House,  Christmas tree, sunrise 070May I offer joy and gentle peace today and every day. May I take time to pause before I judge, before I criticize, before I punish myself or the other with thoughts, words, and energy that is anything but calm, loving, compassionate, and forgiving.

May I remember and hold close to my heart the awareness that we’re all here together; may I help heal myself and others by remaining mindful and intentional about my presence, my needs, and others’ rights.

Everything passes; may it pass my awareness with love, and may I look for the joy, because it’s here, within and without. May I be love to my friends and to the strangers I’ll meet today.

May no one cross my path without feeling respected, worthy, seen, heard, and loved.

May I hear the invitations to transformation that call to me today, and be willing to travel the paths that will lead me to greater authenticity, deeper self-knowledge, and greater compassion.

May I be kind. May I be aware of any thought or behavior that moves me out of the state of love. May I grow in balance, wholeness, and wisdom.

May I be a force, a light, a candle in the night…

All my relations.

House,  Christmas tree, sunrise 029


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13 thoughts on “Blessing

  1. May no one cross my path without feeling respected, worthy, seen, heard, and loved.
    This was the best part!!! I really feel like this is the MOST important! I have failed at this a few times but I have been MORE victorious. Thank goodness!


    1. You dear spirit…I think the most important thing is to be aware of the spiritual truths that matter to us and to live/be them in the world as consistently as we can…sounds like you’re doing a great job of that, Jasmine, and thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to share your sweet comment.


      1. Oh your so welcome… I watch Oprah! She likes to ask are you living walking towards god or walking with god (god relatively speaking) I think I am just still walking towards. But with reminders like this I am getting closer to TRUE spiritual living… Just have a long way to go…
        Your very kind thank you so much for your compliments!
        If you need a giggle come on by and visit my silly little blog! Your ALWAYS welcome!!!


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Ogee. It’s been hard to be with the horror of the past week, and I know the only way I can respond is with deeper peace, which requires a lot of struggle, for me. My first impulse is anger, which can also be used to fuel change, but not if I don’t corral it… Joy to your day and to your blessed 4-leggeds.


  2. Well done Kitty….I can envision your house glowing and shimmering with the spirit of Christmas. I hope it is a wonderful one for all of you. How is the new comer doing? Have we met everybody and are we all getting along? I hope so. May all at Full Moon Cottage be blessed by the upcoming energies. Blessings and hugs….VK


    1. Hello, VK; I love that you have such enthusiastic and friendly, supportive energy. Yes, the 4-leggeds are blending into a new pattern of togetherness. Fergus is not shy and some of the others are, so it’s happening in their time and on their terms, but the defensive behaviors have stopped and there’s been some co-grooming, always a good sign. We have a room with 5 cat beds on the lower level, where they all sleep at night, and Fergus marches down with the rest of them when we shake the “night treat” container. Like wild creatures everywhere, he’s a bit over-enthusiastic about eating, probably fearing the next meal may not come when he’d like, but I think he’s catching on that meals are “regular” around here.

      Joy toy our holidays and peace to your sweet heart, VK.


      1. Ohhhh…so glad to hear Fergus is fitting in and everyone is accepting his mighty presence there. What a wonderful four legged Christmas you all shall have together. Hope all the stockings are hung with care, hoping dog bones and catnip soon will be there 🙂 I love the night treats. We have early morning treats after going out and greeting the day. Have a merry merry K and know that you are loved. Friday will be the best Christmas present ever! A loving new world beginning! VK


  3. Oh Catherine, how utterly beautiful. I feel so much better for having read that, I think I’ll print this off and frame it if you don’t mind.You really have a gift with words.
    It’s the type of thing I would never tire of reading. Lovely pictures too.xxxxx


    1. I had to write something that calmed down my energy in response to the great suffering of the past week…I figure the first, best thing I can do is monitor the energy I’m sharing with myself and others. I’m happy it resonated with your own sensitive spirit, Snowbird. Joy to your day !


    1. Oh, I meant the suffering in response to the deaths of so many innocents in Friday’s shooting…there’s been so much tension and anger; understandable, of course, but not, in the end, healing.

      We are peaceful and very content at Full Moon…looking forward to a blizzard tonight! With any luck, Phillip will have a “snow day” tomorrow! 🙂


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