The Smallest Special Details

gardens 105A tree says: A kernel is hidden in me, a spark, a thought; I am life from eternal life. The attempt and the risk that the eternal mother took with me is unique, unique the form and veins of my skin, unique the smallest play of leaves in my branches and the smallest scar on my bark. I was made to form and reveal the eternal in my smallest special detail. ~ Herman Hess

This week the daily round has circled through a sensuous loveliness, an embrace of the colors, patterns, sounds, and fragrances of summertime vivid in both their familiarity and uniqueness. Along the trail, the milkweeds’ heady perfume makes the pups and me dizzy on our walks, and it mingles so perfectly with the birdsong, the buzz of bees and hummingbird, the sunlight dancing across the water, and the explosions of Matisse colors in the gardens that we return home silent and rather drunk on the surfeit of incoming stimuli. Too much of a muchness makes us swoon.

gardens 078A few years ago, Phillip added a small deck off the end of the house that confines my writing desk. This deck borders the owls’ white pine woods and overlooks the back gardens and river, but gently so, as it’s screened by an adolescent maple tree. The houseplants live there joyfully from May until we feel the breath of first frost.

gardens 058The other decks dazzle visitors with the sun-fired summer world in all her splendor; this little deck invites me into a hushing stillness, and has become my favorite summer place to meditate, read, encounter the Sacred, and observe the miraculous in the “smallest special details,” those slices of life that offer mystery and delight in small and balanced measure, precious in their detailed minutiae.

gardens 035Here, my senses are bathed but not drowned, and insights arrive peacefully, small blossoms that open slowly, tiny treasures that I can unwrap in my own time: The seeds of just one tree; the shimmering petals of one begonia, a small ant carrying his prey, a hummingbird quenching her thirst…each detail intricate and unique with the Eternal Mother’s artistry and love; each thing revealing its spark and reminding me that all life is eternal, precious, and unique.

gardens 065

gardens 062

gardens 064 gardens 076

gardens 112


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15 thoughts on “The Smallest Special Details

  1. A beautiful meditation on your sacred space, Kitty. And how rich your language is as you describe “too much of a muchness.” I feel as if I fell into your world in both the surfeit of sensation and the quiet reflective moments. Thank you for sharing this treasure 🙂


    1. Thank you, Lynn; it’s been such an explosive couple of weeks for the senses…I’m better understanding why I love winter, although sips of summer are sweetly intoxicating, to be sure…maybe it seems more overwhelming this year because last summer was such a struggle…at any rate, thank you for visiting; as always, I value your wisdom and generous heart.


  2. What a fantastic place to be able to sit and write, overlooking the river….it would be a delightful place to paint too….sighs….

    I absolutely loved this post, such beautiful words describing heavenly imagery.
    I love to look at the tiny details too and these pics are an absolute treat, I love the dragon fly and the tiny little ant…….and being able to see your stunning little hummingbirds is always a special treat! It must be wonderful to have such creatures flitting around….I am jealous, but can share yours!!!

    Well….my senses too are overwhelmed and drowned…..Fabulous!!! Isn’t Summer and nature AMAZING!!!! And how wonderful that we can share our corners of the earth with each other…..blogging is brilliant! xxxx


    1. It is a gift to share our worlds, isn’t it? And discover people in distant places who are creative, thoughtful, and not only purely delighted by the world’s endless variety but willing to take the time to record and share their experiences…I love it, and you, Snow Bird, for your utter enthusiasm and “happy dance” with life.


  3. Love Herman Hesse….Siddhartha was one of my first books of awakening back in the 70’s…I still have the book half chewed by roaches from my time spent living in Louisiana 🙂 Loved your photos as always and really loved ‘your’ deck!!! How welcoming and cool looking. Looks like a refreshing place to be on a hot day. I’m sure the pups love it! Hope Phillip had some decent weather! We did have moments of sunshine appear…Happy weekend and enjoy your surroundings! Thanks as always for sharing your beautiful thoughts and pix…. VK xxoo


  4. Thank you, VK; it’s a wonderful spot for centering, that’s for sure.

    Phillip loved his camping time, but it was fairly wet…he loved the lean-to’s at the VT campsites and especially favored Middlebury and north…he said we’d “blend” in VT, which we already suspected. 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed the photos he took. Everything looks so beautiful. We had the windows open here all week, but of course, the day P. arrived home, we had to put the AC back on; so it goes.


    1. Yes, Middlebury is a cool town and north to Burlington as well. Either city has quite a bit to offer, Burlington the most being bigger. It is truly a beautiful state in so many ways. Just be prepared to hunker down come winter. Not so bad if the fire is going and the soup is on 🙂 Glad you enjoyed some cooler temps and open windows. Such a great feeling. Be well….VK


        1. Stowe is very touristy and kind of transient because of it. Rutland is okay but not real progressive. I am assuming from what you write about you like the arts and culture so you have to pick and choose carefully up here. Many of the towns are cow towns, not much there to stimulate the brain. Give me an idea of what you are looking for and i can narrow it down for you. I guess Stowe is pretty and all but it pretty much centers around the ski resort there. Think of the sound of music and that is what the land looks like. Very pretty. Woodstock is by far the most pretty town of all but expensive. I love to go there just to poke around. Let me know what you really need around you. Anytime I move I always have to be near health food stores! I hope you still have my email address? Email me anytime 🙂 VK


  5. Always a pleasure to visit your home and your environment, and listen in to your thoughts and appreciation of the world around you. I particularly like the quote from Hesse. And your photographs… they are delightful. Thank you.


    1. Thank you for visiting, Shimon, and for taking time to share. I dipped into my quote collection and was so happy to rediscover this Hesse quote, too; it touched my heart and truly gave voice to my thoughts. I’m happy to hear you like it, too, Shimon.


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