙂

    I care about truth and justice. That’s why, with your permission, I would like to share this original poem in English with obviously your credit, the correct title and date. I would like to add the link of your blog but also, if you agree, the link of the interview you made for oprahmag.
    I just have a personal account on Facebook and it would be the place I could share your words.

    Sorry for my English which is not fluent… And thank you for taking the time to read me.
    Take care of you,


    1. Bonjour Maïlys,

      I allow myself to let you know that I did a French translation and Informed Kitty about it too a few weeks ago –
      I did post it with the English original version too on my facebook page too –
      I did my best to stick to the full meaning of Kitty’s word.
      Let me know if this is good for you.
      Merci aussi, de toutes remarques possible sur la traduction.
      Bonne journée,

      1. Thank you, Cedric; that’s very kind of you! I hope you are safe and well, and that your translation is of help to Mailys. Gentle peace to you.

    2. Thank you, Mailys, this is so very kind of you and so greatly appreciated. The confusion regarding authorship has been a bit distressing, but so many lovely people have found their way here and shared such beautiful stories, that, truly, all is well. I see Cedric has shared a translation with you; I hope that works. Your English is beautiful, by the way! I hope you are safe and well, Mailys. Gentle peace to you.

  176. Thank you for sharing such beautiful words. My pastor read your poem as part of our online church service a few weeks ago and I’m so thankful to have found the original source. I would love to share it on my blog with credit to you and a link to your blog as well. It appears from the comments above that you’re granting this permission, so I’ll make that assumption. If that’s not the case, please let me know at Thank you!

  177. Hi Kitty, I just noticed that in your copyright paragraph, it states that I need written approval, so I’ll wait to hear back from you on that. Thank you so much.

    1. Absolutely, Nancy, please share as you have described, and thank you for checking in with me. Stay safe and well. Gentle peace, Kitty

  178. Thank you Kitty for your reply!
    Thanks to you too, Cedric!

    I’ve read a couple of other versions of this poem in French language, all are extremely similar, except for a few details.
    But it is true that an official translation for each country would be ideal. 😉
    So I hope it will be a next step for your poem and others you’ve written.

    All the best !


  179. Hi Kitty
    What an amazing poem. I love that some people think it’s 150-years-old and yet it’s not even 150-days-old!
    I work for a public sector organisation in the UK and we would love to have our staff record your poem (a line each) on video to be shared with our residents as a reminder to ‘stay home’.
    We would, of course, credit the author and I highlight we are a not-for-profit organisation. Would this be at all possible?
    Fingers crossed
    Steve –

  180. That sounds like a wonderful use for my poem, Steve! What a kind and positive action to take. Uncross you’re fingers and get busy creating. 😉

    Stay well and be safe. Love and gentle peace to you, your staff, your residents, and all your beloveds. ♥️

  181. I am the Chief Marketing Officer at Carnegie Mellon University-Engineering and would like to share your poem, and credit you, in our fall magazine to our alumni community. Would you grant me permission to print the poem?

    1. Yes, Donna. Thank you for asking. It is a copyrighted poem, and for its use in something like this (not a charity, per se), I would appreciate a donation be made to my charity of choice: Paddy’s Paws Dog Rescue; W2186 WI-106, Jefferson, WI 53549.

      Stay safe and well, and gentle peace.

      1. HI Kitty,
        Thank you for the permission and yes, I am happy to do that and likely in the summer when we are back into normal operations.

      2. Dear Kitty, Thank you so much for your inspiring words. I am working with an award-winning composer and a very famous soprano who would like to set your words as a song and make a recording as a gift to the world and as a tribute and comfort to all the people who are home and alone. (Both are offering to donate their time and effort.) I would like to know how we can gain your permission for this project and to explain more to you. Thank you.

        1. Hello, Peggy, I sent you an e-mail. Please be sure to check your spam folder as my trickster e-mail likes to go to those and hide. 🙂 Thank you for writing. I hope you are safe and well. Gentle peace, Kitty

  182. Kitty, I know you’re being asked this ad nauseum, but I hope it’s because people care about art that speaks to people and properly crediting the creative source. I’m hoping to share it in a devotional video shared on Facebook and with my church’s page, crediting you. Would that be acceptable? Blessings!

