Entertaining Angels

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.  ~ Hebrews 13:2; KJV

DSCF5803Winter lingered. Just when we thought it had taken its last breath, it gasped and continued to test our hospitality.

DSCF5765But for well over a week now, despite chilly nights, the days have been warmer, or rainy, and coaxed out the greens this late spring offers up as gift to eyes surprised by anything other than black, white, and gray.



DSCF6145Spring’s winged and 4-legged angels, arriving with all their usual and new messages regarding reasons to hope and deepen our love for the earth and each other, have been sailing, trotting, hopping, or crawling up and down the river bank. Choirs of blackbirds and spring peepers, with guest soloists—grosbeaks, robins, sand pipers, woodpeckers, ducks, geese, pelicans, warblers, finches, and cardinals—alert us to miracles daily and hourly. Today, my first sightings of a Baltimore Oriole and Rose-breasted Grosbeak set my heart dancing. The silence and solitude of winter are definitely over; whatever dreams and seeds were planted in the dark have been called forth most dramatically this spring. It took a while for the stone to be rolled away, but the light is now shining like a drama queen. “Grow!” it seems to command.




DSCF6820We emerged, tentatively and cautiously, peeking out from under winter’s blanket like the proverbial groundhog, and then began to meet, socialize, fill in the calendar, haul out the garden tools and dig into life with the vigor only pasty-white winter people can summon when spring returns in the fullness of her resurrection power.





DSCF6612Our pups, Riley and Clancy, who will celebrate 13 years of being next week, had a dicey winter. Age-related health encounters gave us some sad and frightening moments, which time and our saintly veterinarian helped us through, gently. We’ve all made adjustments and adapted. We feared their loss (knowing it will come, but please, not yet, not now) and are therefore utterly grateful they’re still here and again able to amble down the trail with us. Their kennels have moved upstairs; our walks are shorter; their schedule is a bit more closely monitored; at night we protect each other; and—if possible—we celebrate our funky family even more than ever. I guess my years tending dying parents and elderly patients have readied me for this, as well. If so, Full Moon Cottage will be the best damn nursing home for elderly 4-leggeds we can imagine.

DSCF6332One evening we had company visiting and the night became so merry and so filled with heady conversation and children and music that our five-year-old guest crawled into his mother’s arms and softly cried. His mother held him and asked about his tears. “I feel so happy,” he said. So much joy, some needed to spill out a bit, I suppose, to re-balance his mighty little spirit.

I know exactly how he felt.

On Earth Day, my students and I cleaned up the school grounds, washed bits of the refuse we collected and then made art…their sweet hearts and lively spirits feed me, daily. I’ve come to a time in my life where most teachers arrive, if they’re lucky and as blessed as I’ve been: we know that teacher and student are the same thing.




DSCF5817As are life and death.

 I’m trying to gauge my wealth differently than financial advisers might counsel: How engaged with life, how open to its invitations have I been this day? To what degree have I given and received as I’ve circled through the daily round? How often did I pause and connect with all the angels and their messages streaming towards and through me? How freely did I share those messages with others?

DSCF6708In my life, angels, or messengers who remind me, “This is it! Now! It’s all holy!” have never been pretty men with wings, though some of my angels have been men, and many of my guides have had wings…Only look and listen, they’re everywhere: winged, legged, fluttering, croaking, singing, blooming, dying, laughing or weeping. See! These unique and sacred collections of particles gathering and forming, dissolving and reforming: Be moved to dance, to hobble, to wheeze, to weep with joy by all the ways Love calls you out, every moment, into resurrection and new creation.



Clancy questions whether he must entertain his sibling cats as angels, especially if they appropriate his kennel.
Clancy questions whether he must entertain his sibling cats as angels, especially if they appropriate his kennel.


