From Festive to Restive

DSCF2363The long exhalation of January has begun… the Christmas decorations are stored away for another year and have been replaced by new piles of gardening catalogues, decorating magazines, novels, and cookbooks.

DSCF2040And cats. More cats than I’ve recalled tending over the past few months.




DSCF2406I always liked having two cats. It seemed sensible and within the bounds of social propriety.

DSCF2059But five? Five seems borderline crazy, yet what are you going to do? They each came with a sad story of a now-or-never need for a home; tiny Fergus even followed me all the way down the trail in the cold rain of a dreary November day, as if determined to prove both his worthiness and desperation…He may have paused to wheeze a bit, very Oliver Twist-ish, to tug even more deliberately on my heartstrings. My “Foolish for Felines” sign must have flashed extra-brightly that day. And I do have a weakness for them: I think I carried Fergus the last 20 yards home. (“Sanctuary!” he cried.)

DSCF1116The house is big enough that they usually roam and catnap wherever they like and they seemed to disappear amidst the festive Christmas brilliance. I guess they hid under the Christmas tree or in their strategically-placed cat beds all during the holiday season. But now, in January, they seem to have multiplied and become very present along the back of the couch, or standing near windows, or strolling through the living room and hallways. They remind me of the nuns in my childhood who always seemed to glide around together in groups of two or more. Cat-clusters.


DSCF2349Not a problem this past week, when frigid temperatures and snowy gales kept schools closed and all of us huddled indoors, except to dash out and refill the bird feeders. 




DSCF2323Even the dogs, it seems, have been comforted by the cats’ added body heat, content to lie at the window or in front of the fire and tolerate the feline members of the family with mature grace.



So, we’re settling in for the restive season: time to read, and nap, and dream of gardens-to-come, and soups we’ll have to make, and projects we’ll have to tackle. Cuddling with each other, a couple dogs, and a company of cats, life seems cozy indeed.DSCF2152


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8 thoughts on “From Festive to Restive

  1. So beautifully written as always, Kitty! The photos are stunning! I would love a blown up version of the crows… They would be beautiful in my house.
    (And yes, that’s a hint.) 🙂 ❤


  2. I love your cats, Kitty, and can identify so well with your desire to give them refuge when seeing them struggling with the cold winter weather outside. This was truly a beautiful post. And your home seems full of love and grace… a great hangout for any living thing. Wishing you sweet spirits and warmth in the winter.


    1. Thank you, Shimon: your comments touch my heart. I know you are empathic towards cats, too: mine are shown your Nechama photos and invited to imagine her sunny, warmer life. 🙂 They are impressed– and curious, of course.

      And thanks, too, for perceiving grace in our home, despite the “ugly blanket” I wash every day and toss over the couch so the cats and dogs can lounge. But maybe that says more about how much we love them than if we kept the house always “pretty” and confined them with more discipline…they are family, after all. 🙂

      Gentle peace.


  3. Cosy doesn’t do it justice….it all looks just heavenly to me!
    What a gorgeous post, how I’d like to snuggle up with them all, while making plans for soups and gardens to come!!! I did laugh re the nuns comment and the cat clusters, lol, how funny that they appear to be multiplying! They and the pups look so contented in your lovely home, how very beautiful they all are!
    Wow, that is some snow! I’m glad you get a surprise break though. The birds are stunning, it’s amazing to think such tiny creatures can survive such cold temperatures, I’m glad they have you to feed them. The pic of the crows is brilliant, and I just loved how you ended with that sunset! I loved this!xxx


  4. Thanks, Miss Dina…it’s all the way up to 20 F today, so birds are happy and so are we!

    As I mentioned to Shimon, above, I do hate the pictures of that ugly green blankie, but I’m so allergic to pet dander (go figure) that it helps to set it out every day and wash it at night. Thanks for looking beyond that. 🙂

    They are a darling bunch of 4-leggeds. 🙂 The break was fun, for me (Phillip had school anyway: bah humbug to his school district), but time to get back with my students, already! We only had 2 days of class following a two-week holiday break. Yikes!

    Joy to your week!


    1. Ah, you are so welcome, Amma, and thank you for honoring my efforts with these words. I’m so deeply pleased my work brought you some peace…I wish you continued gentle peace.


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