    1. That’s fine with me, Daniel, and joy to you. I hope you are well and safe. Gentle peace to you, your beloveds, and all the members of your congregation.

  183. Hello – I would like to share your words for Earth Day for a work circulation – with proper credit and link to your site?


    1. Hi, I can’t see your name or the name of your workplace. I’m trying to share the poem freely with charities, non-profits, teachers, etc. , but if this is a for-profit workplace, then, rather than a royalty fee, I would appreciate an appropriate donation be made to my charity of choice: Paddy’s Paws Dog Rescue; W2186 WI-106, Jefferson, WI 53549.

      Thank you, and stay safe and well!
      Gentle peace,

  184. Yes, by all means, Dusty; what a lovely request, and from Fond du Lac! (I grew up in Neenah, and live in Lake Mills.) I appreciate the use of my name (Kitty O’Meara) with the poem, and a link to my blog (the-daily-round-com). Thank you, and all your community, for your important work in the world, Dusty. I hope you are all well and safe, and I wish you gentle peace.

    1. Thank you so much for your prompt reply yesterday! The text is live on our page and one of our sisters, who has been writing reflections of her own was excited to see how you are managing the many requests for use and copyright, since she wants to protect her own work. Thank you for your generosity and for sharing your talents with the world.

  185. Hello, Kitty!
    I am Aura Sophia and I’m writing from Brazil (São Paulo) to share some love about your poem with you. As you may know, it went viral around here too. Like me, people loved it, but unfortunately this mistake about the name of the author and the theories about it came along. I am a writer too and I know how it feels to be fooled when it comes to copyright. So I’d like to share my support.
    Congratulations on your writing, it’s lovely!
    Below some links to my part on this share.
    Stay safe! ♥


  186. Dear ms O’Meara,
    First – thank you for giving words to the anxiety we all share in the present time, so touching and hopeful.
    And I appreciate your contact with readers here on The Daily Round.
    Would you allow me to do a translation to Swedish of you poem? Just for my Facebook, but I am sure many would like it and feel empowered from it. Of course with appropriate credit, and link to The Daily Round, if you wish.

  187. That would be wonderful, Michael! I’d love to see it in Swedish, too, if you would like to post it here! How kind of you.

    Be safe and well, Michael, and gentle peace and joy to you.

    1. Thank you for such a fast and warm answer!
      In Sweden we are not as “quarantined” as in other places, but we certainly have our share. And need hope and positive visions.
      Thank you for letting me do a translation. Will post soon.
      (Just a little note. I have used two different words for “healed”, since “helad” in Swedish is more mental, and “läka” is more like a healed wound – which I think would be appropriate for the world, in the first mention.)
      All best! Bless!

  188. In The Time Of Pandemic, Swedish:


    Och människorna stannade hemma.

    Och de läste böcker, de lyssnade, de vilade, de tränade, de skapade konst, de spelade spel, och de lärde sig nya sätt att vara, och de var stilla.

    Och de lyssnade djupt. Några mediterade, några bad, några dansade. Några mötte sina mörka skuggor.
Och människorna började tänka annorlunda.

    Och människorna helades.

    Och, i frånvaron av människor som lever på ignoranta, farliga, okunniga och hjärtlösa sätt, började jorden att läka.

    Och när faran hade upphört, och människorna gick att mötas igen, sörjde de sina förluster, och de gjorde nya val, och de drömde fram nya visioner, och de skapade nya sätt att leva och låta jorden helas, som de själva hade blivit helade.

    Kitty O’Meara
    (Translation Michael Andersson)

    1. Oh, Michael, thank you! It looks so beautiful; maybe some day we can talk and you could read it for me to hear. I bet it sounds beautiful. I appreciate your sensitivity regarding the word healing; it’s so integral to the poem and I thank you for translating with care.

      Blessings on your health and loved ones; stay well. Gentle peace, Michael! Thank you, again. Kitty

      1. Thank you, Kitty.
        It is an honour to be able to spread your hope-giving words, if only in my small network of friends.
        I am one of those who (far too easlily) dig down in debates and “who to blame”. But I am as worried and discouraged as anyone else, and can honestly tell you that your poem touched my hearth, as so many others.
        We need hope and courage, regardless of “who to blame”.

