dancing lessons


Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Tadpoles, Green Heron 100

In the garden,

old steps forgotten

can be relearned,

a pause in your own dance

sometimes necessary

to witness and honor again

those lovers and opposites,

ironically, flawlessly

meant to be matched,

who meet and feed,

each upon the sweetness

of the other

in open abundance and joy.

Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Tadpoles, Green Heron 040Revolving, one to the next,

a wheeling reel of life—

giver and receiver,

now the flower,

now the bee,

then the flower’s seed

and bird.


Bow, drink, feed, love.


Become food.

Or god; perhaps they are the same.

Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Tadpoles, Green Heron 068Sacred intimacies

silently studied

by the lover in you who,

seeing Love’s circular dance,

loves the world better…

End of July 061 and so you turn to the other

to offer

then turn again,

to receive

sweetness and sustenance.

End of July 030Old steps relearned,

the dance goes on.

Bow, drink, feed, love.


Become food.

Or god; perhaps they are the same.

Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Tadpoles, Green Heron 087


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8 thoughts on “dancing lessons

  1. Beautiful in every sense of the word. Good stuff Kitty! You’ve been quiet for a spell. I hope it is because you have been enjoying a wonderful summer of God’s treasures all around you capturing your attention!:) Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wonderful pictures. Sending you blessings and love…. VK


    1. Thank you, VK; yes, a lovely summer in every way. That, and some deep discernment, and writing, and guests, and so many books…I’m really full of gratitude for the gift this summer has been…

      I thank you, again, for your visits and kindness; you are such a dear soul! Joy to your evening and week’s end.


  2. What a beautiful poem, I enjoyed it so much I read it three times! I thought it was absolutely exquisite!

    I also loved the pics, oh what an amazingly beautiful world we live in.

    Thank you for this. xxxx


    1. Thank you, Miss Snow Bird; it’s always fun to have you visit and offer your kindness. I agree, magic and miracles everywhere we look! 🙂 Joy to your week’s end!


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