Dona Nobis Pacem

spring gardens, grated finger food, birds 045May my silences become more accurate. ~ Theodore Roethke

When I was younger and my body, or mind, or spirit shared its weariness, my response was usually to resist such silliness and work harder. I suspect this was the equivalent of “leaning in.”

spring gardens, grated finger food, birds 009Now I listen attentively and grant myself Sabbath minutes, or hours, or days, or weeks—whatever is possible in proportion to the emptiness I detect—if these will restore my creativity and re-balance my energy.

spring gardens, grated finger food, birds 097I have spent years offering my creative energy to Full Moon and her gardens; it’s nice when I allow these places and spaces to gift me in return with their beauty and energy, allowing love to flow both ways and deep re-creation to restore me with peace and new insights.

spring gardens, grated finger food, birds 057So, weary to the bone, I’m taking a week off to be still and to listen; to plant and ponder, weed and wonder…to allow my silences to become more accurate.

spring gardens, grated finger food, birds 105I began the day with a breakfast of asparagus freshly harvested, in gratitude: barely cooked, lightly buttered and generously peppered…my Sabbath has begun.

spring gardens, grated finger food, birds 013 spring gardens, grated finger food, birds 032 spring gardens, grated finger food, birds 038 spring gardens, grated finger food, birds 042 spring gardens, grated finger food, birds 055 spring gardens, grated finger food, birds 073 spring gardens, grated finger food, birds 081 spring gardens, grated finger food, birds 085 spring gardens, grated finger food, birds 090

Joy and gentle peace to you from Full Moon.


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15 thoughts on “Dona Nobis Pacem

  1. Look who I stumbled upon! Your garden is just gorgeous! I’m trying to keep one little plant alive in a polka dot planter. I did name her though, Calliope. Enjoy your Sabbath and delight in the summer Wisconsin seems finally to have given us!


    1. Hi, Miss Jess! How wonderful to see your beautiful face; welcome to The Daily Round! With a name like Calliope, I hope you can keep her alive…you’re writing, right? Thank you for your kind words and wishes; be well and visit again!


  2. What delightful images of the birds and flowers. So colourful, how lovely that your soring is out in force.

    I really, really wanted to go roaming down through the trees and around your borders, and then to go wandering down to the river. What gorgeous gardens you have, I can imagine the work that went into creating them. I really would to see more of Full Moon’s gardens.

    Have a wonderful time recovering in your garden of Eden…..I shall imagine I’m there, pottering away with you. Here’s to your body and spirit being re-charged.xxxx


    1. Your comments are pure gift, Snow Bird, and they bare always most welcome…it would be so lovely to have you visit, walk the gardens, and then…maybe a canoe ride? 🙂 I had a great day and look forward to the next several merrily…hope the darn storms relax a bit. Love you, and send peace to your week, too.


  3. Kitty, how beautiful your garden is; the love and care you pour into it is so apparent and a reflection of your spirit. May you have a peaceful Sabbath week to rest, refresh and restore your soul.


    1. Thank you, Lynn…I could go on gardening forever, that’s for sure. I appreciate your kindness and generous encouragement; your garden is quite an inspiration! I am grateful for the time to center and listen, and grateful, too, your blessing comes with me. Peace to your week.


  4. The pictures of the garden are very beautiful, the flowers, the river, and the birds too. It’s very important to have enough rest, and to know when to rest, and I wish you a great renewal of strength, and inspiration at this time. Sometimes we need time to absorb and internalize all that is going on around us.


  5. There are few blogs that I soak and cling unto every word as I do yours Kitty. This is another gem that you offered. The photographs are some of your finest yet. Each filled with the wonder that you must have felt seeing with your own eyes.

    Up until four years ago, I never understood the value of rest. But entering into your sanctuary, I see that peace and rest have found a home here. I was struck by the familiarity of your title – Dona Nobis Pacem, a song we sang in the choir. Grant us peace this day and may your soul soak in the same gentle peace you offer us each time. Blessings my dear friend. Sharon


  6. Thank you, Sharon; I so appreciate your presence here and your kind comments. You have found out my passion: I love the earth and her beauty so very much, and have, all of my life, so it’s wonderful to hear my photographs, even to a tiny degree, shine back the beauty I see and blessing I feel when I focus my camera on her endless surprise and offerings.

    Joy to your week’s end, and–always–gentle peace.


  7. I have become ill through strain and cannot stop mad bouts of coughing.I found your photos and writing very soothing.Sometimes it’s good to look in a different direction


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