The Season of Black and White

DSCF3627Yesterday afternoon, I sat down to process a few photos taken this week and realized there was nothing new coming from my camera. The late winter landscape still offers the same colorless views.

DSCF3632The occasional red of cardinals is startling. There should be some kind of protective eyewear to withstand it. When cardinals flash in front of me, it reminds of the Polaroid bulbs of my childhood. I stare and readjust my eyes as red spots continue to superimpose themselves on everything, then dissolve, and my eyes readjust to the safe, known, black and white.

DSCF3718Regardless of one’s theological beliefs, this season’s lack of color seems to draw the spirit deeper within, the invitations for exploring our journeys and straightening their flow, or clarifying how and why they turn and twist, and where we’d like them to self-correct follow a natural path, in accordance with nature. The absence of sensuous distractions offers peaceful encouragement and the thoughtful presence of silence to companion our introspection.

DSCF3629As winter pulls us into deeper stillness, how natural it seems to devote greater effort to cleansing, reaffirming, and lightening our spirit through honest examination, forgiveness, and a recommitment of our energy to the gifts we’ve been given, and a journey that more honestly offers them, in service, to the world.

DSCF2459This is my time of year for assessing my journey’s progress and charting where I’d like my spirit to grow and flow in the months ahead. All around me, others are steering their own crafts, according to beliefs that guide them through the great ocean of life.

DSCF2481May we forgive ourselves and each other the grievances caused by our shortcomings and any clumsiness, rigidity, blindness, or cruelties that have clouded our ability to offer love or receive it.

May we hear the invitations for introspection and self-correction offered in these seasons of black and white, and bless the world with the colors they will resurrect in our hearts, allowing our own and other’s spirits to be authentically renewed and to blossom, fully.

duck eggs and birds april to may 2012 039 - Copy


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6 thoughts on “The Season of Black and White

  1. Can’t wait to see flowers again!!! I do hear some new birds in the neighborhood lately. Spring can’t be too far off, I hope. Still buried under three feet of snow, but as the days begin to rise a few degrees it begins to settle and appear less…Much like our issues appear large at first but begin to settle as we clean out within. Keep your sunglasses handy Kitty for when the cardinals fly by 🙂 Much love…VK ❤


    1. Using those sunglasses today, VK! 🙂 Coldest morning of the winter, so far, but do love the sunshine, and am old enough to know how to layer for those sweet dog walks. 🙂 Saw that my fox had been back to dig open her den and I’m guessing she’s preparing to birth some kits: sure sign spring is coming! 🙂 Blessings on your week and thanks for visiting, VK.

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  2. How lovely…..
    Hahaha….I can see why that cardinal DAZZLED you, it fair dazzled me too amongst those pics, maybe close one eye and squint the other until the red settles! I did love those black and white pics though, I often wonder how I would cope with your contrasting seasons, it’s certainly dramatic, and I do like drama!
    Your spirit is like the bulbs and plants, deep underground, where all the hard work is being done, and soon, very soon, beauty in all it’s glory, will emerge.
    I did like the part re steering our crafts through the great ocean of life…..yes….all sorts can be thrown at us, we just have to stay grounded in our little boats and steer on……xxx


    1. Of course, I allow for sailing into a lovely city’s docks and spending an evening partying with pals, too. 🙂

      I do love winter, Dina, but this year it’s been pretty chilly, especially this month, when we should be warming up a bit. Sounds like we’re in for some kind of storm next weekend, so it’s not over just yet…but we noticed the fox has been digging in her den and the hawks and vultures are back, so things are gearing up for spring. 🙂 Not a problem; the freezer’s still full of soups!

      Thanks for visiting and taking time, Dina; always love your comments. xxoo backatcha.


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