The Light That Fills the World


I think over again my small adventures, my fears, those small ones that seemed so big, all those vital things I had to reach and to possess, and yet there is only one great thing: to live and see the great day that dawns, and the light that fills the world.  ~ Old Inuit Song

These days, the pre-selected and formatted news of the world comes to us whether we want it or not, it seems.

It seeps through the pores of our days, flashing its dire warnings, keening the earth’s death song, screaming the antics of strange players, interrupting the flow of our choices and preferences, and scrolling across the bottom of our daily round. You turn on an information source to learn the weather forecast and you’re flattened by the psychic attack created by some media celebrity spewing hype about the latest battle between police and citizens, or vying political candidates, or warring countries. Somewhere, a city’s exploded, a plane has crashed, and another murder has robbed us of someone’s gifts. In the wake of what was once journalism, the circus entertainment that’s replaced it never sleeps.


And, truly, there are choices being made by leaders that affect us all and should be discussed, even argued against and protested. There is sloppy thinking, a loss of respect for fact and intellectual reasoning, and a backsliding of concern for the common good. Language is cruder and interactions are ruder.

But I think we can get mired in anger and fear, the result of over-exposure to these things, and lose the ability to think our own thoughts and remain focused on our next creative action in our own little corner of the world. The rush of bad news accelerates our anxiety, and we surrender the time and space necessary to locate the inherent peace and stillness within ourselves that allow us to move in the world with balanced energy and perspective, doing the good we’re here to do.

Happily, Full Moon Cottage has been offering us a lovely summer of sunlight and rain, fireflies and flowers, June’s gorgeous solstice and full moon, and social gatherings that reinforce the light that fills the world and renews our spirits.


Last week, our buddy Jax was our guest once again, and he seemed quite certain that 4:30 A.M. was the best time to wake and enjoy our morning walk. We thought otherwise, but had to agree the sunrises were amazing, making our hesitant efforts to offer hospitality worth it, and far more sincere on subsequent mornings.


The fireflies have been surprisingly abundant this summer, and their nightly show invites meditation and peace. We turn down the indoor lights, grab a window-seat and 4-legged companion, and watch. And breathe. And benefit greatly. Malarky and I enjoyed both fireflies and the solstice together at about 1:00 in the morning, when nature called us, in many and different ways. I’m sorry I’m not a more skillful photographer and lack a better camera, but here you can (kind of) see the full moon and the blinks of fireflies.


Like the early walks with Jax and the pups, this was an enchanting break in the routine for me. I don’t mind losing sleep when it’s surrendered for a silent stroll in light and mystery. These encounters bring me back to hope and joy.

In mid-June, a friend called and offered to bring an entire feast, and her little pup, for a visit to celebrate my birthday. (Well, I made the carrot cake!) It was such a kind gesture and perfect gift of a day; I’m still smiling whenever I think about the fun we had.


Later in the month, I was asked to officiate at another friend’s wedding, a light-filled celebration, if there ever was one. Weddings fill my cup of hope to overflowing. I love creating the service with a young couple, and celebrating their joy with a community of people who love and support them. We’re all changed, every time, it seems, taken back to memories of our own partnerships in life and their deepening.


We also had company visit for a few days, and the weather obliged. My older brother came south from the Twin Cities (although here, we just say “the Cities,”) and his daughter drove west from Milwaukee, and we had a merry visit indeed. So merry, I didn’t take photos, but just relaxed and laughed. A lot. You’ll have to imagine our visits to a local winery, restaurant, antique stores, and then a pub, where we brought a picnic and listened to wonderful music. And our long visits on the back deck with the pups chasing around our chairs, the fireflies seeking true love in the trees and gardens, and the river flowing by in peace.


The gardens are making a comeback from last year’s devastating storm; the freezer is crammed with berries; the bird feeders have been very active; this year’s turkey nursery parades through the yard most mornings; and, except for the annual onslaught of Japanese Beetles, peace reigns and sustains at Full Moon Cottage.


