A Ghost of Gnats

A cloud of gnats laced and floated in front of me as I crossed the bridge this morning. A swarm of male gnats in search of partners is referred to as a “ghost,” and there was something other-worldly about this cloud of light particles weaving in and out of sunrays and shadow. Females join the swarm and the mating begins…and ends, rather quickly.

Gnats are small flies of the suborder Nematocera, which also includes midges and mosquitoes, and like them, gnats serve as an important food source for birds, bats and larger insects.

The entire life cycle of a gnat lasts for 4 weeks; adulthood passes in 7 days and during that time, they pollinate flowers, join a mating swarm and create the next generation. Males die after mating.

This morning, we needed a kind of Bollywood celebratory music to joyfully honor the height of that cycle: beating back onrushing death by conjoining to create life in the light of a day that will die almost as soon as they.

How wonderful to witness the sacred energy that drives creation; however brief our time, may we all use our creativity, in community, to pass on joyful life to the next generation.

No gnats—or people, I trust—were killed in the making of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zy9eftbGs0U


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6 thoughts on “A Ghost of Gnats

  1. I love that! A Ghost of Gnats…”How wonderful to witness the sacred energy that drives creation; however brief our time, may we all use our creativity, in community, to pass on joyful life to the next generation.

    Amen! Can I get a witness?!!!

    I’ve never known that is what you call it, the ‘swarm’ but now that I do I can safely say I’ll use it over and over and over, lol!

    Y’all set for the heatwave coming our way Catherine? I’ve been praying for good rains to come our way…

    In Lak’ech

    Great Photos by the way! 🙂


    1. Last night I researched patron saints of drought relief: quite a list: Godeberta, Swithun and Eulalia were my favorites, so I’m speaking with them today and hoping their energy can get the clouds rolling…I’m trying to water judiciously and hoping my well doesn’t go dry…yikes. I do worry about the water life and trees, that’s for sure. Raspberries and blackberries are picked; tea is iced…hang on, dear Akasa! Hope rain will bless us soon!

      In Lak’ech Backatcha,


  2. What a beautiful post, Catherine. It is truly inspiring to contemplate another strain of life, so different from us, so fragile; coming to this world and then passing so quickly. It is an allegory on our existence, and an inspiration to contemplate the interchange we all have with other living creations who are our neighbors, living along side of us in this same world, and often barely acknowledged. I am moved by your sensitive approach to these creatures, and your beautiful pictures, from a variety of distances, that illustrate how these gnats exist on the periphery of our consciousness; how one moment they appear to us a collective, reflecting light and beauty, and in the next, a hint of a ‘world of life’ that defies our human curiosity. Thank you so much for sharing.


  3. You are welcome and I thank you, too, as always, Shimon, for illuminating more fully upon my own reflections. Great peace and joy to your day, and the blessed light of little things…


  4. What a wonderful idea Catherine. Think I may do the same and see who calls to me. I’ve long just walked my space and sing-songed in chant to Father Sky to bring the rains to Mother Earth. I’ve even used Rainsticks and with success too. It was marvelous.
    I too went out at First Light this morning to pick the red raspberries I planted two years ago…this years crop is awesome. I’ve been picking all month. I do hope this heat doesn’t finish them off as I’ve been picking morning and night. A nice little treat for the winter season. I never realized they grow so fast.
    I align my thoughts and prayers with yours and ask Great Spirit to Hover over our parched lands…
    Cascading Blessings Dear One…


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