Bon Hiver, We Greet the First Snow

dscf2860One of my favorite episodes of one of my favorite TV programs, Northern Exposure, unites all the episode’s sub-plots beautifully when the townsfolk of Cicely, Alaska, step outside on the night of the season’s first snow and greet it, and one another, with the cry, “Bon Hiver!” (“Good Winter!”)dscf2863The episode, like the others, deals with longing, loss, guilt, memory, wisdom, peace, and a deep appreciation for life and its co-creator, death…and always, with gentle humor and love for humans and our charming follies. Never preaching, the scripts always honor the characters’—and our—desire for sacred meaning to attach itself to our brief moments and so guide us toward making sense of our lives, and living peacefully with unresolved mystery. I’ve always found the program profound in its simplicity and deeply endearing.dscf2673dscf2747dscf2765dscf2755
Here at Full Moon, the past few weeks have been filled with long days featuring the meteorology beloved by the Brontë Girls. The pups and I expected to encounter Heathcliff on our daily walks, but only discovered a variety of interesting fungi, and an elusive blue jay (who would be offered in better focus had I not been entangled by the leashes of two leaping, pulling puppies).

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As a friend pointed out, the season’s absence of leaves very cleanly reveals the glacial land formations: eskers, kames, kettles, and drumlins abound in our neck of the woods. But the unrelenting dreariness of sunless days began to wear on my spirit.

The only way to counter it has been to get rather over-sparkly indoors.
Micky, after his initial surprise, seemed to enjoy the holiday music, decorations, and merriment; Malarky affected a subdued air, as if to show-off his worldliness. After all, it’s his second Christmas season. Sigh.

The cats, as always, have just enjoyed having their annual bit of fun with shiny globes and sartorial correctness. dscf2889dscf3216
Today, though, we received our first snow, and the magic inside now plays second fiddle to the glory of snow-gowned trees and grasses. The world looks so enchanting…a perfect setting to wander in wonder and bid others a most tender, “Bon Hiver!”
We admired the snowfall from inside, beside the fire, and then outside, walking, running, looking, and being amazed, an altogether perfect day.dscf2883dscf2870dscf2830dscf2874dscf2827Here is a blessing, perfectly pure and floating down softly, right into your hand: Let us decorate our hearts with gratitude and forgiveness, with sweet acceptance of the meanings we’ve made and been given, and those we’re reaching for, and those we’ll never have, for the stunning miracle of a snow-frosted world reminds us that mystery, too, is a treasured facet of all that shines in our most beautiful lives, in this most beautiful world.
Bon Hiver, my friends! May all the gifts of the season be yours, those lovely surprises that are both simple and profound, given and received in love, from heart to heart, in reverence for who we are and who we are becoming.dscf2886dscf2835


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15 thoughts on “Bon Hiver, We Greet the First Snow

  1. Ah….That time of year again 🙂 It looks like everyone at Full Moon cottage is tucked in and cozy awaiting Santa! It all looks so inviting. Well done! I send you guys love and best wishes for a very Merry Christmas filled with love and joy. I’m sure the 4 leggeds get gifties as well…That reminds me, I have to catnip for the big day. A big pile gets dumped on the floor here 1st thing in the morning and they twirl and dance in it all day long. Hugs to you and thanks for your wonderful posts that are a journey all their own…Merry Christmas… VK ❤


  2. Hey, Hollis! I’m laughing, imagining your cats’ Christmas celebrations: sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you’re having a great winter, too (even though it’s not yet officially here)! Blessings of the season to you, and hopes for your joy in the new year. I value your visits and kindness soooo much: thank you.


  3. Ahha! We are running on gas again! I’ll be quick,a marvelous Bon Hiver to you, your snow is just magical and transforming, just perfect. I love your decorations too and the fun the cats are having. Dreary days are so draining, I would welcome snow, travel difficulties and all. Another lovely, warming post. Glad the glitches are gone….xxx


    1. Thank you, Dina my dear, and pooh on those dreary days! I hope sunshine, and maybe snow 🙂 greet you soon, it’s no fun when gray gloom visits every day. but I know you make the inside cheerful… and that your 4-leggeds are always a treat. Gentle peace and joy to you, as much as possible. 🙂

      I’m sorry for the glitches; WordPress does that to me often, when I visit other sites. Will contact them about this as they charge for the site and then more to not wash over our posts with advertising!

      Blessings on your week’s end. sending hugs from Full Moon. You know you can always jump in a plane and come for a visit. 🙂 More snow coming this weekend, but also quite CHILLY!


  4. Oh, it’s so lovely, but my husband and I love winter; I know it’s not for everyone. I hope your summer is bright, too, and not as dry as it’s been in recent years. I have to admit, it would be hard for me to celebrate Christmas in warm sunshine…funny how we’re conditioned, isn’t it? I do dream of a trip to Australia, especially to see stars at night in constellations I’ve never seen before. Blessings on your holidays and thank you so much for visiting!


  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Kitty! The tunnel of snow-covered trees took my breath away – it seems like the kind of photo to print and hang where you can see it every day. And I laughed out loud at the cat in the hat -sartorial splendor indeed! I wish you a peaceful and joyous Christmas. I’m planning to decorate this weekend, once I’m done grading for finals!


  6. Oh, I can’t wait to see you decorating photos, your home looks so elegant and inviting indoors and out! Joy to your grading, if that’s possible, and have a wonderful week’s end…10 inches or more coming here tomorrow and Saturday!


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