The Shimmering of Leaves


The world is holy. We are holy. All life is holy. Daily prayers are delivered on the lips of breaking waves, the whisperings of grasses, the shimmering of leaves.  ~ Terry Tempest Williams

The gardens have been blessing our spring with abundance and loveliness. It’s true every year and every season: I forget how beautiful my world becomes and am amazed all over again, which is kind of nice, like seeing your long-beloved and falling in love more deeply than the first time.


The irises were at their peak this past week. I know when they look this good I’ll be dividing them in the fall. It must be their third year left undisturbed, another fact I forgot, or would like to, since I’m completely out of iris space. Maybe I can surprise the sister-in-law who gave just a few of them to me several years ago with a new hundred or so. The devious gardener.DSCF9617DSCF9618DSCF9619DSCF9624DSCF9786DSCF9828Mickey and Malarky are my frequent companions outside; they follow me around, or chase and wrestle, or roll in anything, until some innocent bicycler or runner makes his merry way down the trail. Then, the pups bark like they’ve sighted a mass murderer. I usually duck behind some large planting at that point and hope they’ll stop. Little Mickey actually pulled his leash free and ran after a runner this morning. Luckily, the runner turned around and laughed at Mickey’s 7 pounds of terror. But Mickey was quite proud of his bravery, dashing back up to the gardens (the runner had led him further than he prefers to go on the trail, about 4 yards from home), then, when he saw us, puffing up and prancing like he was quite the hero. The dangerous runner had gone away, hadn’t he?

DSCF9389 (1)DSCF9400 (1)DSCF9334DSCF9340DSCF9349DSCF9767

Malarky turned to me and rolled his eyes.


I thought back to last summer, when the yard blew up and our sweet Riley and Clancy took their turns leaving us.


Things turn around. The garden renews, and though its fullness and beauty take my breath away, I know how fleeting this season, this day, this life truly is. So I try to remember to make my daily prayers of gratitude and send them to join those offered by breaking waves, whispering grasses, and shimmering leaves…all is holy and I am blessed.



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6 thoughts on “The Shimmering of Leaves

  1. You have me laughing, thinking of tiny Mickey chasing the runner, my mother always said that there is good stuff in little parcels!! How adorable your boys look, what fun you must be having, although I know it’s hard work too. I’m really looking forward to following their antics. Last year was rough, here’s to glorious, happy times. You both deserve them! Your garden is heavenly, oh, just look at those iris, poppies and those scrumptious pink peonies, what a haven you have created. I just love seeing the garden come back to life and am always astonished at the beauty of it all. Another lovely, lovely post!xxx


    1. Thank you, Dina! I’ve forgotten how agile and fast puppies are; they are amazing! And, happily, patient with my quickly twisted limbs and attempts to untangle their leashes. We have a lot of fun, usually. 🙂

      Mickey had mange, as I’m told a lot of rescue pups do, and it was the kind that doesn’t spread to the rest of the menagerie, thankfully. He’s doing so much better now, and keeps us laughing.

      Happy days and I’m trying to savor them. Thank you, as always, for your sweet words and generous spirit.


  2. All gardens are holy, Kitty, but yours especially! It is absolutely gorgeous and I am so glad that your life is filled this summer with beauty and joy and fun. Oh, the iris! So lovely, and the Weigela is pretty spectacular too. I see lilies coming on – I hope you show them when they bloom! A wonderful post, thank you for sharing your sacred space 🙂


    1. Thank you, Lynn; I’ve been offline (traveling), so what a treat to log in and read your sweet comments. The garden pleased my heart this year. Some years it does that, and it makes me extra joyful when I’m out weeding, dead-heading, or just hanging with the blooms! I hope you’re having a similar summer gardening experience. Thank you for visiting!


  3. I don’t know how you could be so far ahead flower wise???You guys are cold there too. I have one iris that has bloomed and most of my perennials don’t even have buds yet…No peonies yet, nada! Oh well, soon it shall happen I hope 🙂 Loved your photos and your gardens are exquisite…A lot of work indeed…Enjoy your space and your new pups and a glorious summer ahead….VK ❤


    1. Thank you, Hollis. We had a warm spring, but the garden is pretty much on schedule. It’s a bit warmer in southern WI. I hope your gardens bloom soon and joyfully, and that your summer is blessed!

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