Blessing and gratitude keep me going when the world’s noise and fear crowd in. The light that fills the world shines through, shines on, nurturing our hope, peace, and love, and that is the only one great thing: To let that light lead us into our days and through our lives. Gentle peace to you and yours.



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14 thoughts on “The Light That Fills the World

    1. And so wonderful to hear from you, Shimon! You are so often in my thoughts; I send you love and wishes for gentle peace. I hope you are enjoying the company of Nechama, your family, and many friends. I miss your posts and beautiful photographs. A blessed Shabbat to you.


  1. Well….there’s always light to be found in your wonderful posts!! How I loved the pictures, the mist over the river fair took my breath away! Bless the turkey and her brood, how lovely to have that little lot wandering by.
    Goodness…..4.30??? Oh Jax, I would have been staggering around half asleep, but those photos were certainly worth it!
    How lovely to have family and friends visiting, I love the picture of you and your friend complete with pups.
    You are full of surprises, so you can officiate at wedding eh???/ I see there’s much to learn about you!!! Happy birthday, wishing you all you wish for yourself, with a few more thousand fireflies thrown in, how I wish we had such wonders!xxx


    1. Oh, Dina, those were lovely sunrises, but we’ve slid back to later rising now that Jax is home again…Well, actually, I had foot surgery last week, so I rise and use a walker to hop to the bathroom and not much else right now…Good news is that it all went well and in a couple months it will be healed.

      Yes, I still love helping with weddings and memorial services, whenever I can. Both bring me down to earth and remind me what an enchanting place it is to be. 🙂

      For now, our summer’s in low gear, though I’m hoping in a few weeks I’ll be healed enough to hop more energetically. Can’t be on the foot for 8 weeks, so about 7 left to go. 🙂 Recorded a bunch of movies and have a pile of books to read…hope to paint some, too, and write.

      Thank you, as always, for visiting and writing. Means the world to me. Be well, dear one.


  2. Oh poor you! I’m SO glad the surgery went well, but empathise re the recovery period. I’m waiting for a date for my hip replacement and will be in the same boat re the 8 week recovery period, so shall take tips from you re how to handle the recuperation period. Books, films and art it shall be for me too. The hardest part is not caring for the animals I imagine. I hope the 7 weeks fly and you’re as good as new in no


    1. Thanks so much, Dina. I’m adjusting to the boot I was given yesterday. It weighs a ton. The pups visit me a little every day and the cats are always with me. (Murphy is a nurse by inclination, such a little sweetie.) Mickey’s having his own surgery today, so this afternoon, I think he’ll be beside me, resting and recovering, too.

      It does get tedious. I’m inventing bed yoga. 🙂 The stitches come out next week and, although I still can’t be on the foot, etc., I think that’ll be a psychological boost. And I just imagine walking the trail in autumn; that helps. Dr. isn’t sure if the right foot needs this, too, but it would likely be a simpler surgery, faster recovery, and not before January. We shall see. And hop. 🙂 Gotta get the body tuned-up before we retire and insurance is even more costly. Sigh.


  3. Ahhh, how lovely to have all the cats around. I hope Mickey is ok too, it will be nice having him to keep you company. Keep me posted re how you are getting along! Here’s to long pain free walks in the


  4. Kitty, just the place to find solace and respite from the crazy every day world. Thank you as always for sharing your peace filled world, so full of beauty and awareness of the little magics of life. I will imagine you each night enjoying the fireflies – they have been abundant here too, a fairy cavalcade of light. I was especially delighted to see your picture of rain, since all gardeners know how important that is. Speedy recovery to you and thank you for sharing your vision of light, my friend.


  5. Ah, thank you, Lynn. And yes–hooray–no drought this summer! We’ve had fine rain, and steadily. My surgery keeps me from weeding, a blessing and curse, but I’ll have time to get out and tend the gardens, and do some transplanting before frost. 🙂 I’ve been sitting at different windows, mentally moving plants around and redesigning as the weeks have passed. Kind of nce to have so much time to watch the light move and colors vary. 🙂 Love to you and great peace. xxoo


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