Spring’s Winning

Lilac Buds


A blue day
a blue jay
and a good beginning.

One crow,
melting snow —
spring’s winning!

~ Elizabeth Coatsworth

April Snow and High River 021When I worked as a teacher, I looked forward to spring and the enjoyment offered by the poetry units I shared with my middle school students. This poem, by Elizabeth Coatsworth, was always a favorite of my sixth graders, and the spring poems they created and illustrated in response to the many we studied were equally lovely.

Last Sunday Morning
Last Sunday Morning

April Snow and High River 018Yearning for blue skies, birdsong, and sweet green earth is nothing new after a long Wisconsin winter, but this year our winter-weary hearts have been sorely tried, indeed. We received snow last Sunday and are told “a dusting” will return again Friday, accompanied by another week of rain.

April Snow and High River 010After last year’s long thirst, I’m only happy for the moisture in whatever forms it arrives, but today’s sunshine and the chance to inspect the gardens and see (hooray!) that last year’s tulips and daffodils survived the drought, has been pure gift. The river is high, the birds are singing, and—even though we’re sliding towards the end of April—spring, I can tell, is finally winning.

April Snow and High River 036

April Snow and High River 034

April Snow and High River 074

April Snow and High River 065Gentle peace to your week…


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10 thoughts on “Spring’s Winning

  1. Still looks chilly there! Snow is gone here and the swallow scouts arrived today to check things out. I hope they go back and give the all clear! Can’t wait to hear and see them again. They squeak and chatter away as they soar about high above. Spring is here at long last. Your lilac buds are far bigger than ours…Can’t wait until they bloom and fill the house with their fragrance…Enjoy the change of seasons Kitty….Blessings and hugs….VK


  2. Thanks, VK: Happy to hear your swallows are making merry! Yes, still chilly and that’s OK; unfortunately, we probably won’t have much spring before summer arrives, but we’re so grateful for a high river…no complaints. 🙂 Joy to your heart…


  3. And to you, Lynn; thank you for visiting and sharing your kind comments. Your visits are always greatly appreciated. Joy to you and yours this week…(We finished the cupboards and my husband chose to leave one of those he painted the former color [sage green] on the inside. All I could do was laugh and remember your comment. Green it is and green it will stay, because I’m finished…for now.)


  4. Those buds tell a beautiful story… and so does the picture of the dog, watching the winter landscape through the window… we’re having another week of rain too, though the spring weather should have been sunny and warm by now. But it will come soon. Nice poem.


  5. Thank you, Shimon; all’s right with the world when we can share our stories, isn’t it? I so appreciate your visits. Rains coming today and lasting for almost a week…if the buds make it through the freezing nights, then what beautiful blooms we’ll have! I like the sound of the rain and, for some reason, it always makes me want to bake! 🙂


  6. What a sweet little poem. I can’t believe you are going to get another dusting of snow….in mid April!!! Goodness me.

    It’s good that your river is high and you are seeing those beautiful blue skies and buds….

    I love the pic of your dog, I bet they can’t wait for some green grass to frolic in.
    That last pic is an absolute stunner.xxxxx


  7. Thanks, Snow Bird…yes, thunderstorms are back for another week and freezing rain/snow on Friday, but to see my sweet tulips poking their heads up reminds me winter is finally moving on. Pups loved being outside yesterday; didn’t think we’d get them in again! 🙂 Thank you for visiting, and joy to your week.


  8. We seem to live in a parallel universe Kitty! This time last week the scene from our window was the same. Yesterday I saw the first dandelions sprouting on the ground. We’ve been tramping joyously through the woods now that the paths have cleared. I dare say Spring is finally here 😀 Hugs to you across the miles. May the song birds lift your soul to wonderful heights today. Sharon


    1. Well…almost here: snow coming Thursday, but only flurries that melt when they land on the warming earth…I hope! Saturday, though, the weather promises such sunshine and high temperatures that I hope to get out in the canoe! 🙂

      Your kind words and faithful visits do my heart good, Sharon; thank you for extending your love to me across the miles. Joy to your day!


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