  189. Hi Kitty,
    Your poem “In the Time of Pandemic” is absolutely beautiful! Offering words of comfort, hope and peace, during this difficult time in the world.
    I would like to reprint this beautiful poem in a newsletter that I voluntarily put together for the residents living in a retirement village in Sydney, Australia. This newsletter is in-house only/non commercial. Could you please advise me via email if permission is granted to use this poem.
    Kind regards,
    Vikki Tanswell

  190. Hello Kitty, I saw your work on an email doing the rounds. Apparently you authored this in 1918 – well done! Just jokes, researching it to find the true author was a must. A. to ask as many are to use this piece on a photo collage I am preparing which is not monetized in any way, and B. to congratulate you on such an amazing piece of writing. I only wish I could get my thoughts out in such a graceful and meaningful way. Take care, Simon

  191. Our law firm was sent your poem by one of our clients, as we were promoting poetry month and asked for submissions. It is beautiful, as is your blog! I was amused to see the internet mystique that built up around the poem and happy that someone traced the poem back to you!

    May we reproduce your poem in our weekly newsletter?

    1. Hello, Jessica, and thank you for writing. I’ve been sharing the poem freely with nonprofits, charities, artists, and educators, but it is a copyrighted poem, and for its use in something like this (not a charity, per se), I would appreciate if, in lieu of a royalty payment, a donation be made to my charity of choice: Paddy’s Paws Dog Rescue; W2186 WI-106, Jefferson, WI 53549.

      Stay safe and well, and gentle peace.

  192. Hello, a friend shared your prose poem. It is wonderful. I volunteer for a historical society in Washington state. We would like to reprint your piece in our newsletter with proper attribution (Kitty O’Meara) and a link to your website, Is this acceptable?

    Thank you, Laura Lee Bennett
    Newsletter Editor
    Redmond Historical Society

  193. Hello Kitty – yet another request to print your poem. Our newsletter is for a local conservation society near Wimbledon UK, It has moved so many of us who have read it online. We felt that some of our older members who have no access and are too vulnerable to go outside would love to see it too. You would get full copyright credit of course.

  194. Hello Catherine,
    I was thinking of creating a kind of quarantine music project by composing a piece for choir and having it brought together virtually. I would like permission to set your text to music, as I do think it’s quite lovely. I have no intent for the piece to be performed live anytime in the near future or even to be self-published.
    I have a few of my works recorded on my website if you would like to hear.
    Ethan Soledad

    1. Hi, Ethan, and thank you for your very kind interest in my poem. I wrote you an e-mail, so please check for it. Joy in all your creativity. Be safe and well, Ethan, and gentle peace.

  195. Hello Kitty. Thank you for your wonderful poems. I would like to share ‘In the time of pandemic’ on my Linked-In page and refer my network back to this site. Would that be ok? No financial gain from this on my part – just wanted to spread the love you’ve shared.

  196. That’s fine; thank you for asking, Adrian. I hope you are well and safe, and able to express your creativity during this challenging time. Take care, and gentle peace.

    1. Thank you Kitty. That’s kind of you. A good friend of mine penned a poem recently for Easter called ‘The Lifting’. I hope it blesses you as it has blessed me:

      The Lifting by Howard Baines

      The Wilderness
      The isolation
      No holding, no catching up, alone
      The Cross
      The distancing
      My sin, His pain, alone
      The Tomb
      The lockdown
      Heavy boulder, guards, alone
      The Third Day
      The lifting
      The weeping, the joy, together

  197. Dear Kitty, How wonderful your words are! Thank you, you’ve written my hopes and prayers far more eloquently than I could. So directly and simply you’ve touched the hearts of many thousands, perhaps millions, and caught the essence of the deep yearning shared by so many ordinary people. A healed people, a healed planet.

    May I pass on your wonderful words (complete with full attribution and a link to your site here; no commercial usage involved, no money involved at all) to our priest so that he may read them to our newly online congregation? His homily at the online Easter Mass was focused on exactly this healing of the earth and its people during this time of pandemic. My own assessment, gained through years of public service, can be summed up easily: ‘get the people thing right and we’ll get the earth thing right’.

