Happy Halloween From Full Moon Cottage

dscf2496May you be blessed with the lovely gifts the dark months bring: Stillness, centering, introspection, orientation, and gentle peace. And may all the spirits who gather round you bring their sweet memories and commune with your heart, reminding you that love never dies. May all things that go bump in the night be us, tripping over insights the season offers. May we walk merrily into our darkness, willing to embrace the mystery that always surrounds us.dscf2520dscf2461dscf2451Let’s grab our mugs of cocoa (or glasses of wine, or both); sit by the fire; tell stories; share wisdom; dream out loud; and locate good chocolate. Autumn is my favorite time for dancing. Shall we? Maybe I’m not a nasty woman, but I’m definitely one who cherishes her wild side and shakes hands with her shadow. Darkness is only scary until we enter it and listen for its invitations. Let’s welcome it. Let’s show it a good time.dscf2386dscf2518dscf2490Let’s release the anxiety the world is pushing so very intently these days and create what the world needs that only we can offer it. There is so much to notice and love in the world, and so much in a day to treasure. Let’s gather in the souvenirs the days offer us and build a gratitude altar, a tangible sign that blessing and hope are more plentiful in our lives than what many in power (or who are seeking it) would have us believe.dscf2567Here’s an idea: Let’s elect ourselves and put ourselves in power regarding the way the world will work: See what it can be? Look! In so many little ways (that can become the only way)…Joy is winning. Love is winning. Kindness is winning. Peace is winning. Take heart.dscf2539Happy Halloween from Full Moon Cottage!dscf1409dscf2380dscf2504


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10 thoughts on “Happy Halloween From Full Moon Cottage

  1. The dark is going down and the light is blooming over all distant horizons once shrouded in blackness…We will win this battle and finally life will be what it was supposed to be, SIMPLE! That is my word for the new year. Simplify. Have a wonderful Full Moon Cottage Halloween Kitty….sending love and faith your way…..VK ❤


    1. Thank you, VK! Simple is a wonderful word; I hope it blesses your year. Yes, I think we can forget that most people are well-intentioned and kind, and sometimes the most and best we can do is just plug along, adding as much joy and peace as we can. 🙂 Happy Halloween to my friend in VT!

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  2. Ahhhh, what a beautiful post. I needed this today, my beautiful sister lost her fight with cancer on Friday so hearing “Love never dies” resonated with me. This was such a comforting post.xxx


  3. I am so sorry, so very sorry to hear of your loss…she always sounded grand to me when you described her energy, Dina. My heart breaks for you and I want you to know that, though so much time and space separates us, it’s nothing. I’m right next to you and hugging you, dear girl. Sending love and more love. Peace to you and to her spirit. Keep your eyes open; she’ll let you know she’s well in signs only she would send to only you. Gentle peace, Kitty


  4. Thanks so much for being beside me, I appreciate that and your love and warmth, I’m listening to a song right now that Teresa and her partner loved.. it will be played at the funeral, Butterfly Friend, by Don Cherry… and I’m also listening to, Look to the Rainbow, by Astrid Gillberto….another song Sis and partner loved. They are composers and musicians…and music is so comforting, as are you. If my Sis could be so incredibly brave, the very least I can do is try to echo that. xxxxx


    1. Such beautiful music, and butterflies are such profound symbols…Honestly, with many of my nursing home residents, music is the best/only language. Such early days, grief can be like being rolled around in a ball-shaped cage…all the feelings and memories, all the changes in plans, all the abrupt movements of the mind and heart.

      You are held by Love. The same love with which you hold everything in your life, light that you are.

      I hope you’ll have time to just be with your husband and daughter, 4-leggeds, winged ones, time to walk and rest in the peace of your sister’s life and release from pain. Oh, Dina, I know your gentle heart is also fierce in its power to protect what you love…so when our dear ones go beyond our protection it can feel especially heart-breaking. But to love and accompany the journey until we can’t is the very best humans can do, and you do that better than most people on earth. For all life. I will carry you in my heart today. Sending hugs and peace, Kitty


  5. Thank you so much. I’m so sorry to have made your beautiful post about me. I should have emailed you. You are too kind about me though….
    I have included your story about the ancient wise Celt in my final speech for my sis at the funeral next tuesday,
    “The finest music in the world is what happens.” Thank you for that, see? that’s how you make a difference without even knowing it. I wonder how many other people will read that post and have that resonate with them, just when they need it. Out and onwards the ripples go….xxx


    1. Oh, I think it will be a beautiful service, Dina; I hope you’ll find such rich peace and comfort in it. And, I think our conversation here blessed my blog. Do e-mail if I can be of any help, at all.


  6. Kitty, you always inspire me to take a closer look and open my mind to new perceptions. Your post brings a Jung quote to mind – “Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.” The pups are looking healthy and happy 🙂


    1. Thank you, dear Lynn; yes, the pups are well and Jung is a great light and guide for us in these Vonnegutian times! peace to your week’s end and in the coming days. Please keep writing and keep making music!


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