Naming Blessings


While I am not sad to see the backside of 2015 (“Too much loss; too many lessons,” as I told a dear friend), I am overfilled with gratitude heading into the new year, due to the way the old year and I parted company…Malarky’s arrival in October changed the energy in our hearts and home, and we’ve continued to be inundated with blessings, simple and surprising, the way we love them.

We spent a quiet, peaceful Christmas, enjoying old movies, good meals, hikes and—hooray!—a snowstorm.

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Friends visited, called, e-mailed, and texted, blessing us with their presence, their conversation, and their good wishes, reminding us that relationship is where our real wealth begins and ends.

We gave and received gifts, small tokens of love and gratitude for these precious connections in our lives. So many lovely surprises and thoughtful presents came our way and decorated our past few weeks with joy: a sister’s chocolate-filled Advent Calendar; a neighbor’s tray of elegant sweets; delicious, authentic Milwaukee-Polish pierogi; a magic wand for cooling wine; cozy quilted pet blankets (love these!); nostalgic, retro Chritsmas light covers (pine cones! my favorite!); unexpected gifts for the 4-leggeds; and surprising gifts from afar. We never knew what the day’s mail, or UPS, would be delighting us with next: books, artwork, flower seeds, many tokens of a generous friend’s dedication to this animal rescue. (I mention this, too, if you are seeking an organization worthy of your own donations, because they would be so welcome and your gift would help so many.)

There must have been quite a star shining over Full Moon Cottage, because so much love gathered here, offering joy and contentment.

 My own true love gave me a fused-glass plate with poppies (another favorite!) that I’d wanted for a long time, and he received paintings I made for him.


 There are many things I’m looking forward to in the New Year:

*Making art in the new room Phillip is building for us:


*Continued détente between the cats and Malarky, perhaps even deepening to true companionship. Here, he’s trying to mimic their relaxed poses on the back of the couch, and, despite Mulligan’s withering critique of these efforts, we live in hope:

 *Travels and visits; the changing seasons; new gardens; hiking; biking; paddling; dog-walking and cat-cuddling.

*Reading new and old-favorite books

*Baking and cooking with new recipes. (I’m going to try pierogis, for starters!)

*Full moons and quiet retreats

The list goes on and on, and—of course—remains open to wonder, mystery, and surprise, as always.


I know the phrase commonly used is “counting our blessings,” and it’s meant to reinforce the notion that we’re far more blessed than we realize, but counting seems tinged with both ownership and a competitive stance that I loathe. (“I’m more blessed than s/he is!”)

I’d rather name my blessings, for the unique gifts they are and the gratitude they engender, and I hope to continue being mindful about sharing these with you in the blog posts ahead.

Our attitudes and the ways we use our gifts and our energy create our lives and contribute to the lives others are creating…I hope this year will be one of joy, for us, and for you. I wrote a friend that I want to look back on 2016 saying, “I laughed more than ever this year!”

May I make it so. And may I live so that others name me as a blessing in their lives. 🙂

Joy to you, and gentle peace.



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8 thoughts on “Naming Blessings

    1. Only his second snow, the first, just before Thanksgiving only lasted a couple of days. He does have a sweet smile. 🙂 We’ll certainly get a LOT of use out of the art room and Phillip plans to put a pellet stove in there, too, so it will be our cozy creative space. 🙂 Blessings and peace to you, Lynn!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. What a delightful post, filled with warmth and happiness. You are certainly a blessing in my life….and yes, here’s to us all laughing our little cotton socks off!
    What lovely gifts, your plate is absolutely gorgeous and I’m sure Philip really loved your fantastic paintings! I can’t wait to see what else you produce when the smashing new art room is built….you lucky gal you!
    Struth, Malarky sure is growing, what a handsome boy, that huge grin in the snow had me smiling along with his daft antics on the back of the couch, does he have an identity crisis????lol! I love that funny little bird’s pose too, it doesn’t look real….how cute!
    Here’s to a wonderful New Year to you and yours, may your days be happy!!! Lots of love to you


    1. So much love back to you, Dina, and you must know what a blessing you are to me as well…still working on your “February Box;” your patience will be rewarded, creatively if not richly… 🙂

      I think Mr. Malarky is not certain how to distinguish himself from the cats, or maybe it seems the best way to protect himself from hissy Finny, who really seems to be struggling with our pup…hoping for improved relations soon!

      Put Christmas decorations away today, but left the trees and snowmen to brighten our January. 🙂 Blessings on your new year days and adventures. xxxooo


  2. Oh dear, poor Finney, I hope he settles down, time will help, says I with fingers and toes crossed. Curly behaves more like a dog and Annie more like a cat! I put all my decorations away yesterday, now it’s just candles and the log burner. Now….you listen up!!! No worrying about things for me….ok? Good….glad that’s sorted. Hoping for more snow fort you


    1. No, no worries. 🙂 Yes, more snow! I bet your be-candled home is beautiful! I am worried about Finny; I’m kind of scared he’ll take a mean swipe at Malarky’s eyes, so–for now–we work to keep them apart. I think it’ll calm down eventually.


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