    The most amazing thing I’ve discovered since lockdown is the huge amount of selfless and genuine care that’s been unleashed. Most people want to be allowed to really care and to help others. Now that big gvt is, at least in the UK, all at sixes and sevens and not so concerned with controlling the population with endless rules and regulations, so many hundreds of thousands of ordinary people are coming out of those shadows and just being themselves, being kind and helpful, good neighbours and good Samaritans. For me, it’s the most wonderful saving grace of this whole terrifying disruption. By accident, we are suddenly freed and enabled to to begin to get the people thing right! Like you, I hope and pray that we can hold on to this new experience and image of ourselves and indeed create new ways of living when we are freed from the viral threat.

    I would be very pleased to give you a link to our church services and to our priest’s weekly Pastoral Talks if you’d like to email me for details.
    With love – and stay safe! K.

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness and for sharing such hopeful words, K. I sent you an e-mail response, and appreciate your love and generosity so very much. Be safe and well, K. Gentle peace. xoxo, Kitty

  198. Hello, Catherine. My name is Matheus, I’m from Brazil. I discovered your poem a few weeks ago, and I love it, because, for me, it puts into words a feeling and a hope of a better world after all this pandemic situation is over. I’m a poet too, and I really appreciate the simple way in which you caught the moment and transcended it. I’m here to thank you for your verses and to ask permission to use them in a work I’m doing in this quarantine, about English teaching. I have to create a lesson plan using the TBL framework; so I choose the theme of a “sweet diary”, in which I intend to discuss our routines, the things we do every day and how all this world-wide situation has changed our way of seeing our life, stopping us for a while to we rethink and resignify our existence. Your poem, so, will be one of my starting points for this plan lesson. If you agree to I use it, I’ll be glad. I hope you’re well, and send my sincere regards.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, my fellow poet! If I understand, this is something for your own and perhaps others’ teaching? As long as this is not a published or commercial venture, please feel free to use the poem. I would ask that my name and website address be attached to it, please. (Kitty O’Meara

      Be safe and well, Matheus, and keep creating! Gentle peace, Kitty

      1. Yes, it’s for an online course of English teaching. Thank you, Kitty, really, and yes, I’ll address the reference, then more people would have the opportunity to access it too. Warm wishes, Matheus

  199. Good morning, Kitty. My name is Midori Owaki and I’m asking the same favor as Matheus! I teach English in Japan. I’d like to use your poem “In the time of pandemic” in my class, too. It is not published or anything. I want students to write about what they did during this hard time. And your poem will be a great example for them.

    1. Good for you, Midori, and thank you for your important work in the world. I hope your students will be inspired to explore their own feelings and experiences. And, please share with them that a lovely global group of artists with Tra Publishing is creating a picture book, “And the People Stayed Home” to be released in October. ♥️

      Stay safe and be well. Gentle peace, Kitty

      1. Thank you very much for your reply and warm message! So, it means OK to use your poem in my class, right? And for sure I’ll tell them about Tra Publishing’s picture book. I appreciate your hard work. Midori

  200. Thank you! That’s certainly helpful. I’m not on Twitter, so it’s lovely to know when you’re being supported by someone unknown but wonderful. What a great message to wake up to this gray day, and how kind of you for sharing it. Be well and safe. Gentle peace.

  201. Yes, I hope it will be a good lesson for you and your students, Midori! I think when we write about our lives, we see them and all our feelings more clearly. Peace to you all. Be safe. Kitty

  202. Hi Kitty, It’s intruiging to see how your poem has gone viral, and how your identity as author becomes more and more ethereal.
    Here’s a poem by Manuel Machado which concerns traditional flamenco coplas which are popular short songs and their relationship with their authors. Like ballads and much folk music, they are basically “put out there” and eventually become part of the tradition, rather than simply being known by a small number of people, like most current poetry.
    Here it is in Spanish. I have translated it below, trying to keep the sense. (The Guillen referred to is Jorge Guillen, a fellow poet, with whom he corresponded)
    Hasta que el pueblo las canta,
    las coplas, coplas no son,
    y cuando las canta el pueblo,
    ya nadie sabe el autor.

    Tal es la gloria, Guillén,
    de los que escriben cantares:
    oír decir a la gente
    que no los ha escrito nadie.

