Two Steps Forward

DSCF3920February, as it turns out, is the cruelest month, and, here at Full Moon Cottage, we’re glad to see its back end heading down the trail.

DSCF3922The dance February demanded of us caused stumbling, missteps, and then a repetitive one-step-forward-two-steps-back movement that exhausted us all.

We’d been looking forward to some kitchen remodeling, beginning with new appliances. But just when our savings said, “Yes, buy the new oven,” Mulligan came down with a serious infection, and two days later, Miss Fiona needed extensive dental work. Bam; savings gone.

DSCF3787The past two weeks have been spent chasing these poor darlings up and down and over and under to give them their necessary medicine for healing. Fiona has always been extremely reluctant to share space, be touched, hear sounds, experience life…it takes her a long, long time to become comfortable and feel safe, so this has been an inner ring of hell for her. Locating her in the basement circumscribed a unique abyss for us as well, and created colorful bruises in mighty strange places. I swear, one morning I was half under an old blanket-covered couch—Fiona long fled—and almost elected to just lie there for the remainder of the day rather than deduce the maneuvering necessary to wiggle back out again.


DSCF4020But now, we’ve come one step forward yet again: Mulligan is enspirited and inimitably present in his distinctive ways, and Fiona has dared to leave the basement and is characteristically hidden beneath the dining table, safely barricaded by chairs and pedestal. We try not to glance in her direction, as that would send her to the depths once more. Anyway, she has passed the date when medication would have eased her pain, poor thing. Excessive shyness and an inability to understand the language spoken to you can cost you needless suffering, it seems. We’re happy she’s back with us, and we hope feeling better every day.



DSCF3825Winter has been doing the same dance, retreating and returning, but with far more dash and surprising colors than our own awkward shuffle. The sunrises and sunsets have been spectacular, as though winter is kvetching, “OK, I’m going already, but you’ll miss all this!”

 Last Tuesday, we had a lovely snowfall, our last for the season, said the forecasters.

DSCF3917Since the air temperature also danced above and below freezing, the snow turned to mist at times and the resulting crystals were blindingly magical.


DSCF3866A bit more warmth caused a bit more melt, and then a night below the freezing point glazed the snow-covered earth entirely. The next morning, we walked on brilliant and brittle glass that initially, tentatively supported our weight, then yielded and crunched into sugar-cookie crumbs.



DSCF4004So, one step back. Oh, winter, yes: You are beautiful beyond compare and offer us delights we savor. Stay, stay forever.


DSCF3955Well, not that far back. And more than two forward. This week, the weather will turn, has already begun to do so…The fox is back, having burrowed out her den’s door and entered to birth new kits.

DSCF3776The sounds of snow and ice trickling away, and birds wooing mates and nesting, and me sighing at the mud tracking through the kitchen, and the happy dance of two pups and five healthy cats…the cacophony of life after winter’s silence fills our home and hearts.

DSCF3991Let the windows be opened and a new dance commence.


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10 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward

  1. Hi Kitty…
    Hopefully our dance cards are full now and the whole party can come to an end!! Hope your babies are feeling better. I can relate to the $ issue. Just when I thought I was getting ahead and could ease up, the water pump tank gave out and now the expensive wood stove has severe warping inside( Don’t know how that happened. I keep a fairly slow fire?). I pray it is just a liner warping as a new or rebuilt stove is way beyond my means at this time…Testing 1….2…3! Soon I shall start planting seeds under the lights and baby them until planting time. Warmer days at long last. 40 degrees feels like summer 🙂 Foxes are out barking for mates and setting their boundaries, new bird chatter is appearing and of course the days are longer and brighter. As my good friends wonderful saying goes ” We’ve finally broken the spine of winter”….Get well everybody and happy spring to all…Hugs…VK ❤


    1. Oh, dear, I’m sorry to hear about your water pump tank and wood stove: I hope both can be remedied reasonably, VK, and am delighted picturing you loving your seedlings into life and bloom: Blessings on your spring and all the ways new life is calling you. 🙂


  2. That snow looks utterly heavenly, like precious stones and the sunsets are magical, but I can imagine how you must yearn for spring. How marvelous to see the fox den, I’m really looking forward to cub pics, I did enjoy the last ones.
    Oh dear…there is nothing worse than medicating a cat that is skittish, I completely understand how you are afraid to even glance at her for fear of her running off. We have a ferret at the rescue that needs injecting each day and he is one of the worst biters, now he sees us coming and shivers, poor thing, but then he’s off like a whirlwind, catching him is a nightmare and holding him is even worse, he manages to bite through the strongest gloves.
    I’m glad to hear all is well now with the furies, but sad to hear your cooker will have to wait, vets bills are crippling aren’t day, even wormers and flea treatment break the bank. I shall send you lots of good luck for an unexpected windfall that will get you the new oven. A lovely post, filled with winter beauty, and the promise of spring and new life, let the dance beginxxx


    1. I knew you would empathize with the medicine delivery, Dina. At least Fiona can’t bite. 🙂 I do wish these loves could make the connection between meds and healing rather than feeling like we’re suddenly in attack mode, but they do seem to forgive and forget, given time.

      The vet bills have been steep this winter, that’s for sure, although I think our veterinarian is very reasonable…no rush on the oven; we’ll just save up again. 🙂

      I wish you could see the sunlight dance across these snow crystals…like a yard full of diamonds and opals, but so much warmer today that soon they’ll be gone, so I’m enjoying them while I may and paging through gardening magazines and catalogues like mad. 🙂

      Joy to your new week!


  3. I wish I could see the snow crystals too, here when we get snow it’s soon muddied as there are so many people about, yours always looks magical and pristine!
    I would have liked to have seen you half hidden under the blanket in the basement too, you just couldn’t make it up could you??? Good to hear the meds have finished, as you say, it a shame the animals don’t realise we are trying to help, thankfully the ferret’s jabs have ended now too.
    Here’s to your war wounds healing and fading, and don’t forget the seed potatoes now!!!xxx


  4. Really, I was sooo tired that day i did contemplate a nap before I backed out from under the rug and couch. It was tricky, as I was heading towards the woodstove with my, er, feet.

    Happy to see Fiona upstairs the past two days. Even cuddled with me last night for a minute or two.

    I should wait till the snow’s melted with the potatoes, right?


  5. Oh yes….let the earth warm up before you plant them, it’s a good time to get some seed potatoes and have them chitting on a window sill. Ahhhh….good to hear Fiona is coming


  6. Your photos are so beautiful, Kitty. If only we could enjoy the visuals without suffering from the cold, and having all the difficulties that are part of maneuvering through those hard winter conditions. I was very sorry to hear of the health problems of your animal friends. Hoping that they will survive this difficult period and enjoy all the wonders of spring when it comes. My best wishes to all the family. May the plentiful love you have in your home give added warmth to all. Best wishes.


  7. Oh, my sweet friend, thank you for your kind words and generous blessings: Fiona and Mulligan are doing better with healing every day, and the week’s “unseasonable” warmth has been making quick work of the remaining snow…I truly am grateful for your visit and words, Shimon. I felt the need for a lift and a bit of kindness this morning, and you have provided both. It made me cry: but happy tears. Thank you.


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