Solstice: Peace After the Storm

Snowstorm 254A glorious blizzard has kept us home for the past two days. I walked out early yesterday to enjoy the snowfall. The air was warmer than I expected and the snow was heavy and wet. The woods were magical and the trail deserted.

Snowstorm 059The sky told of the blizzard to come.

Snowstorm 070

Snowstorm 077By the time I’d turned back, high winds were causing very low visibility and the snow stung my face and hands.

Snowstorm 105

Snowstorm 263Phillip started plowing early, but eventually stopped to let the winds have their way.

Snowstorm 158We decided to watch movies, eat Christmas cookies, and enjoy our snowday. The winds howled furiously throughout the night. We were both awake until after one o’clock and then dropped off, despite the wind’s wailing. We woke to find a lovely old ash tree had fallen across the drive.

Blizzard, aftermath, birds 096While Phillip removed the tree, I watched feathered visitors bob up and down in the birch tree, risk flights to the feeders, and then fly quickly back their perches.

Blizzard, aftermath, birds 126

Blizzard, aftermath, birds 129

Blizzard, aftermath, birds 136

Blizzard, aftermath, birds 162

Blizzard, aftermath, birds 180

Blizzard, aftermath, birds 189Tonight, the winds have quieted and we’re all hoping for a peaceful Solstice sleep…after more Christmas movies, a toasty fire, and popcorn to celebrate.

057Wishing you all a season of light and eruptions of joy…




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11 thoughts on “Solstice: Peace After the Storm

    1. It’s always reassuring to see the birds during and after a storm; they carry on, and even seem to be enjoying their time in the birch tree….of course, several full feeders contribute to the merriment: We love them, too! Thank you so much for visiting and taking time to share.


  1. I’ve been thinking of you since hearing of the Wisconsin snowfalls. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the beauty of the blizzard – your images certainly showed how magical a big snowfall can be. Enjoy snuggling and the Christmas cookies. Your photos are glorious!


  2. Looking forward to deep sleeps tonight, Lynn! Madison received about 20 inches; we only were gifted with about 15 or 16…it’ll do! The wind has completely abated now…hope it’s not setting up shop outside your windows, Lynn! Thank you for being such a friendly presence here; I love your visits and comments. Peace to your week’s end!


  3. Blessings to Full Moon Cottage!!! Hope all is well now that we have entered into the feminine energies of the new earth. Hopefully we will dispense with the warring and controlling, and now become kind and loving 🙂 Love the photos as always and of course you know which is my favorite. Have a wonderful Holiday and hugs to all the 4 leggeds 🙂 Much love….VK


  4. What a beautiful winter wonderland. How transforming is snow!
    Lovely that you can enjoy the views with a toasty fire, movies and cookies.
    The birds are gorgeous, it is so hard on them at this time of the year, they will love you for feeding them.#Little Fergus is looking adorable, he landed on his feet didn’t he?
    Have a wonderful Christmas, to you and all your family, human and otherwise.xxxxx


  5. Beautiful pictures, and you sure gave us a great taste of the experience of cold and snowy winter. Loved the post, and am sending you both my very best wishes for a beautiful holiday. Here it is rainy and windy… but quite nice. The temperature is a wee bit over zero.


    1. How kind of you to visit and wish us well, Shimon; we are warm and cozy within and venture out for long walks and today, to visit family in another little town…glad you are comfortable and enjoying your weather, too! Peace to your precious heart.


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