    Procura tú que tus coplas
    vayan al pueblo a parar,
    aunque dejen de ser tuyas
    para ser de los demás.

    Que, al fundir el corazón
    en el alma popular,
    lo que se pierde de nombre
    se gana de eternidad.


    Until the people sing them
    coplas are not coplas,
    and once the people sing them
    no one knows the author.

    Such is the glory, Guillen,
    of those who write songs:
    to hear people say
    that no one has written them.

    Try to ensure your songs
    go and stay with the people,
    even if they stop being yours,
    so others can share them.

    By melting the heart
    of the popular soul,
    that which has lost your name
    has gained eternity.

    Stay Safe,

    1. Very lovely in sentiment and in its truth, John; thank you so very much for sharing. It has been an astonishing gift and entirely out of my control (or certainly any power to ordain how these words would be received and move through the world) to see the ways people have been moved by the prose-poem and have created their own art. We are all connected in our humanity., and all of our gifts are best offered to the world with a degree on non-attachment. Certainly, that’s true of the teaching career and spiritual care I and my friends and colleagues offered: we never know how our our presence and efforts will touch and flutter the butterfly wings across our world, so we just keep using our gifts and setting them free.

      Be well and stay self.
      Gentle peace,

  203. Hello, my name is Candela. I’m from Argentina and I’m an English teacher. I came across your poem and I’d love to use it in a video I’d like my students to record, with your permission. The idea is to have my 5th year secondary students record themselves reading it and create a video to be shared with the school community.
    Do you mind my using it? Needless to say I’m going to write your name and put your website

    1. That sounds like a wonderful project, Candela! I would love to see it when it’s completed. Thank you for your important work in the world. Be safe and well. Gentle peace to you and your students, and to all your loved ones.

      1. Thank you very much for your reply! Yes, I’ll show you once the video is ready 🙂 Be safe, too.
        And thanks again!

      2. Hello Kitty! I’m Candela again. I finished my video project with your poem with my 5th year students. I would like to share it with you. Is there any email account I can send it? Thank you very much!

  204. Kitty: Your “In the time of the pandemic” poem is wonderful! Can we please have permission to reprint in it our Ascension St. John and Providence Foundations newsletter, to accompany our stories about donations and efforts to help our frontline staff at our hospitals? The newsletter is mailed to our philanthropic donors. It would be a nice piece to supplement our COVID stories. The newsletter is due to go to production next week (week of May 3). We would be honored to include this. Thank you for your anticipated reply.

  205. Hello, I am a student from UNC-Chapel Hill currently finishing up my Masters in Teaching. I am working on writing a Social Studies curriculum unit on the COVID-19 pandemic for 6-12th graders, along with my professor and classmates, that we intend for teachers to be able to use to educate students on the pandemic. I came across your poem above and would love to include this text in our unit to be used for a Socratic Seminar discussion. Please let me know if I have your permission to include it, and if so – I would be happy to send you a draft of the created unit to review. Thank you, Kristie.

    1. That’s fine, Kristie; yes, I’d enjoy seeing the completed unit and will send you an e-mail, so you have mine.

      Thank you for your important work in the world, Kristie, and be well. Gentle peace, Kitty

  206. Simplemente… un sueño del espíritu humano, hecho palabras… gracias del alma… Es nuestro anhelo familiar, compartir el deseo de convertir su sueño, en la bandera de otro sueño… de hace casi 30 años: mc, mision comunion; que sabemos, vera su luz, tras la magna obra de esta pandemia, sobre la humanidad entera.

    1. Simply … a dream of the human spirit, made words … thanks of the soul … It is our family longing, to share the desire to turn your dream into the flag of another dream … of almost 30 years ago: mc, mision comunion; that we know, will see its light, after the great work of this pandemic, on the whole of humanity. (google traduction)

      1. Thank you for taking time to share; it is very kind of you. Yes, I hope we will find our way to safer days and lives of greater peace and compassion. Take care of yourself, and gentle peace to you. Be well.

