The Beginning…

I live and write in Full Moon Cottage on the Crawfish River, where my husband (Phillip) and our 4-legged companions (Clancy, Riley, Finnegan, Fiona, Mulligan, and Murphy), along with the changing seasons and many books, provide inspiration for my creative endeavors, including essay-writing, children’s books, gardening, cooking, and photography.

I try to practice yoga and meditation every day, but often find walking the Glacial Drumlin Trail, camera in hand, a greater source of meditative peace. Solvitur ambulando: It is solved by walking! (Or, at least, it’s not made worse.)

Often, walking leads to the discovery of meaning and connection where none at first seemed apparent; the puzzles of life fall into place and the daily round becomes hallowed. Consecrated life: the supposed mundane is transformed and revealed as sacred, as is the walker…

Recently, I’ve made a commitment to live a more consciously-designed “slow life.” What is really worthy of my finest energies and attention? Am I living authentically and using the gifts I brought to this brief and wonderful dance? Can a contemplative core and spirit-level perspective co-exist and remain vital in contemporary American culture, especially given its recent devolution into rampant incivility? With the support of my husband and 4-legged companions, along with a great blessing of friends, I’m setting out on the path and open to its discoveries.


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7 thoughts on “The Beginning…

  1. I love this! I’ll send you a copy of walking quotes I collected one day during IDT to use as a closing. I’m glad I found you here–blessings on this blog!


    1. Thank you for your kindness in writing, Patricia; it sounds like we’re kindred spirits. 🙂 I hope you and your beloveds are safe and well. Gentle peace, Kitty


  2. Kitty – I actually just found your site today as I was following up on somethings – and I believe you could be a ‘soulmate’ for my own interests! I just read your introductory page from 2011, and connected with it on so many levels. I also enjoy writing poetry, taking walks – and have found some of my walks have produced poems unexpectedly. Finding your site has been a bit serendipitous and has given me a smile today! I look forward to following you online
    going forward.


    1. Thank you, Jeanette; that’s very kind of you, and it’s so lovely when you find a literary soulmate. I hope we can cheer each other on in our writing and journeys. Happy walking and merry creating! Stay safe and well. Gentle peace. xoxo, Kitty


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