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10 thoughts on “Entertaining Angels

  1. This post is the perfect example of why I have missed your posts so much, parts of this made me smile, parts made me cry but it all moved me deeply.
    I know your pups will always receive the very finest care but I think they are going to be around for good time, especially judging by those photos. I am also thrilled to hear that their ailments were sorted through the winter.
    Before my current two crazy pooches, I had three old dogs who all passed one after the other, the last to go was my Pudsy Wolf, an Alsatian, Collie cross, when she was 13 her back legs began to go and I feared the worst. However, with bone supplements she made an amazing recovery and lived on until she was 17, much to everyone’s astonishment.
    Your pics here have had me spellbound, I’ve had to view them several times….oh….what an amazing array of wildlife….just LOOK at that deer, if I saw that I’d be high for a week!!!I was like a kid in a sweet shop drinking it all in.What sweet kids you have, I agree about teacher and pupil being the same….I always feel that when I do my art workshops in the schools.
    How wonderful to hear of spring emerging, and what beautiful thoughts on angels…
    Thanks you for such a heavenly post….and DON’T stay away so long next time!!!xxx


    1. Thank you, Dina…your kindness shines from every comment, as always, and–as always, I very much appreciate the time you take to read with your heart as well as your mind, and to share.

      Clancy’s back legs are weakening, but he’s learning to be careful. Riley has vestibular disease. Very upsetting to us all when she had an attack very early one Saturday morning…she recovered well, although her head still tilts and she runs a bit sideways…but, since she’s Riley, she runs, anyway, my headstrong border collie-lab-girl! I’m just anxious that she may have another episode, but we’re hoping for the best. We thought she was stroking and on her way out that morning, so we’re very, very grateful for our wonderful Dr. Griffith and his help!

      Lots of lovely visitors passing through this spring: makes me so joyful! The doe was a sweet surprise one evening.

      Joy to your gentle heart and smooches to all your 4-leggeds…I know I can’t limit those to Annie, Sam and Curly Cat, because you always have more!


      1. Oh…..bless the pair of them!!! I can relate to the border collie side of Riley, don’t they just love to run….well, the little angels are in the very best of hands and I wish them both a long, happy healthy life….what an environment they have to explore, it must be like living in dog paradise!xxx


        1. I do try remind them from time to time how good they have it! They give me that look that says, “But of course!” Riley is much more BC and smarter than the both of us. Clancy has the sweet lab personality…thank you for your deep understanding of how it feels to have 4-legged companions/family members. 🙂 .


  2. Hi Kitty….
    I can second your welcoming of spring at long last! It took forever it seemed. Still chilly at night but everything is so green and luscious who cares. They don’t call Vermont the green mountain state for nothing. The swallows and bluebirds are squabbling over houses and who will get which ones. Silly fools. My first daffodil has raised it’s sleepy head towards the sun, even they are late arriving. Lots of cleanup outside to get lost in but again who cares? It is just so nice to be outside again after being held hostage this long, wicked winter. So yes my friend, I feel your excitement and I second it! Enjoy every moment. Thanks for sharing your life and please give those babies big hugs. Blessings to you….VK


    1. Oh, Hollis, thank you for visiting and taking time to share…I can only imagine how glorious your views must be! My tulips are just starting to bloom…we’re in for some heavy storms, so I hope some hold off and all make it through…yikes! I agree, completely: Who cares what demands are made upon us as gardeners and caregivers regarding tending our patches of borrowed earth after a winter like we just had??! 🙂 It’s lovely just to see the colors and feel the warmth.

      Smooches given and appreciated, say the 4-leggeds, who are sending some backatcha. gentle peace, my friend!


  3. AH, Sister Heart, I was so glad to see your post today. Yes, SnowBird, it is true, smiling, teary, moved, astonished at the pictures …….
    I saw tulips today, and taught well.
    Stunning Post. Thank you.


    1. Oh, our tulips are just beginning to bloom: hope they make it through the coming storms. Glad you’re enjoying these precious spring days; I hope they cheer your heart, dear Professor! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you and celebrating new life…
      Love you,


  4. So true, that teachers and students are friends and partners in the same pursuit. I so enjoyed these wonderful spring photos… this wonderful period of waking up and finding new strength and new spirit. My best wishes to your animal friends for long life and good health. We learn to live together and give each other support and compassion, and listen to each other’s needs… animals all of us, with unique spirits in each of us. What a beautiful post, Kitty. How sweet, to get the picture of things from your part of the world.


  5. Yes, indeed, Shimon: “animals, all of us…” I do wish we “humans” understood that more deeply. What a difference it would make in our choices!

    Thank you for your kindness and wisdom: I always kind of hold my breath till I’ve heard from you because I do value your visits. photography expertise and friendship. A blessed week to you, Shimon!


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