  207. Hello Kitty,
    I am a master student of educational research, University of Göteborg, Sweden, and my team and I make a research based upon “Living well in a world worth living in”. I would like to include the poem “in the time of pandemic” in the introduction of our research plan. Would it be alright with you? 🙂
    Stay safe,

  208. Hello, Dorina; thank you for writing; I hope you and your colleagues are safe and well. If this is a scholarly paper without the goal of commercial gain, please use the poem with my blessing. If you hope to make money with your research, I will ask for a donation to my favorite charity: Paddy’s Paws Dog Rescue; W2186 WI-106; Jefferson, WI; USA; 53549.

    Gentle Peace to you, Kitty

    1. Hello Kitty,
      Thank you so much for the permission! It is a scholarly paper without the goal of commercial gain, we do not hope to make money with our research 😊
      Dorina 😊

  209. Dear Catherine,

    This is a beautiful poem. I’d very much like to quote a few lines in the second edition of an academic book I am working on, correctly attributed of course. I’d be very grateful if you could email me so I can give you more details and ask permission. My university email address is astibbe(at)

    Thank you!


  210. Just a brief question of clarification, Ms. O’Meara,

    In reading your guideline above about using your intellectual property, I have the impression that it would be okay for me to reproduce one of your poems, if it is *not* for material gain. I would like to reproduce “And the People Stayed Home” in a reader for my university students. I will credit you fully; the reader will only be distributed to my students, without charge; and will not be distributed otherwise. Is that okay?

    Thank you for a brief reply!

    Daniel Balestrini

    1. That works with this poem only; yes, Daniel: a limited sharing in a confined distribution, at no charge, with the purpose of education and, I hope, comfort. Sounds good to me. The title of the poem, though, is “In the Time of Pandemic.”

      I hope you, and your students and beloveds are well and safe, Daniel. Gentle peace, and thank you for your important work in the world.

      1. Dear Kitty,

        Thank you so much for your friendly reply and the correction about the title!
        I will share you encouraging words with my students, and direct them to your work.

        All the best,

  211. Dear Kitty – I am writing to apologize for posting on my Facebook page a miss-credited version of your wonderful poem. I’m afraid I pulled it from an email a friend sent that attributed the poem as having been written in the 19th century and republished in 1919 during the Spanish Flu pandemic. I should have checked the attribution first but I didn’t. I came upon the Snopes article which led me to your blog. I have since edited my post to reflect your authorship and copyright. It’s received many very positive comments. However if you’d prefer I pull it completely I’ll do that. Again you have my sincere apology and my admiration for an excellent poem. Jim Cokas

  212. How kind of you to take the time to write, Jim. No worries! Thank you for correcting the information; that’s very much appreciated, believe me, but I’m well aware there are far more important things happening in our world. 🙂 I’m happy you liked the poem well enough to post it. Please take good care of yourself and stay well, Jim. Gentle peace to you.

  213. Hi Catherine. Thank you for writing such a lovely poem.

    Jewish Action, the magazine of the Orthodox Union, would like to reprint your poem in our upcoming Summer issue in an article about Covid-19. Can we have permission to reprint? Proper attribution would of course be given to you.

    Stay well,

    Sara Goldberg
    Assistant Editor
    Jewish Action

  214. Hi Kitty, I just read your poem this morning and I found it really moving and honest. I’ve been searching for a poem that talks about environmental issues related to COVID-19 and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m an emerging composer and I’d like to use your text for a choral piece. It’s non-commercial but I would like to make sure I have your permission to use it first before I start writing. Thank you for sharing your words and all the best, Aoife.

    1. Thank you for writing; I loved visiting your website! My goodness, you are talented! Please check your e-mail, Aoife! Be safe and well, and keep creating. Gentle peace.

  215. Dear Catherine,

    My name is Pedro Prata. I am a brazilian journalist who works for O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper.
    I check fake news spread among brazilian social media. Our newspaper belong to International Fact-Checking Network.
    Unfortunately, your poem has been shared as being written by Kathleen O’Meara in 1869.
    Can you send me an e-mail talking about your process of creation so we can add to our news report?

    Kind regards!

    PS: What a lovely poem! Congratulations

    1. Hello, Pedro, and thank you so much for your kind letter and willingness to set the record straight. I sent you an e-mail. Every artist appreciates being connected to their creativity, but I am truly happy, that however my words reached people, so many have been comforted and inspired to make their own art.

      Bless you and your beloveds during this challenging time: be well and safe. This post tells you more about my life:

      Gentle peace, Kitty