Happily Ever After

dscf2581St. Paul teaches us that “in all things,” we must “give thanks.” In the last few weeks, I’ve totaled a car, killed a doe, found and lost a wonderful job, and, like many of my countrymen and women, perceived the world order has changed in ways that cannot possibly end well.dscf2644Tomorrow is our national day of Thanksgiving, and St. Paul’s words confound me more than ever.dscf2341But if I take him to mean that whatever desolation happens, there is something also happening (or present in the chaos) for which I can be grateful and feel consoled, well, then, it begins to make sense. My task is not to dwell on the seeming despair, but to locate the hope also present, and rejoice in it, give thanks for it, share it. It may be a moment of unexpected kindness; a gorgeous sunrise; a friend; a 4-legged companion; a moment to breathe; a sweet apple; a task accomplished; a recognized healing; an opportunity to witness love in others; a laugh, a life story shared in sacred space; a glass of wine…a husband unwavering in his support and love, when I feel most unlovable.dscf2347The mountain of excrement erupting smack dab in the middle of my life (and in others’ lives, I know) reminds me of the fairy tales I was told as a child. Fairy tales can come true; they can happen to you. Of course they can. They are always happening. The symbols and terrors and loss and despair of real lives lived led to the creation of our fairy tales and myths. They’re all true, but we forget that when birds are singing and the sun is shining. Happy endings are so lovely.dscf2574But the fairy tales exist, really, to help us navigate through the dark forests, complete impossible tasks, and summon the heroines and heroes within, despite mishaps and setbacks. Happy endings have to be earned. Losses will be suffered. But we’ll make it. Or those following us will. Nothing to stop us from beginning. Some heroes die. (But they really never do.) Nothing to fear, just immortality and eventual joy. Believe and begin. In all things give thanks. Ready?dscf2645This is the part when we’re deep in the forest and all seems lost. Up ahead is a clearing leading to a cliff and we’ll be pushed towards its edge; you betcha, boys and girls. Let’s hold hands and solve this. Let’s look for the dragon flying down to help us. Possibly better, let’s fashion wings of our own. But expect dragons when we need them.dscf2617It will end happily. I believe this. If it isn’t yet happy, it isn’t yet the end. All things work together for good for those who love. So let us feast on love and offer it to those hungry for it. Let us name our treasures and be grateful. Let us be the light for others finding their way. Let us take their hands and, together, create the happy ending.dscf2329
I’m looking at you. I’m grateful for you. If I needed anyone beside me in this terrible, very bad, no-good mess, it’s you. All of you. My friends, my family, the strangers who smile and encourage me, the artists, the brave, the funny, the creative, and the wonderful…Let us fill our wings with so much gratitude that we can soar on it all the way to our happy ending.dscf2576Here is a blessing
Tagging you on the back.
You’re it.
You’re the blessing.
Be the light for those in darkness.
Be the love that thaws a heart.
Cause a thank you to fill the world.
Heal the broken.
Charm the disenchanted.
Lead the dance.
Bless us with your gifts.
And tag us, to bless in return.
Give thanks; give thanks; give thanks.


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15 thoughts on “Happily Ever After

  1. Catherine…It’s been a long, long time since I’ve posted anything here, but suffice it to say, I am so happy I stopped over to read. Yes, as we live through these chaotic times I too am reminded that Our Creator has a hand in everything. I find those moments of tender grace and mercy each day as I look at the so called little things, which for me are always the bigger in life. A beautiful sunrise and sunset as I offer up prayer for my blessings, my family and friends, the planet. This morning I awoke to Brother Crow calling out and my heart jumped with joy! And just now as I read your post, I was grateful to be able to soak in the beauty found in your photos and words and I’m ever so grateful to know you in such a small way really. Your blessing at the end blossomed in my heart…and as I always say…Keep Shining Your Light Dear Woman…we all need you. I want to join you in causing a thank you to fill the world. We Are One!
    In Divine and Cascading Love,
    Akasa WolfSong


    1. Akasa! I’m so happy to hear from you, and honored by your visit. I have wondered about your well-being. What a gift to know you are well and that Brother Crow is singing you into a new day. 🙂 Your light is powerful, too! Blessings and All Peace to you. Thank you so much for taking time to visit and write!


  2. Kitty – The words are supercharged with echoes of so many earlier pieces you’ve shared and supercharged with your vast reading of so many works of spirit and genius. The photos — a whole new level of genius and technique and spiritual connection to beauty and wisdom in your art. I keep looking and gazing and looking again. Just beautiful . . . but beautiful isn’t a good enough word.


    1. Ah! You’ve made me cry; we need to talk. I miss you and think of you often, dear heart. Wish you were here today, though you may not like the gray chill compared to your sunny, bright spaces. 🙂 We both send love to you, and wish we were together and laughing. No one spreads joy like you, Matt.


  3. A beautiful, and perfectly timed post. “If it isn’t yet happy, it isn’t yet the end.” I’ll toast to that and join in the writing of a happier ending. To better days ahead…


    1. Cheers, my friend. The great good and beautiful work you do is one of the happiest things on the list I turn to when I think I’m forgetting to validate all the reasons hope is winning. Thank you, over and over, for the work and the beautiful posts that show us love happens because people like you roll up their sleeves and open up spaces for it to blossom.

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  4. Kitty, thank you for such a deep and healing message, and a beautiful blessing. I have turned to Jung for the past few weeks, seeking a framework for a world gone mad, and have come to much the same conclusion as you. I fought the impulse to hang a shroud over my blog and go into permanent mourning, mostly because I found a place to rest in others’ words and artistry. Yes, I think as a nation we are about to go underground in a difficult hero’s journey, yet I feel that any words of hope and reminders of beauty are essential to surviving that fairy tale experience. Your images struck me deeply, especially the golden light in the forest, and of course the one of your pups with their joy and eagerness and comforting solidity. So I wish your blessing back to you tenfold, for you are already a light in the darkness.


    1. Oh, Lynn, you have no idea how much I needed the comfort of your words this week. When I “walk” through your garden, I’m also healed…We’ll keep posting as we’re able, and raise the hope and peace we can, and create gardens, and art, and beauty wherever we can, (and you’ll make your wonderful music!), and then we have to trust we’re making a difference as we’re meant to do. Gentle peace and sweet blessings.


  5. How I love the hope you offer! We do have much to be grateful for as you have reminded me so very beautifully. I just loved these pictures, totally magical, especially the golden, glowing wood and the pups….Malarky is growing still I see, now his personality shines through. Oh, I’m sorry to hear you lost that wonderful job. You are amazing, no matter what, you radiate love and light and represent all that is good in this world. Such a lovely post.xxx


    1. Hello, my dear; you have been much on my mind. The job wasn’t as wonderful as I’d hoped…no regrets, but grateful I met some very lovely people. Great to be home with the pups and planning new adventures. Thank you for your kind comments, Dina, and for noticing my noble Malarky! He is so sweet, and Micky is the cutest button ever. Very peppy and so in love with life.

      Sending love, and hope your holiday season goes smoothly and peacefully. 🙂 Saw a program on Beatrix Potter and the Lakes…and, if we win a lottery, I think we’d move there! So beautiful!


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