Cirque Du Squirrel

DSCF2596Our sweet Clancy-Dog has been having some health problems this week. He is almost 14 and unable to tell us, of course, exactly what he’s feeling, so the vets and animal hospital are narrowing the source of his troubles down. And we are all trying to listen and wait in patience, but it is hard when one we love suffers and cannot be healed quickly.

DSCF1008Unsure of whether or not Clancy’s time with us is coming to a close–full circle, so to speak–a cirque of another kind has offered diversion and re-balancing.

DSCF2639The forest squirrels are plentiful this winter. Our neighborhood owls, hawks, and foxes seem to have wandered further afield and the resulting abundant squirrel population is enjoying its winter holiday quite thoroughly, if the antics at our “bird” feeders are any indication. The squirrels become especially athletic and amusing when the feeders are almost depleted and they need to work a bit harder to earn their seed.



DSCF2655This morning, Clancy and I watched the show for several minutes. His almost-constant barking was music to my ears. He has always taken his job as protector and defender of Full Moon Cottage and her inhabitants most seriously.

DSCF2570Eventually, the squirrel tired of his quest and ran off towards the woods. Clancy settled down into a peaceful nap. He didn’t see the smile of gratitude I shared with the squirrel, who looked back and—I swear—winked.






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11 thoughts on “Cirque Du Squirrel

  1. Greetings Kitty….I swear you get the most amazing pictures! You must have a really good telephoto lens…Always love your pix. I will send prayers to Clancy and of course you guys. It is most difficult to have our pet family grow old and begin failing in ways that suggest their time may be shorter than we want. I so hope Clancy gets better soon and life will carry on happily for you all. Squirrels and all. They sure look fat and sassy. Maybe that is all fur, but they sure look healthy!!! Love to you…VK ❤


    1. Oh, you’re so kind, VK, and your words always so perfectly chosen and arranged: thank you! They went straight to me heart, which they’ve read, utterly. Thank you!

      I have a great couple of windows facing the bird feeders and woods, so, if the light’s right, I can “sneak’ some good photos! 🙂 I’m glad you like them.


  2. Ahhhhh….how lovely to have Clancey distracted by such an aerial athlete! I can imagine how his barking lifted your spirits, seeing it’s antics certainly had me smiling, what fantastic pics! And as for that wink…..PRICELESS! What a gorgeous critter.

    I feel for you, I really, really do….it’s utterly heartbreaking to see our beloved friends age, and the very idea of parting from them is unimaginable, why oh why can’t they live longer???? Hears to Clancey making a full recovery, I shall send positive vibes and love. I have tears in my eyes reading this. Huge huhs to you.


    1. Oh, Dina, thank you; it’s been a hard week, but we know he won’t be with us forever, as we’d like, you’re right. Only want him to be comfortable and at peace. He does seem to be responding to antibiotics the vet gave him yesterday and we’re really glad we pushed for further diagnoses, because if he does have stated infection, it could have shut him down completely without the drugs. Hoping for more quality time with our lovebug. Appreciate your kindness and sweet, hopeful energy.


      1. Oh….it’s good to hear Clancy is responding, bless him! Long may that continue.
        I think the hardest part of our long friendship with our animal friends is about staying strong and keeping them healthy and content in their twilight years which are just as special and in some ways the most precious…..I’m imagining you all surrounded by light.xxxx


    1. Thank you, Carol! They are just plentiful and so entertaining this winter! They do keep the pups feisty and engaged, that’s for sure. Thanks for visiting and sharing…and love to your dog, too!

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  3. My best wishes for Clancy. I know how hard it is to see the suffering of a friend who can’t explain his problem in our language. Wishing him a speedy recovery. And thanks for the charming pictures of the squirrel. I love them, and they are very rare in our country. But I have gotten to know a few, and it is a great pleasure to watch them and their antics. My best too, to you and yours, Kitty.


    1. Thank you, Shimon. Your kindness is so appreciated. I’ve been watching this morning’s squirrel antics with similar joy. Clancy’s resting comfortably and we shall see how his progress unfolds; trying to be present and hopeful.


  4. Wishing Clancy swift healing and you and Phillip and all of the four-leggeds love and light, as always. I hate that our fur babies don’t live as long as we do. 😦


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